Friday, June 6, 2012


Thursday in Ohio, Stephanie Miller, who lost her sister to colon cancer, confronted President Obama, began to cry, and thanked him for passing his health care law. (The story behind the picture: Stephanie Miller Hugs Obama)

Obama Hits Romney on Healthcare Mandate Flip-Flop

Romney Weighs Foreign Trip

“Gotta go visit my money and let it know I still love and miss it.”

President_Obama_in_Parma, OH.

“Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work I go!”


(Hint: think “color”)

Mitt Romney in Wolfeboro, NH on Wednesday, July 4, 2012

President Obama speaking in Parma, OH on Thursday, July 5, 2012

“My name is Barack, but you cuties can call me ‘B Money O’.”

Hard as I might try, I can’t imagine Mitt Romney dropping by say, Sweetie Pie’s, the next time he’s in St Louis and hanging out with a restaurant full of black people.

President Obama campaigning in Parma, Ohio; Thursday, July 5, 2012

“You remind me of my grandfather when he was your age.”

President Barack Obama buys a dozen ears of corn at the Bergman Orchards Farm Market in Port Clinton, Ohio, Thursday, July 5, 2012. The health-conscious stop was virtually unprecedented for the president, who usually lunches on hot dogs, barbecue, ice cream and other calorie-clogged foods while out on the campaign trail. (Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images)

“Bullshit. Y’all know LeBron can ball, so don’t even front about him going to Miami ’cause you know you would have too if you’d had the chance.”

“Herman Cain as president! Now, that’s some funny shit!”

“Jennifer Anniston.” “Chile please; Halle Berry all day and twice on Sunday.” “Yeah, you right.” “Damn Skippy I’m right.”

Kim Kardashian’s “Things To Do” List – 18th Birthday Edition

1. Get subscriptions to Ebony, Jet, Vibe, Hype Hair, Essence, and Sista 2 Sista.

2. Buy DVD of “How To Love A Black Man.”

3. Get bigger lips.

4. Obtain a black ass.

5. Learn how to balance new black ass while walking in 5” heels.

6. Learn the differences between “black”, “bi-racial”, “mixed”, “mulatto”, and “passing.”

7. Learn how to talk with a “full mouth”.

8. Learn how to “love” on-camera.

9. Sign management contract with mother; let her first deny that I have “loved” on-camera, then make deal to earn millions from proof that I’ve “loved” on camera.

10. Whip my ass on unsuspecting black and bi-racial men in music, sports and celebrities circles for wealth and fame.


20 years ago, “Arsenio” was about the only national TV show that would have booked Flo Rida to perform. Yesterday morning, he was headlining the Friday concert on “Today.” I said all that to say I wonder what Arsenio’s going to do with his new show to make it stand-out from the rest.

Sudden thought: Was Kim Kardashian “window-shopping” at the BET Awards? “Hmm, he’s tall and I’ve never had a mulatto before.”

Anyone still watching Duets and if so, is there an issue with your remote control?

If LeBron James’ show was called “The Decision”, then Dwight Howard’s has to be called “The In-Decision.”

Until there’s documented proof of an NBA championship team with a starting backcourt with the average age of 36, I think Laker fans should hold off on making victory parade plans just yet. Call me cynical, but I don’t see how adding a 38 year-old point guard, even if he’s Steve Nash who by the way, can’t guard your house, improves the Lakers’ chances of beating the younger, more athletic OKC Thunder with a trip to the Finals under their belt.


Michele “Jaws” Bachmann at the 2011 Iowa State Fair


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