“Don’t Ever Underestimate The Heart of A President”

“Don’t ever underestimate the heart of a champion.”- Houston Rockets coach Rudy Tomjanovich after the team came back from a deficit in each series of the 1995 Western Conference playoffs to sweep the Eastern Conference champion Orlando Magic 4-0 to win their second consecutive NBA championship.

“Don’t ever underestimate the heart, soul and political skills of President Barack Obama.” – Charles L. Freeman after President Obama rebounded from a terrible June 2012 jobs report to leave presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney reeling from a combination of ads and speeches attacking his time and record as head of Bain Capital, off-shore accounts and refusal to release more than two years of his tax returns.

We don’t know everyone who’s advising Mitt Romney and as with most political campaigns, we probably never will. But this much I do know; he’s getting “turrible” advice right now when it comes to his poorly received speech at the NAACP convention, defending his record at Bain, his refusing to release more years of tax returns and asking, make that damn near begging, for an apology from President Obama over this week’s attack ads and statements.

I have no idea what’s going through Mitt Romney’s mind tonight, but when you have Republican governors such as Bentley and McDonnell of Alabama and Virginia respectively, congressional leaders and party pundits, lobbyists and operators such as former Mississippi governor Haley Barbour publicly agreeing with the president that you need to release more of your tax returns, you might get the feeling that things aren’t going your way right now.

Here’s Willard Mitt Romney’s big problem as I see it: quiet as it’s been kept all these years, he’s actually far wealthier than anyone really knows. That’s the beauty of being in charge of a privately held company versus a publicly traded one; no one really has any idea of your true wealth. Yes, a privately held company such as Bain must file SEC paperwork on a regular basis and yes, certain things must be disclosed. However, the level of scrutiny is far less invasive and revealing than say GE or General Motors. Compared to what Bain goes through, GE gets a rectal exam without the lubrication or latex glove. I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that right now, Romney wishes he’d never signed those SEC disclosure forms after 1999 and that he didn’t have to show ANY tax returns at all.

In 2008, Barack Obama became the Democratic nominee for president after defeating Hillary (and Bill) Clinton. He took every shot they aimed his way and returned fire, often sending out two shots for their every one. The only things keeping Romney this close in the polls are the economy, the millions and millions of dollars being poured into super PACs by the likes of Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers, and the color of Barack Obama’s skin. Romney has absolutely no foreign policy experience whatsoever and whoever he chooses as his running mate and by the way, he needs to do that much sooner than later, is going to have to not only energize the party like Sarah Palin did four years ago, but compensate for Romney’s glaring weaknesses.

Once again, to his everlasting benefit, his opponent is underestimating Barack Obama and his considerable political and campaigning skills. Today, while Romney rested lakeside at his vacation compound in New Hampshire, the president was campaigning in Virginia, at one point, in pouring rain in the heart of Eric Cantor’s district in Richmond. Surely, as the two photos below from today clearly show, there’s a huge difference in how the two campaigns are being conducted right now and as a fervent and loyal Obama supporter, I say Thank God!



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