Random Thoughts

Anyone who refuses to keep up with technology and social media is going to be at a severe disadvantage in today’s global economy and educational system.

As shown by the shooting of NBA star Dwyane Wade’s nephew during a recent spate of gun violence in Chicago, no one is immune from the ills of society.

Depending on one’s point of view, Newt Gingrich’s insistence (or threat), to stay in the GOP primary race until the convention in Tampa in August, is one of the funniest or saddest things ever seen in presidential politics.

George Zimmerman, through his various mouthpieces, is lying through his angry, racist clenched teeth.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I miss Herman Cain’s minstrel act on the campaign trail. Sort of.

I don’t know if Magic Johnson’s group “overpaid” for the Dodgers and the stadium as some financial reporters are saying, but what I do know is that Johnson’s partners didn’t get to where they are today – controlling over $125 BILLION in assets – paying too much for things.

I don’t know if they’ll win the Larry O’Brien Trophy in June, but damn, the OKC Thunder are really, really good.

If Good Morning America can’t break the Today show’s streak of 850 weeks in first place with Katie Couric sitting in during Robin Roberts’ vacation this week, they never will.

If Mitt Romney can get rattled by questions from Jay Leno, maybe Newt Gingrich is right when he says there’s no way he’ll handle debates against President Obama this fall.

If you have a 42” flat screen TV in your living room and a satellite dish on the roof, but there’s no computer for your children to use for their schoolwork, you’re a bad parent. B.A.D.

(In my best Andy Rooney voice) “Don’t you just hate it when somebody says to you, “Hey, can I be honest with you about something?” What, you’ve been lying to me up to now?

John McCain will never, ever apologize for or admit that choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate was a mistake nor will he ever get over losing to Barack “That One” Obama.

Keith Olberman’s firing from Current TV got more coverage than anything he ever did on the “network” and was totally predictable. I can’t wait to see him on Letterman Tuesday night.

“March Madness” will become “April Agony” for one team Monday night.

Not everything that Oprah touches turns to gold, but me thinks we won’t be having any fund-raising benefits for her anytime soon.

President Obama wins no matter how the Supreme Court rules on “Obamacare.” If they strike it down, he’ll campaign on “See, what Republicans think about the American people? This is why we have to control the House and Senate and keep the White House so I can appoint fair-minded justices.” Conversely, if the ACA is upheld (I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed), he’ll campaign on that triumphant decision – “I kept my campaign promise to you.” The only possible losers are the millions of previously uninsured Americans who’ve been able to become covered in the past two years.

Reverend Al Sharpton has eclipsed Reverend Jesse Jackson as the media’s go-to “black leader” and the gap widens every day.

Sadly, instead of ushering in a so-called post-racial era in America, Barack Obama’s 2008 election has served as a wedge issue for many older Americans, especially white, undereducated Republican voters.

Seventeen years after the Rams and Raiders left town, the NFL isn’t in any hurry to return to Los Angeles.

Somewhere Tim Pawlenty has to be wondering what might have happened had he stuck it out just a couple more months. Hell, even Michele Bachman and Herman Cain were actually ahead in some polls at one time or another and he’s Ronald Reagan compared to either of them.

Speaking of the GOP race, is Ron Paul still in it? I mean, technically of course because, let’s be frank here; “Yosemite Sam” never really had a chance of gaining the nomination.

The Trayvon Martin case isn’t going away anytime soon and that’s a good thing.

The wildly inconsistent Kobe Bryant we’re seeing now is only going to get more erratic the last two years of his contract.

There’s a very, very thin line between the “Islamic Extremism” of the mullahs of Iran and the ultra-right Catholicism of Rick Santorum.

Tiger Woods will play well, but he won’t be slipping on another green jacket at Augusta next Sunday evening.

Watching Mitt Romney backing his way into the GOP nomination is like watching a child trying to ride a bike without training wheels for the first time – you sort of cover your eyes as you wait for the next crash to occur.

White Americans are becoming an endangered species in the NBA and I fully expect Congressman Darrell “The Viper” Issa to launch an investigation any day now. “So Commissioner Stern, do you hate the young white American player?”

Why do I have the feeling that President Obama’s recent “hot mic” moment in South Korea with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev wasn’t the “mistake” the media has made it out to be and instead, was a carefully planned moment?

Jesus is love.



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