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July 23, 2012

I’d like to preface this long tweet by saying that my passion comes from my deepest sympathy and shared sorrow with yesterday’s victims and with the utmost respect for the people and the police/fire/medical/political forces of Aurora and all who seek to comfort and aid these victims.

This morning, I made a comment about how I do not understand people who support public ownership of assault style weapons like the AR-15 used in the Colorado massacre.

That comment, has of course, inspired a lot of feedback. There have been many tweets of agreement and sympathy but many, many more that have been challenging at the least, hostile and vitriolic at the worst.

Clearly, the angry, threatened and threatening, hostile comments are coming from gun owners and gun advocates. Despite these massacres recurring and despite the 100,000 Americans that die every year due to domestic gun violence – these people see no value to even considering some kind of control as to what kinds of weapons are put in civilian hands.

Many of them cite patriotism as their reason – true patriots support the Constitution adamantly and wholly. Constitution says citizens have the right to bear arms in order to maintain organized militias. I’m no constitutional scholar so here it is from the document itself:

As passed by the Congress:
“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
As ratified by the States and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State:
“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

So the patriots are correct, gun ownership is in the constitution – if you’re in a well-regulated militia. Let’s see what no less a statesman than Alexander Hamilton had to say about a militia:

“A tolerable expertness in military movements is a business that requires time and practice. It is not a day, or even a week, that will suffice for the attainment of it. To oblige the great body of the yeomanry, and of the other classes of the citizens, to be under arms for the purpose of going through military exercises and evolutions, as often as might be necessary to acquire the degree of perfection which would entitle them to the character of a well-regulated militia, would be a real grievance to the people, and a serious public inconvenience and loss.”

Or from Merriam-Webster dictionary:
Definition of MILITIA
a : a part of the organized armed forces of a country liable to call only in emergency
b : a body of citizens organized for military service
: the whole body of able-bodied male citizens declared by law as being subject to call to military service

The advocates of guns who claim patriotism and the rights of the 2nd Amendment – are they in well-regulated militias? For the vast majority – the answer is no.

Then I get messages from seemingly decent and intelligent people who offer things like: @BrooklynAvi: Guns should only be banned if violent crimes committed with tomatoes means we should ban tomatoes. OR @nysportsguys1: Drunk drivers kill, should we ban fast cars?

I’m hoping that right after they hit send, they take a deep breath and realize that those arguments are completely specious. I believe tomatoes and cars have purposes other than killing. What purpose does an AR-15 serve to a sportsman that a more standard hunting rifle does not serve? Let’s see – does it fire more rounds without reload? Yes. Does it fire farther and more accurately? Yes. Does it accommodate a more lethal payload? Yes. So basically, the purpose of an assault style weapon is to kill more stuff, more fully, faster and from further away. To achieve maximum lethality. Hardly the primary purpose of tomatoes and sports cars.

Then there are the tweets from the extreme right – these are the folk who believe our government has been corrupted and stolen and that the forces of evil are at play, planning to take over this nation and these folk are going to fight back and take a stand. And any moron like me who doesn’t see it should…
a. be labeled a moron
b. shut the fuck up
c. be removed

And amazingly, I have some minor agreement with these folks. I believe there are evil forces at play in our government. But I call them corporatists. I call them absolutists. I call them the kind of ideologues from both sides, but mostly from the far right who swear allegiance to unelected officials that regardless of national need or global conditions,  are never to levy a tax. That they are never to compromise or seek solutions with the other side. That are to obstruct every possible act of governance, even the ones they support or initiate. Whose political and social goal is to marginalize the other side, vilify and isolate them with the hope that they will surrender, go away or die out.

These people believe that the US government is eventually going to go street by street and enslave our citizens. Now as long as that is only happening to liberals, homosexuals and democrats – no problem. But if they try it with anyone else – it’s going to be arms-ageddon and these committed, God-fearing, brave souls will then use their military-esque arsenal to show the forces of our corrupt government whats-what. These people think they meet the definition of a “militia”. They don’t. At least not the constitutional one. And, if it should actually come to such an unthinkable reality, these people believe they would win. That’s why they have to “take our country back”. From who? From anyone who doesn’t think like them or see the world like them. They hold the only truth, everyone else is dangerous. Ever meet a terrorist that doesn’t believe that? Just asking.

Then there are the folks who write that if everyone in Colorado had a weapon, this maniac would have been stopped. Perhaps. But I do believe that the element of surprise, tear gas and head to toe kevlar protection might have given him a distinct edge. Not only that, but a crowd of people firing away in a chaotic arena without training or planning – I tend to think that scenario could produce even more victims.

Lastly, there are these well-intended realists that say that people like this evil animal would get these weapons even if we regulated them. And they may be right. But he wouldn’t have strolled down the road to Kmart and picked them up. Regulated, he would have had to go to illegal sources – sources that could possibly be traced, watched, overseen. Or he would have to go deeper online and those transactions could be monitored. “Hm, some guy in Aurora is buying guns, tons of ammo and kevlar – plus bomb-making ingredients and tear gas. Maybe we should check that out.”

But that won’t happen as long as all that activity is legal and unrestricted.

I have been reading on and off as advocates for these weapons make their excuses all day long. Guns don’t kill – people do. Well if that’s correct, I go with @BrooklynAvi, let them kill with tomatoes. Let them bring baseball bats, knives, even machetes — a mob can deal with that.

There is no excuse for the propagation of these weapons. They are not guaranteed or protected by our constitution. If they were, then we could all run out and purchase a tank, a grenade launcher, a bazooka, a SCUD missile and a nuclear warhead. We could stockpile napalm and chemical weapons and bomb-making materials in our cellars under our guise of being a militia.

These weapons are military weapons. They belong in accountable hands, controlled hands and trained hands. They should not be in the hands of private citizens to be used against police, neighborhood intruders or people who don’t agree with you. These are the weapons that maniacs acquire to wreak murder and mayhem on innocents. They are not the same as handguns to help homeowners protect themselves from intruders. They are not the same as hunting rifles or sporting rifles. These weapons are designed for harm and death on big scales.


We will not prevent every tragedy. We cannot stop every maniac. But we certainly have done ourselves no good by allowing these particular weapons to be acquired freely by just about anyone.

I’ll say it plainly – if someone wants these weapons, they intend to use them. And if they are willing to force others to “pry it from my cold, dead hand”, then they are probably planning on using them on people.

So, sorry those of you who tell me I’m an actor, or a has-been or an idiot or a commie or a liberal and that I should shut up. You can not watch my stuff, you can unfollow and you can call me all the names you like. I may even share some of them with my global audience so everyone can get a little taste of who you are.

But this is not the time for reasonable people, on both sides of this issue, to be silent. We owe it to the people whose lives were ended and ruined yesterday to insist on a real discussion and hopefully on some real action.

In conclusion, whoever you are and wherever you stand on this issue, I hope you have the joy of family with you today. Hold onto them and love them as best you can. Tell them what they mean to you. Yesterday, a whole bunch of them went to the movies and tonight their families are without them. Every day is precious. Every life is precious. Take care. Be well. Be safe. God bless.

Jason Alexander



July 21, 2012

“Sorry pal, all I’ve got is $1,000 bills on me.”

By all accepted definitions and norms, Willard Mitt Romney is an unqualified American success story. Not only has he achieved more and provided a better life for his children than his father George did for Mitt and his 4 siblings – a tall task considering the senior Romney ran a major automobile company and was the governor of Michigan – he’s done it in what seems to be a spectacular manner.

After a brutal yet absurdly comical primary campaign – consider for a moment that at one time or another, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry actually led in several respected polls – and out raising an incumbent president stung by back-to-back disappointing jobs reports by millions of dollars the past two months, Romney should be riding high and focusing on selecting a running mate and honing his message to voters.

But, for the past week now, Romney, thanks to his mishandling what should have been a relatively routine release of his tax returns and a resurgent Barack Obama in full campaign mode, has found himself under attack by both Democrats and Republicans alike. I mean, when you’ve got Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) arguing that you should release more of your tax records: “I think anyone running for office, if they get asked within reason to give people background about what they have been doing, including tax returns, should do that. That’s my deal on it”, you’ve got problems.

What should and could have been a 2-3 day story at worst – “Hey America, Mitt Romney’s much richer and paid less in taxes than anyone could have possibly imagined!” – has dominated every news cycle for the last 7 days and shows little, if any sign of abating any time soon. (Not to appear cynical, but don’t think for a minute that the Romney campaign isn’t happy that something else, unfortunately in this case it’s the horrific situation in Aurora, hasn’t popped up to become the #1 story on this Sunday’s news programs.)

By defiantly doubling down on not releasing more than his last two returns and giving a truly bizarre reason for not doing so – “I’m simply not enthusiastic about giving them [the Obama campaign] hundreds or thousands of more pages to pick through, distort, and lie about” – only served to make even more people wonder exactly what Romney’s so afraid of the public seeing in his tax returns. Then, just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder or more convoluted, his wife Ann said this during an interview on Thursday: “We’ve given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation and about how we live our life.” Actually Ann, you haven’t.

Translation: “you people” as in “You poor, unwashed masses who are beneath us and not worthy of our attention. How dare you question how and why we’re so rich and how we shelter our money in off-shore accounts and other complex financial transactions? You’re not able to understand the magnitude of our lives and we’re not going to tell you anything we don’t want you to know. Just make Mitt president and everything will be hunky-dory in America.”

Sorry Ann (and Mitt), but it just doesn’t work that way in modern-day America. See, if you want the #1 job in the country, if you want the “big” house in D.C., Camp David, Air Force One, Marine One, the bulletproof limo and full-time, presidential-level Secret Service protection, etc, etc, then you’ve got to be more forthcoming about your tax returns and financial situation. Forget about the 23 years of returns you gave the McCain campaign in ’08; let’s split the difference, add a few years and you let us see everything since Mitt says he left Bain in early 1999.

Because if you can’t do that and insist on hiding behind Ann’s ridiculously condescending and insulting statement, then you can’t be our president. This is probably hard for a former CEO used to giving orders and not answering questions you don’t like to get through your thick head of hair, but you don’t get to make the rules here. The American people, mainly via the media, get to make them. And to a lesser, but possibly more influential degree, your opponent does too if you let them. And so far, you’ve let the Obama campaign define you to a large degree. I thought you learned this in 2008 and again this year, but I guess the lessons wore off quickly.

Because you’ve chosen to pretty much repudiate the signature accomplishment of your governorship, a healthcare reform law in Massachusetts that according to the person who drafted much of it, he used as a template for the Affordable Care Act aka “Obamacare”, your whole campaign is based on your time at Bain and running the Olympics. You won’t tell us much about the former except that you made a lot of money thus you know how the economy works and how to create jobs and we’re just now learning how devious and underhanded you were at the latter (don’t like to mention that $342 million in federal funds you got from Washington, do you?). No wonder you’ve been so quiet about the recent mini-scandal about this summer’s Olympic team uniforms being made in China; hell, excuse me, heck, you outsourced yours to Burma (!) when you had the chance. I guess the only thing you like “Made in America” is your money and Ann’s “couple of Cadillacs.” (Any chance that your 4-car elevator for the La Jolla beach house will be made here?)

You want to be president? You think you can do a better job with the economy? Okay, then tell and show us more about your finances. Tell us what your domestic and foreign policy positions are besides “Whatever Obama did, I’ll do something else.” Give the American people a reason why we should vote out of office the man who kept the nation from entering into what most economists say would have been the second “Great Depression.” Tell us why we should make you, a former one-term governor with ABSOLUTELY NO FOREIGN POLICY EXPERIENCE, Commander-In-Chief. Tell us why you deserve our trust and votes.

If you can’t do that, then you can’t, don’t deserve to be and most likely, won’t be president.


July 18, 2012


In a shocking move, Mitt Romney’s tax returns that were given to the McCain campaign in 2008 when Romney was being considered for the VP slot, are demanding their release. Speaking from an undisclosed location somewhere in the Cayman Islands on Tuesday afternoon, one of Ann and Mitt Romney’s recent returns, his year blacked out so as to protect his identity, gave The Freeman Flyer an exclusive interview.

FF: Why are you coming forward now and how many years of returns are you speaking for?

TR: Because we’re getting sick and tired of the negative aspersions that are being thrown our way these days. And I’m speaking directly for the 23 returns that were given to McCain’s people in 2008 and indirectly for the others through 2011.

FF: What’s the biggest lie being told about you and your fellow returns by the Obama camp and liberal elitists?

TR: Thanks for asking that question Chuck. No one seems to care about what this is doing to us and our families. I’d say the biggest lie is that there’s something wrong with some, if not all of us. Like we’re covering up something illegal or immoral.

FF: Are there any surprises in you or your fellow returns?

TR: Well, I can only speak for myself, but let’s just say that the Romney are richer than anyone imagines.

FF: How much richer are we talking about?

TR: MUCH richer.

FF: North of $500 million?

TR: Let me put it this way; I know a couple of guys who spent April at the North Pole in fantasy tax camp.

FF: Wow!

TR: And that’s just what I know for sure.

FF: So, what do you want to see happen now or in the next few days?

TR: Well, we’d like for the Romneys to release us. Give us a chance to be seen in the light of day and let the opposition have at us once and for all. Get it over with.

FF: You’re not afraid of the scrutiny that would come if you’re released?

TR: Not at all Chuck. We’re just blank forms until someone fills us in. We’ve done nothing wrong. If there’s bad information on us, we didn’t put it there. Forms don’t fill out forms; people fill out forms.

FF: Well said year ____; well said.

TR: Thank you.

“Don’t Ever Underestimate The Heart of A President”

July 15, 2012

“Don’t ever underestimate the heart of a champion.”- Houston Rockets coach Rudy Tomjanovich after the team came back from a deficit in each series of the 1995 Western Conference playoffs to sweep the Eastern Conference champion Orlando Magic 4-0 to win their second consecutive NBA championship.

“Don’t ever underestimate the heart, soul and political skills of President Barack Obama.” – Charles L. Freeman after President Obama rebounded from a terrible June 2012 jobs report to leave presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney reeling from a combination of ads and speeches attacking his time and record as head of Bain Capital, off-shore accounts and refusal to release more than two years of his tax returns.

We don’t know everyone who’s advising Mitt Romney and as with most political campaigns, we probably never will. But this much I do know; he’s getting “turrible” advice right now when it comes to his poorly received speech at the NAACP convention, defending his record at Bain, his refusing to release more years of tax returns and asking, make that damn near begging, for an apology from President Obama over this week’s attack ads and statements.

I have no idea what’s going through Mitt Romney’s mind tonight, but when you have Republican governors such as Bentley and McDonnell of Alabama and Virginia respectively, congressional leaders and party pundits, lobbyists and operators such as former Mississippi governor Haley Barbour publicly agreeing with the president that you need to release more of your tax returns, you might get the feeling that things aren’t going your way right now.

Here’s Willard Mitt Romney’s big problem as I see it: quiet as it’s been kept all these years, he’s actually far wealthier than anyone really knows. That’s the beauty of being in charge of a privately held company versus a publicly traded one; no one really has any idea of your true wealth. Yes, a privately held company such as Bain must file SEC paperwork on a regular basis and yes, certain things must be disclosed. However, the level of scrutiny is far less invasive and revealing than say GE or General Motors. Compared to what Bain goes through, GE gets a rectal exam without the lubrication or latex glove. I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that right now, Romney wishes he’d never signed those SEC disclosure forms after 1999 and that he didn’t have to show ANY tax returns at all.

In 2008, Barack Obama became the Democratic nominee for president after defeating Hillary (and Bill) Clinton. He took every shot they aimed his way and returned fire, often sending out two shots for their every one. The only things keeping Romney this close in the polls are the economy, the millions and millions of dollars being poured into super PACs by the likes of Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers, and the color of Barack Obama’s skin. Romney has absolutely no foreign policy experience whatsoever and whoever he chooses as his running mate and by the way, he needs to do that much sooner than later, is going to have to not only energize the party like Sarah Palin did four years ago, but compensate for Romney’s glaring weaknesses.

Once again, to his everlasting benefit, his opponent is underestimating Barack Obama and his considerable political and campaigning skills. Today, while Romney rested lakeside at his vacation compound in New Hampshire, the president was campaigning in Virginia, at one point, in pouring rain in the heart of Eric Cantor’s district in Richmond. Surely, as the two photos below from today clearly show, there’s a huge difference in how the two campaigns are being conducted right now and as a fervent and loyal Obama supporter, I say Thank God!



July 13, 2012

“Ring, ring, ring.”

“Hello, Romney residence in New Hampshire. Who’s calling?”

“Hello, this is Danny Chung at Chung Dry Cleaners. Is Meester Mitt home?”

“No Danny, he’s not here. He’s out lying to, excuse me, talking to less fortunate Americans about why they should vote for him. This is Ann Romney, his one and only Mormon wife. I’m taking a break from riding one of my $500,000 dressage horses. Can I help you with something?”

“Well, I was going through the clothes your houseman brought in and in one of the pockets of Meester Romney’s skinny jeans that he likes to wear to make it look like he’s just a ‘regular rich guy named Mitt’, I found some money.”

“How much is it Danny?”

“Well, my wife and kids are still counting, but so far, we’re up to $3 million, six hundred thousand dollars and 75 cents.”

“Hmm, chump change. Okay, well thanks for calling. I’ll send somebody down to retrieve it.”

“Ok. Uh, is there going to be a reward?”

“Tell me Danny, what’s your religion?”

“Me Buddhist. Why?”

“Well Danny, today’s your lucky day. As your reward, when you die, Mitt and I will arrange to have you baptized as a Mormon against your soul’s will. How’s that sound?”

“I’d rather have the money.”

“You must be an Obama supporter. Always looking for a handout. Good bye Danny. (yells) Pepe!”

“Yes Senora R.”

“Take one of my Cadillacs to town and go to Chung’s Dry Cleaning. Danny has a package for me.”


“And don’t forget to take your ‘papers’ this time. You might run into Sherriff Hogg again.”

“Si, si.”

RANDOM THOUGHTS – July 8, 2012

July 9, 2012

Call me out of touch if you must, but until he announced he’s gay, I’d never heard of R&B singer Frank Ocean and I’ll bet dollars to donuts that you hadn’t either.

Ever wonder if any of those African babies adopted by white stars look around the dinner table and say to themselves, “Who the hell are all these white people?”

Flawed as it may be, I’ll take OBAMACARE over the Republican plan of “Go Away and Die”, any day of the week and twice on Sundays!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ll take “slow but steady” job GROWTH over job LOSSES any month of the year. I mean, you do realize that in the fall of ’08, we were losing on average, over 500,000 jobs a MONTH, right?

I keep waiting for the Republicans to figure out a way to counter the Stephanie Miller healthcare story, but maybe for once, they’ve decided to act like decent human beings. Nah, that can’t be it.

I may be the only person in LA who doesn’t believe that Steve Nash means the Lakers will be in the NBA Finals next year, but I’m sticking to that position until (and if) proven wrong. Until there’s documented proof of an NBA championship team with a starting backcourt with the average age of 36, I think Laker fans should hold off on making victory parade plans just yet. Call me cynical, but I don’t see how adding a 38 year-old point guard, even if he’s Steve Nash who can’t guard your house, improves the Lakers’ chances of beating the younger, more athletic OKC Thunder with a trip to the Finals under their belt.

I may be wrong, but something tells me that Serena Williams is kind of happy about winning the women’s singles title at Wimbledon.

Sad news for we children of the 1960s; Lt. Quinton McHale aka Ernest Borgnine, has made his final sea run at the age of 95. Borgnine won the 1955 Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Marty Piletti, a shy and sensitive butcher, in the film “Marty.”

Sarah Palin has made it virtually impossible for Mitt Romney to choose a woman, known or unknown, as his running mate. In fact, I can’t recall a more lackluster pool of potential VP candidates for a party in the last 40 years. Every possible governor from Chris “Slim” Christie to Bobby Jindal to Nikki Haley is seriously flawed and would make Romney look even worse.

Speaking of the Olympics, now that reigning sprint champion Usain Bolt has been defeated by a fellow Jamaican runner (at both 100 and 200 meters) and USA sprinter Justin Gatlin and Tyson Gay have returned in top form from their drug bans, the men’s 100 and 200 meter races could be the glamour events of track & field.

Ted is the funniest, raunchiest movie I’ve seen in a long, long time.

The Republican National Committee has apparently decided to go with the ”Obama Is Satan” strategy in hopes of scaring many white Americans into voting for Mitt Romney.

Tomorrow is the unofficial worst sports day of the year with nothing major occurring except baseball’s All-Star Home Run Derby and frankly, even for a lifelong baseball fan like me, that’s a stretch calling it a “major” event.

Why do I have the feeling that this will be the Olympics where an all-NBA team loses its first game since the USA started sending pros in 1992?

Friday, June 6, 2012

July 7, 2012


Thursday in Ohio, Stephanie Miller, who lost her sister to colon cancer, confronted President Obama, began to cry, and thanked him for passing his health care law. (The story behind the picture: Stephanie Miller Hugs Obama)

Obama Hits Romney on Healthcare Mandate Flip-Flop

Romney Weighs Foreign Trip

“Gotta go visit my money and let it know I still love and miss it.”

President_Obama_in_Parma, OH.

“Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work I go!”


(Hint: think “color”)

Mitt Romney in Wolfeboro, NH on Wednesday, July 4, 2012

President Obama speaking in Parma, OH on Thursday, July 5, 2012

“My name is Barack, but you cuties can call me ‘B Money O’.”

Hard as I might try, I can’t imagine Mitt Romney dropping by say, Sweetie Pie’s, the next time he’s in St Louis and hanging out with a restaurant full of black people.

President Obama campaigning in Parma, Ohio; Thursday, July 5, 2012

“You remind me of my grandfather when he was your age.”

President Barack Obama buys a dozen ears of corn at the Bergman Orchards Farm Market in Port Clinton, Ohio, Thursday, July 5, 2012. The health-conscious stop was virtually unprecedented for the president, who usually lunches on hot dogs, barbecue, ice cream and other calorie-clogged foods while out on the campaign trail. (Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images)

“Bullshit. Y’all know LeBron can ball, so don’t even front about him going to Miami ’cause you know you would have too if you’d had the chance.”

“Herman Cain as president! Now, that’s some funny shit!”

“Jennifer Anniston.” “Chile please; Halle Berry all day and twice on Sunday.” “Yeah, you right.” “Damn Skippy I’m right.”

Kim Kardashian’s “Things To Do” List – 18th Birthday Edition

1. Get subscriptions to Ebony, Jet, Vibe, Hype Hair, Essence, and Sista 2 Sista.

2. Buy DVD of “How To Love A Black Man.”

3. Get bigger lips.

4. Obtain a black ass.

5. Learn how to balance new black ass while walking in 5” heels.

6. Learn the differences between “black”, “bi-racial”, “mixed”, “mulatto”, and “passing.”

7. Learn how to talk with a “full mouth”.

8. Learn how to “love” on-camera.

9. Sign management contract with mother; let her first deny that I have “loved” on-camera, then make deal to earn millions from proof that I’ve “loved” on camera.

10. Whip my ass on unsuspecting black and bi-racial men in music, sports and celebrities circles for wealth and fame.


20 years ago, “Arsenio” was about the only national TV show that would have booked Flo Rida to perform. Yesterday morning, he was headlining the Friday concert on “Today.” I said all that to say I wonder what Arsenio’s going to do with his new show to make it stand-out from the rest.

Sudden thought: Was Kim Kardashian “window-shopping” at the BET Awards? “Hmm, he’s tall and I’ve never had a mulatto before.”

Anyone still watching Duets and if so, is there an issue with your remote control?

If LeBron James’ show was called “The Decision”, then Dwight Howard’s has to be called “The In-Decision.”

Until there’s documented proof of an NBA championship team with a starting backcourt with the average age of 36, I think Laker fans should hold off on making victory parade plans just yet. Call me cynical, but I don’t see how adding a 38 year-old point guard, even if he’s Steve Nash who by the way, can’t guard your house, improves the Lakers’ chances of beating the younger, more athletic OKC Thunder with a trip to the Finals under their belt.


Michele “Jaws” Bachmann at the 2011 Iowa State Fair


July 6, 2012
1. Get subscriptions to Ebony, Jet, Vibe, Hype Hair, Essence, and Sista 2 Sista.
2. Buy DVD of “How To Love A Black Man.”
3. Get bigger lips.
4. Obtain a black ass.
5. Learn how to balance new black ass while walking in 5” heels.
6. Learn the differences between “black”, “bi-racial”, “mixed”, “mulatto”, and “passing.”
7. Learn how to talk with a “full mouth”.
8. Learn how to “love” on-camera.
9. Sign management contract with mother; let her first deny that I have “loved” on-camera, then make deal to earn millions from proof that I’ve “loved” on camera.
10. Whip my ass on unsuspecting black and bi-racial men in music, sports and celebrities circles for wealth and fame.

Just A Thought

July 2, 2012
Am I the only one who finds the “Right’s” reaction to last week’s Supreme Court ruling on the ACA scary and funny at the same time? I mean, on one hand, they’re so mad at Chief Justice Roberts’ so-called betrayal of conservative principles, they are besides themselves with self-righteous indignation and outright pissivity.
Then there’s, at least to me, the funny side of watching every and anyone from House Speaker John “Agent Orange” Boehner on down going on TV and vowing, “By God Almighty, I pledge to replace and repeal the evil that is ‘Obamacare’ the first chance I get” or words to that effect and then when the interviewer asks them to give specific examples of how and what they’ll repeal, they just sputter and stutter and look as if they’re rather be anywhere but on that set at that moment.
Here’s the sad yet true fact of the matter: they have NO ANSWERS for the problems the nation faces beyond opposing everything President Obama proposes and/or supports. That’s their whole plan and platform and Mitt Romney is staking his shot at being president on it. He hasn’t and doesn’t have a plan for ANYTHING. NOTHING. NADA. ZILCH. It’s all, “If Obama’s for ______, then by golly, I’m against it even if everybody in America with the IQ of a neutered cocker spaniel knows it’s the right thing to do” or words to that effect.