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Friday, January 25, 2013 – Part Deux

January 25, 2013

“You know, the kids are still at school and your mother’s out getting her hair done, so…”
“So what?”
“So, what say you and me go up to the Lincoln Bedroom and free ourselves of these clothes before they get back home.”
“You so nasty.”
“Yes I am. And you know you love it.”
“Yes I do. I really do.”

What does it say about my frame of mind that I looked at this Monday’s inauguration of Barack Obama with far less emotion than the one four years ago? Trust me, there was no less feeling of pride and accomplishment for what little part I may have played during the campaign with my donations and blogging; I did what I could to help ensure his reelection.

But this Monday had more of a sense of relief than the sheer joy of January 20, 2009. Maybe it’s because I truly believe that once a moment has passed – in this case, the swearing-in of the nation’s first African-American president – it can never be repeated or replicated in full. Or maybe, and I think is the real reason, November 6, 2012 was a validation of his first four years and his policies. As I told many over the last 12-15 months of the campaign, 2008 was a “crusade” and 2012 was a mission to make sure that the previous victory wasn’t just a fluke. Anyone can get to the top with enough hard work, dedication and breaks. It’s staying there that’s the true measure of greatness.

And while it’s understandably hard for some African-Americans to stop looking at Barack Obama as “our” or “my” president, it’s time to shed that way of thinking. Yes, there will always be an intensely personal relationship with him, Michelle, and their daughters simply because they look like us. But, as I looked at Monday’s ceremonies and the crowds of people on the National Mall and along the parade route, I couldn’t help but think how different the day would have been had Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan won the election. I may be wrong, but I simply can’t imagine the multi-cultural, multi-racial gathering for a Mitt Romney inauguration both on the platform in front of the Capitol and on the mall beyond it.

Barack Hussein Obama is the president for all Americans and that simple fact is what fuels the fear and loathing on the other side of the aisle. They don’t like the fact that unlike their party’s leaders, supporters and financial backers such as Sheldon Adelson and the notorious Koch brothers, he believes in an America where everyone can succeed and not just the 1%.

Random Thoughts
I can only speak for myself, but it’s been fun watching the two factions of the GOP, one led by the Paul Ryan school of thought that believes they lost the White House and Senate due to “poor messaging and voter turnout” and the other led by Bobby Jindal who believes that it has to stop being “the stupid party.” Then there’s crazy-ass John Boehner who apparently believes that the president is the Republican Party terminator.

Anyone who thinks the 2016 presidential campaign would be a “cakewalk” to the White House for Hillary Clinton are ignoring three important factors: 1) her age (and health) which will be 68 in 2015 when she’d have to start running and raising money; 2) there are other Democrats who aren’t just going to roll over for her and 3) and this might be most important, the only Democrat that Republicans hate more than Barack Obama is Hillary Clinton.

As someone who served in the USAF in the mid-1970s and remembers a time when women weren’t allowed in many career fields such as jet engine repair, jet maintenance crews, HAVC service, etc., I applaud the decision to allow women to serve in combat positions. I feel very strongly that all willing, able and qualified persons who are willing to serve our country in military uniform should be able to do so in ALL areas of their respective service branch.

For me, the best part of the Private Practice series finale was seeing Sam and Naomi back together again. Thank you Shonda Rhimes!

Funny how the Spanish Olympic team coach figured how a way for the Gasol Hermanos to play a “high-low” game (Marc up top and Pau on the low block) but a “genius” (Mike D’Antoni) can’t.

Here’s how I imagine the original pitch for FOX News went: “There’s a lot of stupid, racist, uneducated people that will believe anything we say about anything or anyone and we can be their sole source of news and political ideology.” Rupert Murdoch: “Sold! What else you got?”

How do we know that those are Manti’s real parents?

I saw lots of guys in the Air Force “hiding” behind fake girlfriends in the mid-70s. One even had his cousin writing letters to him every week and he had her picture in a frame on his desk. That’s what popped into my mind listening to Manti Thursday. I’m just saying.

I’m still waiting on BET to make The Real Housewife of Compton.

Isn’t HBO’s Girls just an all-white version of Living Single with profanity and nudity?

Just a note for my Laker fan friends out there; Tracy McGrady was never the same player after his back surgery which was very similar to Dwight Howard’s.

Lakers Fans – did you know that Meta World Peace has a player’s option @ $7.7 million for next season? You’re welcome.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think the first week of the Romney/Ryan administration has gone pretty smoothly.

No matter how mad I may have gotten as a child, I could have never shot my parents in their sleep. They ALWAYS kept their bedroom door locked.

Remember this: the Lakers went into this season counting on a starting backcourt that averaged 36 years old and an offensive-limited center coming off back surgery.

Right now, Dwight Howard is playing more in the tradition of Lakers centers such as Rudy LaRusso, Mel Counts, Elmore Smith, Elden Campbell and Kwame Brown than Wilt, Kareem and Shaq.

Scoreboard – Hillary 2, GOP 0. Game, Set, Match. Next on the agenda: retirement.

Whether he knows it or not, we’re THIS close to, “Katherine Webb, former girlfriend of Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron.”

Why doesn’t the NRA criticize the ARMED security that surrounds House Speaker John Boehner, third in-line for the presidency, wherever he goes? Oh that’s right, he’s a Republican. My bad. I won’t forget that again. Carry on.


Friday, January 25, 2013

January 25, 2013

“I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear…”

“I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear…”

"Why I say, I say this heah half-nigra boy is acting like, uh, just because he done gone off and got hisself 'lected presdent 2 times in a row, he in charge of thangs and nonsense like that."

“Why I say, I say this heah half-nigra boy is acting like, uh, just because he done gone off and got hisself ‘lected presdent 2 times in a row, he in charge of thangs and nonsense like that.”

"Read my lips Republicans; I'm through being nice about shit. Have a nice day."

“Read my lips Republicans; I’m through being nice about shit. Have a nice day.”

NBA Rankings – January 6, 2013

January 6, 2013

The Times’ NBA rankings
Oklahoma City remains in the top spot while Clippers edge into Top 3.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Houston Rockets

By Ben Bolch
January 5, 2013, 9:55 p.m.
1. OKLAHOMA CITY (25-7) You won’t like them when they’re mad: Thunder 6-1 after losses this season. (1) They still need one more really mean big man.
2. SAN ANTONIO (27-9) These guys are fine despite being old and slow; what’s the Lakers’ excuse? (3) Does the name Mike D’Antoni ring a bell?
3. CLIPPERS (27-8) Having won Battle of L.A. via KO, focus shifts to conference heavyweights. (4) Team enrolled in NBA’s version of AA; one game at a time.
4. MIAMI (22-9) Partying in South Beach on hold until LeBron gets through knee crisis. (2) Hard to replicate last season’s all or nothing atmosphere.
5. NEW YORK (23-10) Spurs victory quells talk about this becoming Team Dysfunction again. (5) I can never see myself counting on a team that counts on Mr LaLa Anthony.
6. GOLDEN STATE (22-11) Lakers analyst Mychal Thompson will have a team to root for in playoffs. (7) anyone else notice that he’s openly tampering with Klay to be a Laker sooner than later?
7. MEMPHIS (20-10) Rudy Gay leaves fans cheerless with last-second miss against Portland. (6) gay won’t be truly appreciated in Memphis until he’s no longer in Memphis.
8. ATLANTA (20-12) Hawks would prefer to emulate Heat in other ways besides losing to Detroit. (8) is Jermaine Dupri still the team DJ?
9. INDIANA (20-14) Like an undead creature missing half its limbs, Pacers keep coming at you. (9) I couldn’t name a single Pacer if my life depended on it and I bet you can’t either.
10. CHICAGO (18-13) Derrick Rose update: He tied his left shoe before his right today. (10) I never knew that was a problem for him.
11. HOUSTON (20-14) All-Star game could have an Asian import if Lin gets nod from fans. (16) All-Star voting process needs to be revamped to give players’ vote more weight.
12. BROOKLYN (19-15) If this keeps up, P.J. Carlesimo could be the interim coach who never left. (13) Maybe he can hire Latrell Sprewell as his __________ coach?
13. DENVER (19-16) Left the Lakers and Clippers a mile-high mess in the span of a week. (12) And yet, at end of season, will be on early vacation as usual.
14. MILWAUKEE (16-16) Only 2-8 against the West, Bucks aren’t in favor of realignment. (11) Still in the league – why?
15. MINNESOTA (15-15) The party’s on hold again until everyone’s back. (14) This just gets funnier and funnier every time Kevin Love breaks his hand.
16. UTAH (17-18) Mo Williams’ injury can’t stop him from giving teammates thumbs up. (18) Jazz are one of those teams without a chance in hell of ever winning a championship. E.V.E.R.
17. LAKERS (15-17) Aging team worries about defense, potentially lost Social Security benefits. (17) Mike Brown kicking back in Anaheim Hills saying, “I could have lost like this!” By the way, wasn’t Phil’s finally asking Jeanie to marry him just another punch in the gut to Laker fans? “See, Phil wants to be here!”
18. PORTLAND (18-15) Blazers getting it done with smoke and mirrors before and during games. (19) I wonder how current Blazers and former Clippers GM Neil Olshey feels right about now.
19. BOSTON (16-17) Time to break up the Big Three? Oh, right, they already did that. (15) When it’s all said and done, Jesus Shuttlesworth will have the last laugh at end of season.
20. PHILADELPHIA (15-20) Win over Lakers makes 76ers consider leaving Bynum behind more often. (20) Who?
21. DALLAS (13-21) Coach Rick Carlisle needs to suspend whoever put this roster together. (22) If I were Carlisle, I’d polish up the old resume during All-Star break.
22. ORLANDO (12-21) Was all the fuss worth it given the plight of Dwight Howard’s current team? (21) Howard now knows how good he had it in O-Town.
23. PHOENIX (12-22) One franchise victory shy of 2,000, Suns may get there by season’s end. (23) Quick, name a Sun player. No peeking allowed.
24. TORONTO (12-21) Recent success mostly a function of soft pocket in schedule. (24) “Success”? Prove it!
25. SACRAMENTO (13-21) DeMarcus Cousins is calm one in Villanueva-Thomas dustup. (25) When DeMarcus Cousins is the “calm one” in any situation…
26. DETROIT (13-22) Pistons hope winning streak doesn’t go down as their season’s Final Four. (26) Isiah Thomas looks at Joe Dumars and says, “Why not me Lord, why not me?”
27. CHARLOTTE (8-24) Losing 19 of 20 games makes fans suddenly pine for last season. (27) Well, I’m sure as Michael Jordan gets back from ______________, he’ll take of this mess.
28. NEW ORLEANS (8-25) New nickname should be joined by new names on every jersey. (28) “Your New Orleans Perpetual Losers!”
29. CLEVELAND (8-27) Masked-man Kyrie Irving’s late heroics leave Bobcats feeling robbed. (29) Yeah, keep waiting for LeBron to come back. And while you’re waiting, write your letters to Santa too.
30. WASHINGTON (4-27) Wizards are 0-5 in OT and nearly as hopeless in regulation. (30) A dysfunctional team in a dysfunctional city. Just perfect.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

January 5, 2013

Coming in April: “Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever Chained for Doing The Right Thing with Mo Better Blues in A School Daze Because She’s Gotta Have It from Malcolm X while Living In Crooklyn During A Red Hook Summer.”

Didn’t you just love how, less than an hour after addressing the nation and accepting the passage of the so-called Fiscal Cliff bill, Air Force One was “wheels up” at Joint Base Andrews and President Obama was headed back to Hawaii to rejoin his family on vacation? Well, I did.

Don’t think for the time that it takes Chris Christie to inhale a dozen glazed from Dunkin’ Donuts that he won’t forget John Boehner not taking or returning his calls this week, and that not only did the president take his calls, but gave him his private cell number AND put him on the phone with his hero Bruce Springsteen.

For Kobe Bryant haters, delicious is the irony of his saying “This is probably the best I’ve played in a while” as Lakers struggle to get above .500.

I got myself a right powerful hankering for some old-fashioned chicken livers and rice and dadgummit, that’s what I’m having for breakfast this morning.

I just realized something this week; I like arguing with people. It refreshes me.

If the “McRib” is real food, Sarah Palin is a member of MENSA.

If you had January 1 in the “When Will Kobe Start Bitching and Moaning Again” pool; winner, winner, chicken dinner!

If, and that’s still a very big if right now, reports are true that Lance Armstrong is considering admitting to doping during his career, look for things to get real damn ugly in a Mississippi minute.

Laker fans on the post-game radio show were this close to going out and playing on the 405 through the Sepulveda Pass after Friday night’s loss to the Clippers. They were flat-out HEE-LARIOUS. In no particular order, they wanted D’Antoni fired, Gasol traded, Jesus to heal Dwight Howard’s back RIGHT NOW and Kim and Kanye’s baby to be named Kobe if it’s a boy or Pau if it’s a girl.

Laker fans who thought Dwight Howard was just going to return from serious back surgery – is there really any other kind – and be the defensive force he was in Orlando, are now realizing that he’s probably never going to be the same player again. And if you don’t believe me, just Google the words Tracy McGrady and back surgery. Speaking of Laker fans…For me, this was the best exchange of Friday night between Lakers radio play-by-play radio announcer John Ireland and color analyst and former Laker Mychal Thompson at the end of the game. Keep in mind, this isn’t a “word-by-word” account, but it went something like this: Ireland – “Well Mychal, is there anything positive to take away from a loss like this?” Thompson: “No, not really.” Ireland (taken aback): “Really? Nothing at all?” Thompson: “Nope. Clippers got bored in the 2nd half and had some players in foul trouble. They scored quickly and easily when they wanted to and the Lakers couldn’t do anything about it.” Ireland: “Well, there must have been something good, right?” Thompson: “Lakers need an 8-10 game winning streak to show that they’re capable of being a good team and right now, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.” Silence. Ireland: “And we’ll be back on the Lakers radio network.” Priceless.

Representative Karen Bass (D-CA), during her virtual town hall meeting Thursday night, said that “When you look at Congress when it’s in session, one side of the aisle looks like America and the other side looks like America in the 1940s.”

Sadly, I knew this was just a matter of time before a photographer got killed chasing a celebrity for a picture. And you think this is going to change anything in this area, just wait until the craziness of the West/Kardashian offspring really heats up later this year.

Seriously, what’s love got to do with it anyway?

The GOP’s aversion to anything even remotely resembling the truth would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetically and patently sad.

Tom Selleck is absolutely stealing money on “Blue Bloods” (Friday nights on CBS)! All he does is stare at someone or off into the distance, grimace, sigh heavily and occasionally give out what is supposed to be advice or tell a story that everyone can learn from. I love it!

Why do I get the feeling that Chief Justice John Roberts will read the oath of office to President Obama this time around?

New Year’s Eve 2012

January 1, 2013


The Winner and Still President: Barack Hussein Obama II

When 2012 began, President Obama was at odds with the Tea Party controlled Republican majority in the House, a determined to make him a one-term president Mitch McConnell in the Senate (how’d that turn out for you Turtleman?) and a group of potential campaign opponents best described as Mitch Romney, Jon Huntsman and the looniest bunch of idiots to run for the White House since the invention of brains.

As the year ends, he’s still the president (yeah!) and he’s still battling with the Republican Party, such as it is these days. My hope is that he will stand strong against the forces of evil, both domestic and foreign, that seem aligned against him not only politically, but personally as well.

Ever think you know somebody and then they do or say something that lets you know that you really don’t know them? A buddy of mine got ripped off by a friend earlier this year for a fairly large sum of money and the friend just disappeared. Walked out on his family – wife and three kids – one morning back in March and hasn’t been heard from since. I said all that to say be careful of who you let into your life.

I’m looking at making some big moves both personally and professionally in 2013. First things first; a serious change in my eating habits – cutting wayyyy back on red meat as a starter – and riding my stationary bike EVERY morning and evening. The others include finishing school and writing and self-publishing at least two novels. Look for the first one, The Reunion, to be out sometime in the first quarter of the year. I’ll keep you posted as things progress.

Love is the key to opening the door.



“Django Unchained” – Saw it yesterday morning (and afternoon; it’s over 2 & ½ hours). Very well made film from a purely technical standpoint. Some parts were difficult for me to watch because as I get older, the less blood and gore I want to see so there were times when I turned away from the screen. Great writing, acting and directing of a very tough subject. Loved the music as well. Do I think any slave could have talked and acted towards his owner as Stephen did and live; I’m not a historian and anything is possible, but I seriously doubt it. Generally speaking, I go to the movies to be entertained and this film was for the most part entertaining to me. But unlike “The Help”, I didn’t leave the theater with a good taste in my mouth. Last but not least: Was I the only one to detect an incestuous undertone to the interaction between Leonard DiCaprio’s character and his “widowed sister”?

Am I the only one who thinks Katt Williams has developed a death wish? I mean, sooner or later, somebody’s going to bust a cap off in his short ass, right? BTW, did I mention his current “road manager” is Suge Knight? This ends badly people.

Any team that hires Jon Gruden will be regretting it in 2 seasons or less.

Clippers head coach Vinnie Del Negro is a perfect example of why sometimes it’s best to show patience with an employee and let him or her grow into a job/position.

Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones needs to fire Cowboys GM Jerry Jones but his enormous ego won’t let him.

Generally speaking I’m not a vengeful person and far be it from me to wish death upon anyone, but I pray to Almighty God that a plague descend upon the houses of those evil Republicans who in any way, shape or fashion stated or insinuated that Secretary Clinton was “faking” being sick so that she could avoid testifying before Congress on the Benghazi situation. First up: Allen West!

I guess my buddy, voiceover artist extraordinaire and NAACP Image Awards nominee Rodney Saulsberry was correct two years ago when he said, “Tony Romo just can’t win the big games.”

I sure hope Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson are named “Comeback Player of the Year” as both truly deserve the award.

I want to hear a CD from Philip Bailey covering the Mighty Three – Thom Bell, Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff – songbook in 2013, produced by the one and only David Foster featuring Larry Dunn on keyboards and Al McKay on guitar.

I was at a friend’s house yesterday and she showed me some childhood family photos. There was one of her youngest brother’s crib circa 1965 and I gotta tell you, that thing wouldn’t pass a safety exam today by Ray Charles in his current condition of being dead since June 10, 2004. Talk about a deathtrap!

I watched the Deception pilot on over the weekend and baby, Meagan Good and Laz Alonzo might have a HIT on their hands in the New Year!

If Panda Express had a restaurant with a drive-thru in the Crenshaw District, I’d move next door to it. And I’m only half-joking.

If you marry a whore, don’t be surprised when he or she does whorish things. Yes I’m staring at you Kanye and Kim. Mazel Tov!

If you’re even thinking about taking the Nets job as head coach, don’t you sit down with Demoan Williams BEFORE doing so and at least, attempt to find out where his head is?

In my best Sheriff Bart voice: “Where da Mayan women at?”

Is there a sexual undertone to this Kevin Durant TV ad or do I need Jesus a lot more than I think?

John Boehner’s “Plan C” – blame Obama! “Plan D” – blame midgets! “Plan E” – get drunk and claim “It was my evil twin Jim who made the deal!”

Now that Mitch McConnell has failed in his stated desire of making President Obama a “one-term president”, it’s time for the Republican Party in Congress to stop opposing practically everything he proposes and work together with he and their Democratic counterparts to make things better for all Americans. It’s also wayyy past time for John Boehner to be Speaker of the House, not just the Republican part.

Over the last 4 seasons, Andy Reid is 33-31 and has finished last in NFC East last 3. Why would any team be rushing to hire him?

Sad irony is that several NFL coaches are going to be fired on New Year’s Eve. How do you go out and celebrate tonight if you’ve just lost your job?

The only difference between me and Denzel Washington is one year in age. And he’s a movie star with two Oscars. And he lives in a 36,000 square foot house in Beverly Hills. And he’s been married for 30 years. And he’s rich. And millions of women want him. And he has courtside Lakers tickets. Other than that…

I pledge to be in the front row of the Clippers victory parade down Figueroa in June! Shall I save you a spot?


We are Clippers nation and our Capitol is Lob City!



  “As long as I’m president…and I’m going to be president for the next four years.”