“I’ve got no shame; I’ll say or be anything Mitt wants. Hi mom!”


A Republican candidate receiving a warm reception at The Villages, Florida’s largest senior community and owned by a family that’s given over $1.5million to GOP candidates this election cycle, as Paul Ryan (along with his mother) did on Saturday, is as predictable as the sun rising in the East; it’s going to happen every day of the week.

A buddy of mine called me all excited until I read the entire “Free Pussy Riot” article to him; turns out he hadn’t heard the third word in the title. Now he’s trying to get a refund on his airline ticket to Russia.

All joking aside, ever wonder how people like Michele Bachmann, Joe Walsh and Allen West get elected in the first place? I mean, do they move all the crazies into one district so they can have their own representatives?

Am I the only one who cracks up whenever I hear Republicans saying they miss the “Obama of Hope and Change from 2008”? I mean, they do remember how that turned out, right?

Considering how nasty Mitt Romney’s ads against his opponents were during the GOP primary, I have to laugh my head off whenever he decries how nasty President Obama’s ads against him are. It’s like a cartoon I saw where a little boy comes home, puts his basketball on the counter and starts in on the cookies and milk his mother gives him. When she said, “How was your day?” his response was, “Well, it was okay until the big kids got out of school.”

Doesn’t matter what happens this season or the next; we’re getting closer and closer to the point where Arte Moreno’s giving both Mike Scioscia and Albert Pujols 10-year contracts based on their past performances have to be called mistakes that will cause the Angels problems for several years to come.

Have Jay Leno (and David Letterman) stayed at the party too long? And, how does this affect, if it does, the upcoming return of Arsenio Hall?

I CAN NOT wait to see former Democrat and Obama endorser Artur Davis – I guess his parents were too poor to pay for an “H” – speaking at the Republican National Convention. Actually I can, but I am looking forward to seeing how the mostly all-white delegation will respond to the kind of African-American they can relate to. Oh that’s right, Condoleezza Rice’s speaking too.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I simply can’t watch Meet The Press as long as David Gregory remains the moderator unless the guest is Jesus himself.

I wonder how cold the convention hall will have to be in Tampa to keep keynote speaker Chris Christie “comfortable in his own skin.”

I’m all for celebrities supporting their candidates, but why does it seem that the Republicans get some of the flat-out craziest “MF’s” alive? Yes, I’m referring to Dave Mustaine, Ted Nugent and Hank Williams, Jr.

I’m not a Bobby Valentine fan. I thought Boston made a big mistake in hiring him to manage the Red Sox after they fired Terry Francona last year, but I never thought the team would collapse so completely – they’re currently 12 & ½ games behind the AL East leading Yankees – and I don’t think anyone else did either. And it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy – he’s an arrogant prick in my opinion – and franchise.

I’ve got nothing against the remake of Sparkle per se; I generally just don’t like remakes because I feel a) most movies are made in and for a certain time period, b) it’s almost impossible to equal, let alone top the original, and c) it just reinforces that Hollywood is out of original ideas and stories.

If I were a Republican candidate and got word that Rudy Giuliani wanted to endorse me, I’d pay him NOT TO.

If you really think about it, everyone’s pro-choice. You either choose to remain pregnant or not. But both are choices.

I’m confused as fuck! Wasn’t it just a few days ago that Mitt Romney himself practically begged President Obama to agree to take his business experience and taxes and anything personal off the table and just “focus on the issues”? Or am I losing my mind?

Interesting, at least to me, that the last two GOP nominees have had to pick their running mates based on a need to re-energize the party’s base instead of their qualifications and electability.

It would be one thing if he’d won the governorship and then switched parties over “principle”, but considering he did so only after getting absolutely crushed in the Democratic primary, I have no respect whatsoever for Davis.

Looking and listening to the clips from Rhianna’s recent interview with Oprah, you realize that she was deeply in love with Chris Brown.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are lying at a level that puts Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew to shame. In fact, I’m just waiting for the Obama campaign to run an ad with a “Lie-O-Meter” in the corner of the screen as Romney and Ryan speak.

Mitt Romney will release ALL of his tax returns, drink a Coke, and kiss former RNC chairman Ken Mehlman on the lips in public before President Obama replaces Joe Biden on the ticket.

Not to overstate its importance, but William Kristol, who pushed hardest publicly for Paul Ryan is the same guy who pushed Sarah Palin four years ago. Here’s hoping for the same electoral results on the night of November 6.

Olympics soccer star Hope Solo is really beginning to get on my last nerve. Speaking of soccer stars, it seems that Solo’s teammate Abby Wambach isn’t feeling much pain these days.

Paul Ryan’s mother seems to be a nice enough woman, but I’m still not going to vote for her son on November 6.

Paul Ryan’s defense of applying for funds for his district from the same stimulus program he voted AGAINST that even though he thought it was a “flawed policy”, his constituents shouldn’t be punished because of that belief is as openly two-faced as anything I’ve heard in a long, long time.

Quote of the Campaign (so far) – “We’ve given all you people need to know.” – Ann Romney on the decision not to release more than two years of tax returns (2010 and 11).

Still waiting on the MSM to point out the virtual all-white crowds at Romney/Ryan events no matter where they go in the country and how this impacts the election.

The lack of African-American or Latino moderators for the upcoming presidential and vice-presidential debates is inexcusable and yet completely predictable when viewed in the context of current network prime-time programming.

Try as I might, I simply can’t recall when the Braves’ Chipper Jones went from being a very good player to a “first ballot Hall of Famer” as announcers and reporters repeatedly call him today.

Watch your back Al Roker; Matt’s already taken out Ann Curry. You don’t want to be next.

What the hell happened to Priscilla Presley’s “face”?

Whatever happened to M.C. Michael Steele?

Whatever one may feel about Jesse Jackson, Jr and his politics and his father, the photos of him with his friend and former colleague Patrick Kennedy, who visited with Jackson at the Mayo Clinic last week, were heart wrenching. The emotional and physical pain Jackson’s going through was clearly evident on his face and body. Here’s praying that he has a full recovery.

You know, I think most Americans accept the fact that our politicians are going to fudge the truth every now and then, but these “MF’s”, Romney and Ryan, are just flat-out lying without any hint of embarrassment at all!

I’m still trying to understand how you can be “Pro-Life” AND “Pro Death Penalty.” Please let me know if you figure it out.


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