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Why “Hidden Figures” Matters

January 8, 2017


“Mary Jackson”  “Katherine G. Johnson”  “Dorothy Vaughn”

Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Dorothy Vaughan. Three American pioneers whose names you’ve probably have heard of nor do you know their pivotal roles as pioneers in the nascent days of this nation’s space program. But, with the release of the new feature film, Hidden Figures, there’s absolutely no reason for anyone to not know their names and their inspiring stories.

The juxtaposition of this film’s release with the impending departure of Barack Obama and the arrival of Donald Trump as president shouldn’t be downplayed or ignored. The story of these dignified, educated, proud and highly qualified women who had to fight for everything they got at a time and in an area that was legally segregated, is one that should be seen by all. These women have far more in common with Michelle Obama than the Real Housewives of Atlanta or any other trashy “reality” show where African-American women make fools of themselves.

Don’t get me wrong, both Fences and Moonlight are both great films full of inspired performances and I highly recommend seeing both. BUT, Hidden Figures is based on REAL-LIFE people and TRUE events. Without the work of Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn and the rest of the “Colored Computers” who worked at NASA’s Langley, VA facilities, the American space program most likely would have never happened. And that’s a story for everyone.