Random Thoughts – Saturday, August 3, 2013

Anthony Weiner

“About this big, but keep in mind, that’s when I’m ‘excited’.”

Am I the only one struck by the irony of Anthony Weiner saying “I don’t know how to quit” [the NYC mayoral race] when it’s fairly apparent that he didn’t (or maybe still doesn’t) know how to quit sexting with women other than his wife?

Anthony Weiner has fallen to fourth in the most recent polls of the five candidates running for mayor in NYC. What I want to know is how bad is the person that’s in fifth place.

A-Rod is either the most delusional human being ever or a master negotiator. And for him, the line between the two is razor-thin.

Every time you think the Anthony Weiner story simply can’t get any stranger, it does.

Everything that A-Rod isn’t and never will be: The Captain, #2 in your program, Derek Jeter!

If your mom or dad are porn performers, is it better to bring them for Career Day or Show and Tell?

Is the Riley Cooper N-word situation a “teachable moment” that a lot of good could come from? Michael Vick is his teammate and has publicly acknowledged that he forgives Cooper but doesn’t understand why he said what he did. Could a series of PSAs with Cooper and Vick side-by-side, shown during NFL games this season, be an opportunity for a message that many Americans of all ages, races and colors need to hear?

James Brown is/was THE greatest live performer of all time and on their best nights, Michael Jackson and Prince couldn’t wear the Godfather of Soul’s cape.

Man, I’d hate to see what Ariel Castro considers a “monster.” SMH

Some of the black people who are calling for the head of Riley Cooper today – figuratively not literally – are some of the same ones who defended Roland S. Martin’s anti-gay tweet during the 2012 Super Bowl broadcast. I’m not accusing them of having double standards, but…

Something to think about: only one Republican currently being mentioned as a potential 2016 presidential candidate, Jeb Bush, is over 55 (he’s 60) while Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, the current leaders among potential Democratic candidates will be 69 and 73 respectively.

The fact that the Nationals are now 11 games behind the Braves are more proof that when they were real contenders last season, they truly mishandled the whole Stephen Strasburg situation.

The real dilemma with A-Rod is that he’s told so many lies over the years that except for the few hard-core fans of his – a number that probably dwindles by the hour – that he has almost no defenders on his team or in the media.

While I admire and respect Mr. Harry Belafonte a great deal, why do I have the feeling that he’s just trying to get some late-in-life “shine” off Jay-Z?

Why do Eric Cantor and Eric Ryan always look like Eddie Haskell wearing their dad’s hand-me down suits that don’t fit just right?

Would God narrate the “Morgan Freeman Story”?

You might be a ho when the announcement of your pregnancy requires you to issue a statement, “I’m not an adultress.” IJS

You’ve got to really NEED a job if you’re working for Anthony Weiner, especially if you’re a woman.


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