Just A Thought

Am I the only one who finds the “Right’s” reaction to last week’s Supreme Court ruling on the ACA scary and funny at the same time? I mean, on one hand, they’re so mad at Chief Justice Roberts’ so-called betrayal of conservative principles, they are besides themselves with self-righteous indignation and outright pissivity.
Then there’s, at least to me, the funny side of watching every and anyone from House Speaker John “Agent Orange” Boehner on down going on TV and vowing, “By God Almighty, I pledge to replace and repeal the evil that is ‘Obamacare’ the first chance I get” or words to that effect and then when the interviewer asks them to give specific examples of how and what they’ll repeal, they just sputter and stutter and look as if they’re rather be anywhere but on that set at that moment.
Here’s the sad yet true fact of the matter: they have NO ANSWERS for the problems the nation faces beyond opposing everything President Obama proposes and/or supports. That’s their whole plan and platform and Mitt Romney is staking his shot at being president on it. He hasn’t and doesn’t have a plan for ANYTHING. NOTHING. NADA. ZILCH. It’s all, “If Obama’s for ______, then by golly, I’m against it even if everybody in America with the IQ of a neutered cocker spaniel knows it’s the right thing to do” or words to that effect.

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