“Monday Monday”

Up early studying and listening to the Steve Harvey Show via Hot 107.7 (Birmingham, AL) through the iHeartRadio app on my iPad (ain’t technology grand) and trying to control my emotions this morning.

Thinking to myself – How many times as a kid growing up in San Diego did I say to a friend, “Walk me to the store” when my mother sent me to get something or I just wanted some sunflower seeds and a soda pop? Or how many times did I just go by myself either on foot or on my bike? Would George Zimmerman had left Trayvon alone if he were with another kid or would he have hunted them both down because instead of seeing two black kids walking back from the store, he would have seen two thugs or a “gang” up to no good? Sadly, we’ll never know the answer to that question.

Let’s accept, for the sake of argument, that Zimmerman was actually on Neighborhood Watch patrol and thought he saw a suspicious person. Okay – call 911, make a report and then as the police dispatcher said, “We don’t need you to do that [follow him]. The police are on the way.” If he stayed in his truck and met the police when they arrived, maybe the police look at the situation and do 1) nothing because they don’t see him doing anything wrong, 2) stop and question Trayvon and either let him continue walking home or take him home, 3) stop and question Trayvon and take him in, 4) take a field report, or 5) take Trayvon and Zimmerman to the 7-11 and question the clerk to see if Trayvon had caused any problems in the store.

Keep in mind that there weren’t any calls about Trayvon or any other suspicious person in that area at the time of this confrontation. The store where he’d just made his purchase didn’t call the police nor did any other person. Other than his own suspicious mind, George Zimmerman had absolutely no reason to confront Trayvon Martin as he walked back to his father’s home.

Why did the prosecution allow this to turn into the “Trayvon Martin Trial”? Why didn’t they counter the defense’s brilliant move of having an African-American woman as part of the team? I mean, maybe the jury said to themselves, “Well, if she doesn’t think Zimmerman’s a racist and didn’t profile the kid, maybe he really isn’t.”

Ever since the verdict was read, I’ve had a knot in the pit of my stomach. Apparently, it’s now okay in the state of Florida to follow a black kid who’s just walking along minding his own business, confront him and then kill him and get away with it.

The only solace I have this morning is the memory that the cops who beat the hell out of Rodney King were, like Zimmerman, originally cleared in state court. It was the DOJ who brought the charges that they were eventually convicted of in federal court. I can only hope and pray that in this instance, history will repeat itself.

Rest in Peace Trayvon Benjamin Martin – we will not let your murderer rest a single moment. We will make his life as uncomfortable as legally possible and justice WILL prevail. Your life and death will not have been in vain.


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