Random Thoughts – Sunday, June 24, 2012

I’m old enough to remember when the Summer Olympics, especially track & field, were a BIG deal here in America and I was enough fortunate enough to attend events when the Games were here in Los Angeles in 1984. But, never can I remember a time when there was so little interest in the Olympic Trials – on NBC this weekend – and the upcoming games – they start in London in 6 weeks from now.

Had my own Scandal Season One marathon yesterday afternoon; Shonda Rhimes done gone and done it again! Finally, Kerry Washington is in the role she was born to occupy; uber-fixer Olivia Pope.

I don’t know how she’s doing it without freaking out on air, but Ann Curry has been the epitome of professionalism on Today even as rumors about her being fired/demoted swirl throughout the blogosphere and other media outlets,

If there’s a funnier current sitcom than Modern Family, I don’t know what it is.

Steve Harvey’s getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next year is a perfect example of never giving up on one’s dreams, no matter how large the obstacles in front of you may be.

The Arsenio Hall Show Part Deux is either going to be a spectacular triumph or a spectacular failure. There’s no middle-ground for his second shot at talk-show success.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has 6 rings, 6 regular season MVPs, 23 years after he retired he’s still the league’s all-time leading scorer and, you can look this up: he played against more Hall of Famers and great players at his position than anyone else in NBA history – his 20-year playing career fit in between Bill Russell and Shaquille O’Neal – and, he won three NCAA titles and Player of the Year awards at UCLA, but for some reason, his name never seems to come up when the subject of “All-Time Greatest Player” comes up. Now, why is that?

This first Sunday since Christmas without the NBA is going to be tough. Thank God for algebra homework and Dodgers vs Angels this afternoon.

I hate Darrell Issa.

This week’s expected Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act aka “Obamacare” will affect the November elections no matter which way it comes down.

Mitt Romney’s FIVE sons found time last week to appear on Conan, but not even one of them was able to find time to serve in uniform. What are the odds of that? Say what you will about crazy-ass, grumpy as f**k, bitter to the nth degree John McCain, but he and his sons have and continue serving in the military despite being born and raised in “privilege.”

It’s going to be very interesting to see how this coming opening weekend for the latest Madea film by Tyler Perry compares to that of the recent box-office hit, Think Like A Man. BTW, Think… has hit the $90 million plus mark in box-office receipts and is expected to do quite well when the DVD is released in August.

Trust me on this: 65 students in a classroom built for 42 is no fun.

Whatever happened to The Jonas Brothers?


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