It should be illegal to be as fine as Faith Hill is and sing that good too.

Intentional grounding penalty on Brady was like a NBA ref calling palming on Kobe Bryant during his cross-over; a rare but gutsy call.

Chevy Silverado commercial with Twinkies was subtle but funny.

Eli Manning looks more like a kid going Trick or Treating than an elite NFL quarterback.

Still laughing at the Bridgestone “Giddy-up now Deion” ad.

I wonder how loud Battleship is going to be in the theater.


Oldest child with actress Bridget Moynihan; married to a supermodel who’s richer than him, movie star looks, 3 Super Bowl rings. If I’m Tom Brady, I never ask God for another thing in this life. 

Great Camaro commercial.

9-3 sounds more like a Sox/Yankees score than a football game.

You couldn’t pay me to go see John Carter if it was playing across the street from my house.

Al Michaels isn’t even trying to pretend to be excite by Madonna’s half-time performance. He’s just reading the copy because he has to.

VW doggy workout ad is great! James Brown’s music is timeless.

Patriots simply can’t cover Giants wide-outs consistently.

Chad Ochocinco is alive! But just barely.

Why is Tom Brady wearing eye black indoors?

Bill Belichick looks constipated.

Broncos are hoping Tim Tebow is taking notes with both hands on how to throw like a NFL quarterback.

Oh look, Samuel L. Jackson is in another movie. I’m stunned.

If a NBA owner was going to show up in a Super Bowl ad, it had to be Mark Cuban, right?

Great TD drive by New England.



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