Friday, March 16, 2012

Obama: “And over there, that’s what we call ‘mascot love’.”

Cameron: “Egad mate!  Is that even legal in public?”

 White House Moves into Full Campaign Mode

The Obama White House moved fully into reelection mode this week, leaving aside any pretense of being above the fray and beginning an unabashed political effort to lay the groundwork for what polls suggest could be eight difficult months of campaigning ahead.

FULL 17-minute version of the Davis Guggenheim (“An Inconvenient Truth,” “Waiting for Superman”) documentary for the Obama campaign, “The Road We’ve Traveled.” YouTube

“Obama strings 5 fundraisers in 2 cities in 1 day” – AP: “Obama is embarking on a concentrated one-day fundraising trip, with a stop in his hometown of Chicago and another in Atlanta for a big-draw event with film producer Tyler Perry and performer Cee Lo Green. … Obama will attend two fundraisers in Chicago and three in Atlanta. In Atlanta, his campaign’s African American Leadership Council is holding a gala at Perry’s studio featuring Green’s performance. General admission tickets are $500. VIP tickets range from $2,500 to $10,000. A dinner later at Perry’s home will raise $35,800 per guest. The money is split between the campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Obama will be in Chicago just ahead of Tuesday’s Illinois Republican primary.”

Obama Campaign Unleashes Biden in Battle for Blue Collar Voters

Vice President Joe Biden reacts to fans prior to speaking at a union hall in Toledo, Ohio,

Thursday March 15, 2012.  Madalyn Ruggiero / AP Photo

The Unlikely Rise of Rick Santorum

“I’m just f**king with you America. Even I know I’m too crazy to be president.”

 Mitt Goes After Rick

 Gingrich still running for president because “the Bible told me so.” SHOT – NEWT PARAPHRASES PROVERBS 29:18: “I’ll fine-tune my message to say: Without vision, the people perish,” Gingrich said in Illinois yesterday [Thursday], describing it as a central theme of the campaign. The Los Angeles Times’ John Hoeffel: CHASER – NEWT OMITS PROVERBS 29:23: “A man’s pride shall bring him low…”

Why Romney’s Campaign Sometimes Seems Like Groundhog’s Day

White Like Me

Almost all of the people voting in GOP presidential primaries are white. That’s not good for the party—or the nation. It’s wayyy past time that someone in the MSM took note of and wrote about this trend that makes it look like Republicans are running for the presidency of an America that simply doesn’t exist anymore.


George Clooney Arrested in DC Protest

“Brad should have won the Oscar this year, that’s all I’m saying.”

The Trayvon Martin Case

Covering Steve Schmidt’s Ass

Steve Schmidt (l) “And when the media asks you, ‘Senator McCain, whose idea was it to select Governor Palin?’, you should say, ‘You know how these things happen in a campaign. No one person makes a decision. And in this particular case, Steve Schmidt had nothing to do with selecting a totally unqualified person to potentially be the nation’s vice-president.’ That’s what you should say.” John McCain (r) “Who the f**k is Governor Palin?” Schmidt: “Even better!”

Meghan McCain in Playboy

“Hey baby, is that a poll in your pants or are you just happy to see me?”

D-Fish Has Left The Building 

Thanks for the memories!

Post & Beam Restaurant in Baldwin Hills

L-R  Chef/co-owner Govind Armstrong and co-owner Brad Johnson


I don’t know what scares me more; the crazy-ass things that Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum say on a regular basis or the fact that they may actually believe what spews forth from their mouths.

What really makes Mitt Romney’s failure to “seal the deal” in this primary campaign puzzling is the fact that his opponents – current and past – aren’t exactly the top-tier of the GOP. What if Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Mitch Daniels, Mike Huckabee  or even Sarah Palin had decided to run? Where would he be now?

What Newt Gingrich seems to ignore or not understand is that it’s not that GOP voters haven’t heard or don’t understand his “grand ideas” and “concepts”, it’s that they have heard and understand them; they’ve just rejected them.

You can call Game Change, the current HBO movie about the 2008 presidential campaign “unimportant” and “false” if you want to as Sarah Palin did, but when one of the campaign’s main advisors, communications guru Nicolle Wallace who worked directly with Palin, says it was ”true enough to make me squirm”, one can draw their own conclusion.

Many of the same people calling radio talk shows in Los Angeles Thursday and Friday bemoaning the trade of longtime Laker Derek Fisher, were the same ones who’ve been bitching and moaning for the last few years about his declining game.

By the way, with the departure of D-Fish, Kobe Bryant is the last Laker to have played in both the Forum and Staples Center.


We learned that:

Bill Walton’s son will now “earn” his nightly DNP-CD (Did Not Play – Coach’s Decision) in Cleveland and not Los Angeles for the rest of this season. That is, unless he’s bought out of the most ridiculous contract the Lakers have ever given a player. E.V.E.R.

Lakers ownership and management simply don’t have any intention of ever talking to Kobe Bryant about any roster moves and/or decisions they make, no matter who they involve, including his longtime teammate and friend, the recently departed Derek Fisher.

March Madness is madder than ever this year!

Mitt Romney will say and do ANYTHING (“I had a biscuit and cheesy grits”) if he thinks it’ll help him win. Unfortunately for him, his attempt at “Southernism” didn’t work out so well as he lost both primaries held in the Deep South this week.

Newt Gingrich apparently has nothing else he can or wants to do between now and the Republican National Convention in August so, he might as well stay in a race he has absolutely has no chance of winning. For his sake, I hope there’s a Tiffany store in Tampa so the current Mrs. Newt has something to do besides standing and smiling.

Republicans are so not into Mitt Romney that one of the craziest candidates in recent party history, Rick Santorum, actually has a chance at being the nominee this fall.


“Just once. At summer camp when I was 14. But I didn’t like it; it tasted funny.

So I decided to become a priest.” 


As I’ve been saying and writing all along, Dwight Howard wasn’t going anywhere, especially not this season. The good news for the Orlando Magic is that he formally waived his “opt-out” rights and will be with them next season, unless of course, they move him before the trade deadline. The bad news for them is that the premier free agent point guard this summer, Deron Williams of the Nets is from Dallas, lives there in the off-season and is in the process of building a new dream home there. One would have to believe that all things being equal, and they will be as far as what both the Magic and Mavericks can pay him, Williams is more likely to sign with Dallas than Orlando if he doesn’t re-sign with the Nets (as unlikely as Newt Gingrich being the 45th president of these United States).


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