And now we know why Al Michaels wasn’t excited about Madonna’s performance.


That was as perfect a 2nd half opening drive as you’ll ever see.

Wow. I had absolutely no idea whatsoever that NBC has a new show called Smash debuting tomorrow night. They really should run some ads or something to let people know.

Good Lord, you can see Robert Kraft’s cufflinks from Sarah Palin’s back porch!

Sudden Thought – if aliens (from outer space, not Central and South America) invaded right now, would NBC break into the game or just run a crawl across the bottom of the screen?

A black man named Chung? What’s next, a white rapper named Jamal?

Sudden Thought Part Deux – does anyone ever ask Jay-Z, “And how do you spell that sir?”

Not as good as a TD, but nice first drive of 2nd half for the New York football Giants.

Fiat ad – I’d spend all my money learning Italian if she came with the car.

The Internet has taken some of the buzz off the ads.

Hmmm, I guess his getting nastier by the moment divorce hasn’t affected Deion Sanders’ commercial opportunities yet.

Nice FG to draw within 2 of the Patriots. 4th quarter should be a good one.


Turns out that INT was the turning point of the game after all. – I’ve said it before and I’ll said again: there’s not a movie or TV show that a chimp can’t improve!

“Eli Manning, you’ve just won your second Super Bowl in the stadium your big brother helped build. What are you going to do next?” “I’m going to cash in like a pimp with the finest ho’s on the block! Ca-ching a-ling a-ding!”

I guess Raymond Berry gets his “hair” at the same place Donald Trump gets his.

Well that should put the “Let’s fire Tom Coughlin” rumors to rest for at least another year.

“Paging Rex Ryan. The clock is ticking on your job.”

Say good night Gracie.


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