Monday – August 13, 2012

“Attention White America! It’s your boys, Mitt and Paul, and we’re here to take back our country and save you from ‘the Kenyan’. Robes and hoods will be available on our website soon; please bookmark us now. That is all. Seig Heil!”

“Honk if you hate poor people!”


It might just be me, but as far as I’m concerned, Mitt Romney and his new sidekick, Paul Ryan, declared war on America this past Saturday.

“Debt, Doubt and Despair” – the new album from Romney & Ryan!

Don’t think for a second that this isn’t going to get personal between President Obama and Paul Ryan who’ve had a very contentious “relationship” over the past 3 & ½ years.

Don’t know what her last months on “Today” were like, but Amy Robach sure looks VERY happy on “GMA.”

During the Olympics, Doc Rivers has reminded us that he’s as good if not better, a commentator as he is a NBA head coach.

GOP: “Paul Ryan is a great choice and is qualified to serve from Day One.” Democrats: “Paul Ryan is the most extreme, worst choice for VP ever.” American Public: “Ehhh.”

Hilariously ironic listening to Paul Ryan bemoan the “dysfunction and hyper-partisanship in Washington” when he’s as guilty as anyone for it.

I can honestly say that four years ago, I could sense the excitement and energy when McCain introduced Sarah Palin in Dayton, OH. But there was none of that when Romney introduced Ryan Saturday and frankly, I just don’t think there will be any during this campaign.

I can’t wait for the ad from either the Obama campaign or a Super PAC that shows why the 2002 Mitt Romney wouldn’t vote for the 2012 Mitt Romney.

I don’t think we’re going to see/hear any real substance from either side until the conventions in general and the debates in particular.

I must have not gotten the memo that the world was craving a 98 Degrees comeback/reunion tour. Up next: Color Me Badd?

I wonder what the “right” would be saying if Senator Barack Obama had made his staffers read “Dream of My Father” or some other tome he was influenced by as Congressman Paul Ryan has done with the writings of Ayn Rand and his staff.

I wouldn’t go see Liza Minelli perform if she was across the street from my house and the show was free.

I’m as big a Tar Heel Fan as one can be without being born and raised in NC; my front license plate frame reads UNC on top, Tar Heels on bottom and I plan on seeing the men’s basketball team when they play Long Beach State here in on November 16. I’ve worked concerts in the Dean Smith Center and played pick-up basketball in the storied Carmichael Auditorium and I hate Duke as much as I can. But I have to give it up to Coach K; the man can flat-out coach the game on any level.

If, for any reason whatsoever, the Lakers DON’T win the title next June, suicide hotlines in LA will handle to double up on staff.

London just spent the last two weeks making Mitt Romney look like a fool. Hope he’s just as wrong in 85 days!

Noticeable lack of “color” and young voters at this w/e’s Romney/Ryan events could be a telling trend that benefits Obama/Biden come November.

Now that the Olympics are over, NBC can return to showing Americans programming that no one wants to watch, live or tape-delayed.

There’s no “happily ever after”; there’s just life and what you choose to make out of it.

There’s one artist who would be the perfect judge for American Idol: PRINCE.

This is the most charisma-challenged Republican ticket I can since Bob Dole and Jack Kemp in 1996.

Title IX’s greatest legacy 40 years after its enactment? SI has reported that Team USA women accounted for 58 of the 104 U.S. medals in London, including 29 of the 46 gold.

What does it say about your campaign when you’ve basically been running for president since 2007, but only now that you’ve named Paul Ryan as your running mate that people say it finally has “definition”?

When is NBC going to realize (admit) that David Gregory is single-handedly killing “Meet The Press”?

When the Romney/Ryan campaign rolls out ads with seniors who approve of their vision for the future of Medicare, and you know they will, keep in mind that there were slaves who thought “Massa is good to us” too.

You know your country’s lacking when you feature One Direction and the Spice Girls at your Olympics closing ceremonies.



I wonder when an intrepid reporter will have the intelligence, journalistic instincts and integrity to ask Mitt Romney, “Governor, how can you sit here with a straight face and say that you won’t release the same number of years of your tax returns that you required of your running mate, Congressman Ryan, and the others your campaign vetted as possible running mates, and not expect the American public to be extremely skeptical at best, and downright convinced that you’re hiding something at worst? “That’s what I’m dreaming, hoping, praying will happen. But I ain’t holding my breath that it will.

Tim Russert, come back; your country needs you!


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