I am not a historian nor do I play one on TV or in the movies. Therefore, I cannot speak to the historical accuracy of this film. But considering that it was directed by Steven Spielberg, I will assume that a great deal of research went into making certain that it was in fact, historically accurate. But what I can speak to (write about) is what a great, moving and entertaining film this is.

The performances of all the main characters are excellent but, with three Academy Award winners heading the cast – Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field and Tommy Lee Jones – and being directed by another Academy Award winner who just happens to be one of the greatest directors in film history, that’s to be expected. What moved me and kept my eyes riveted to the screen was the attention to detail, the beautiful cinematography, the performances (James Spader was great) and the overall historical elements of the story.

I was also struck by the fact that since the time shown in the film, the Democratic and Republican parties have pretty much “flipped the script” and today are complete opposites of what they once stood for and represented. It was also apparent to me that the isolation, the heart wrenching decisions and vote wrangling and the ultimate power of the presidency are exactly the same today as they were then, albeit with the technological advances. For as Lincoln and his Cabinet and advisors waited for telegraphic word of battles being waged hundreds of miles from the capitol, last year President Obama and his people watched and waited for word from Pakistan as Navy Seal Team 6 hunted Osama bin Laden.

I don’t know how the Oscars will reward this remarkable film and all who worked on it,  but I believe that it will go down as the To Kill A Mockingbird of its generation.


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