Friday, January 25, 2013 – Part Deux

“You know, the kids are still at school and your mother’s out getting her hair done, so…”
“So what?”
“So, what say you and me go up to the Lincoln Bedroom and free ourselves of these clothes before they get back home.”
“You so nasty.”
“Yes I am. And you know you love it.”
“Yes I do. I really do.”

What does it say about my frame of mind that I looked at this Monday’s inauguration of Barack Obama with far less emotion than the one four years ago? Trust me, there was no less feeling of pride and accomplishment for what little part I may have played during the campaign with my donations and blogging; I did what I could to help ensure his reelection.

But this Monday had more of a sense of relief than the sheer joy of January 20, 2009. Maybe it’s because I truly believe that once a moment has passed – in this case, the swearing-in of the nation’s first African-American president – it can never be repeated or replicated in full. Or maybe, and I think is the real reason, November 6, 2012 was a validation of his first four years and his policies. As I told many over the last 12-15 months of the campaign, 2008 was a “crusade” and 2012 was a mission to make sure that the previous victory wasn’t just a fluke. Anyone can get to the top with enough hard work, dedication and breaks. It’s staying there that’s the true measure of greatness.

And while it’s understandably hard for some African-Americans to stop looking at Barack Obama as “our” or “my” president, it’s time to shed that way of thinking. Yes, there will always be an intensely personal relationship with him, Michelle, and their daughters simply because they look like us. But, as I looked at Monday’s ceremonies and the crowds of people on the National Mall and along the parade route, I couldn’t help but think how different the day would have been had Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan won the election. I may be wrong, but I simply can’t imagine the multi-cultural, multi-racial gathering for a Mitt Romney inauguration both on the platform in front of the Capitol and on the mall beyond it.

Barack Hussein Obama is the president for all Americans and that simple fact is what fuels the fear and loathing on the other side of the aisle. They don’t like the fact that unlike their party’s leaders, supporters and financial backers such as Sheldon Adelson and the notorious Koch brothers, he believes in an America where everyone can succeed and not just the 1%.

Random Thoughts
I can only speak for myself, but it’s been fun watching the two factions of the GOP, one led by the Paul Ryan school of thought that believes they lost the White House and Senate due to “poor messaging and voter turnout” and the other led by Bobby Jindal who believes that it has to stop being “the stupid party.” Then there’s crazy-ass John Boehner who apparently believes that the president is the Republican Party terminator.

Anyone who thinks the 2016 presidential campaign would be a “cakewalk” to the White House for Hillary Clinton are ignoring three important factors: 1) her age (and health) which will be 68 in 2015 when she’d have to start running and raising money; 2) there are other Democrats who aren’t just going to roll over for her and 3) and this might be most important, the only Democrat that Republicans hate more than Barack Obama is Hillary Clinton.

As someone who served in the USAF in the mid-1970s and remembers a time when women weren’t allowed in many career fields such as jet engine repair, jet maintenance crews, HAVC service, etc., I applaud the decision to allow women to serve in combat positions. I feel very strongly that all willing, able and qualified persons who are willing to serve our country in military uniform should be able to do so in ALL areas of their respective service branch.

For me, the best part of the Private Practice series finale was seeing Sam and Naomi back together again. Thank you Shonda Rhimes!

Funny how the Spanish Olympic team coach figured how a way for the Gasol Hermanos to play a “high-low” game (Marc up top and Pau on the low block) but a “genius” (Mike D’Antoni) can’t.

Here’s how I imagine the original pitch for FOX News went: “There’s a lot of stupid, racist, uneducated people that will believe anything we say about anything or anyone and we can be their sole source of news and political ideology.” Rupert Murdoch: “Sold! What else you got?”

How do we know that those are Manti’s real parents?

I saw lots of guys in the Air Force “hiding” behind fake girlfriends in the mid-70s. One even had his cousin writing letters to him every week and he had her picture in a frame on his desk. That’s what popped into my mind listening to Manti Thursday. I’m just saying.

I’m still waiting on BET to make The Real Housewife of Compton.

Isn’t HBO’s Girls just an all-white version of Living Single with profanity and nudity?

Just a note for my Laker fan friends out there; Tracy McGrady was never the same player after his back surgery which was very similar to Dwight Howard’s.

Lakers Fans – did you know that Meta World Peace has a player’s option @ $7.7 million for next season? You’re welcome.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think the first week of the Romney/Ryan administration has gone pretty smoothly.

No matter how mad I may have gotten as a child, I could have never shot my parents in their sleep. They ALWAYS kept their bedroom door locked.

Remember this: the Lakers went into this season counting on a starting backcourt that averaged 36 years old and an offensive-limited center coming off back surgery.

Right now, Dwight Howard is playing more in the tradition of Lakers centers such as Rudy LaRusso, Mel Counts, Elmore Smith, Elden Campbell and Kwame Brown than Wilt, Kareem and Shaq.

Scoreboard – Hillary 2, GOP 0. Game, Set, Match. Next on the agenda: retirement.

Whether he knows it or not, we’re THIS close to, “Katherine Webb, former girlfriend of Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron.”

Why doesn’t the NRA criticize the ARMED security that surrounds House Speaker John Boehner, third in-line for the presidency, wherever he goes? Oh that’s right, he’s a Republican. My bad. I won’t forget that again. Carry on.


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