2016 Presidential Campaign – #2

Note from the author: from time to time during the upcoming presidential election, I’ll be sharing articles and my thoughts about it here. For those hardcore political junkies among you, here’s a link to a very good non-partisan website, 2016 Election Central, which will keep you up to date over the next two years of campaigning http://www.uspresidentialelectionnews.com/. Charles

Quotes of the Week

“I love my father and my brother…But I am my own man—and my views are shaped by my own thinking and own experiences.” – Jeb Bush on February 17, 2015 in a speech to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs

However, two of his key advisors include Paul Wolfowitz, one of the key architects of Bush 43’s Iraq War strategy, and longtime GOP/Bush family consigliere James Baker.

“Rand [Paul] is an interesting guy…No, he is…And Rand Paul said the Republican Party needs to show up on the South Side of Chicago and shout at the top of its lungs that the GOP is the ticket to the middle class.” – President Barack Obama in Washington, DC on February 20, 2015 to the winter meeting of the Democratic National Committee.

The Week in Review

Just when RNC chairman Reince Preibus thought that he’d been able to reduce the number of potential landmines for the 2016 presidential primary campaign, things heated up when noted media whore and failed presidential candidate, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani opened his mouth and stuck both feet and hands in when he leveled a charge so nakedly evil and racist in its content and form – “President Obama doesn’t love America” – that one has to seriously ask this question: Is Rudy Giuliani insane?

More questions about the assumed Hillary Clinton campaign announcement and key staff members were posed and some of them were actually answered.

Can Jeb Bush Shutdown His Competition?


“I’m Jeb, the ‘smart’ Bush brother.”

As this Politico article clearly shows, Jeb Bush’s stealth “pre-campaign” campaign was a carefully crafted, designed and executed attempt to deliver a knockout blow to any of his potential opponents. Its first victim: Mitt Romney. Bush’s early and deadly shot across the bow has brought him a great deal of attention, but even more importantly, he’s moved quickly to lockdown key big-money bundlers/donors and staffers. But, as a speech in Chicago last week revealed, his biggest enemy just may be Jeb himself.

The GOP’s “Rudy G” Problem

Somewhere down the line, sooner or later, thinking adults in the GOP – and by “thinking” I mean anyone with the sense that God gave a seedless grape – are going to have to stand up and address the overt racism and hatred so many of its leaders have for President Obama.

Hillary vs The GOP Field

While Hillary Clinton continues as the Democratic front runner – actually, she’s the only serious candidate at this time – without any real competition on the horizon, the race for the GOP nomination remains wide open with Scott Walker and Jeb Bush as the early leaders.

Scott Really Wants To Be POTUS

We may be about to find out if, in the age of FOX News and its dumbed-down approach to “journalism,” someone without a college degree can be a serious candidate for president. Wisconsin governor Scott Walker who dropped out of Marquette University 34 credits short of a degree is doing the groundwork for a potential primary run, but is already feeling the heat of the enormous difference between a gubernatorial race and a national one.

Chris Christie Being Chris Christie

He simply can’t help himself.  Good or bad, Chris Christie is exactly who he is. And that will most likely be his downfall in New Jersey long before the first vote is taken in the Iowa Caucuses next year.

The Gay Marriage Dilemma for GOP Candidates

As this Boston Globe clearly shows, gay or same-sex marriage, is becoming much more a fact of life across America (nearly 72% of the US population now lives in a state where same-sex marriage is legal) and yet, for some in the GOP, it remains a highly charged and divisive subject that any presidential candidate will have to address sooner than later.

The Debbie Wasserman Schultz Factor

Marco Rubio has a huge factor in deciding whether or not to run for president that no other candidate other than Rand Paul must deal with: it’s against the law in Florida (and Kentucky) to run for two offices at the same time. And so far, there’s a big difference in how the two first-term senators (both elected in 2010) are handling the situation: Rubio says he’ll decide soon on which office he’ll seek and Paul has indicated that he will challenge Kentucky’s law in court as being unconstitutional. Where Wasserman Schultz enters into this is the fact that for the foreseeable future, the GOP will most likely hold an overwhelming majority in the House where her power will be limited. However, the Senate is far more volatile and should Rubio not run for his seat, the race will be wide open in Florida. However, if Rubio doesn’t run for president and stands for reelection to his Senate seat, Wasserman Schultz, who also can’t run for two offices at the same time, will have to make a career decision that just two years ago, seemed highly unlikely.


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