Why I Voted for Barack Obama and Joe Biden

I voted absentee this year because I caught a bad cold last week that had me in bed for two straight days and I thought to myself, “What if something like this happens next Tuesday and I can’t get out to cast my vote? How will I feel about that?” So, I fired up the iPad – one of the truly greatest gadgets I’ve ever owned – went to the LA County Registrar of Voters website and ordered my absentee voter package. And as soon as it arrived, I opened it, sat down with my voting guide and quickly selected Barack Obama and Joseph Biden for President and Vice-President.

I did so for several reasons. One, I am a lifelong Democrat. Two, I’ve never voted for a Republican presidential candidate and based on what we’ve seen these past few election cycles, I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Third, and most importantly, I made my selection because deep in my heart and soul, I believe that at this time in history, America needs the political and moral leadership of Obama and Biden far more than whatever it is that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would bring to the White House.

I would be less than honest if I didn’t admit that race didn’t play a major role in my decision. But, it’s not that Barack Obama is African-American as much as it is that Mitt Romney, when one takes an objective look at the crowds at any of his campaign events, appears to be running for the presidency of “white America.”

When one looks at our country today, we see an America more multicultural than at any time in its history. Barack Obama’s supporters reflect that fact clearly and Mitt Romney’s don’t. As much as the 2012 presidential campaign has been about these two candidates’ starkly different philosophies and policies on defense, economic, ideological and social issues, it has also been about where we are as a society. A president must work for all Americans, regardless of political and economic status, and shouldn’t have to try to convince us that videotaped comments aside, that he will if elected.

I voted for Barack Obama and Joe Biden because I want them to continue bringing America back and not “taking” it back and I hope you did and or will too this Tuesday.


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