WHAT WE LEARNED THIS WEEK – February 3, 2012

We learned that:

A lot of people miss riding the Soul Train every Saturday morning.

American Idol judge Randy “Dawg” Jackson manages Mariah Cary and is comfortable with her joining The X Factor next season.

Barack Obama is going to be aggressive and positive in making his case to the American people for a second term and he’s a much better singer than Mitt Romney could ever hope to be.

Charles Barkley isn’t afraid of biting the hand that feeds him (and his family).

Colts owner Jim Irsay has no intention whatsoever of paying a $28 million bonus on March 8 to a 36 year-old quarterback coming off a season that was missed because of 3 neck surgeries, even if his name is Peyton Manning.

Compared to Mitt Romney’s attitude towards the “very poor”, Newt Gingrich’s “After-School Janitors Program” looks damn good.

Economic recovery is still a very fluid thing and will be the #1 factor in this fall’s elections.

Even now, Kobe Bryant just doesn’t have that gene that made Michael Jordan, even at his greatest, seem likable and somewhat accessible to his fans. When asked by a reporter on Wednesday what he would be packing for the Lakers upcoming 11 day, 6-game “Grammy Awards” trip that started in Denver on Friday, Bryant, without even a trace of humor in his voice (I heard the exchange on the radio) said, “You know I don’t do that. I’m Hollywood; I haven’t touched a suitcase in years. My stylist does it for me.”

For all his success both on and off the field, Peyton Manning is as self-centered, egotistical and emotionally needy as Bret Favre. For the life of me, I can’t understand why he couldn’t have issued a statement before the NFL world and media descended on Indianapolis that in essence said, “This week is about the two teams vying for the Lombardi Trophy. My role this week will be to represent the Colts and Indianapolis in the best possible way and sometime after the game and things have gotten back to normal, my representatives and I will sit down with Mr. Irsay and the new GM and decide what to do. This will be the only time I’ll address my personal situation.” How hard could that have been?

House Speaker John Boehner and other Republicans have no intention whatsoever of giving President Obama even a modicum of credit for anything good that happens this year.

Like them or not, the Obama campaign isn’t going to ignore the impact that SuperPacs will have this year.

Mitt Romney doesn’t care about “the very poor” in America and apparently is comfortable with the idea of a “permanent underclass” in the nation.

Mitt Romney is a magician. With one careless remark, he managed to make Newt Gingrich look compassionate and caring.

Much like anyone battling substance abuse, Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton is still vulnerable to falling back into destructive behavior.  On a personal note, as a recovering alcoholic, I want to say that my prayers go out to Hamilton and his family who are also victims of his addiction. But, here’s the thing: one must work hard at sobriety and remaining sober. Alcohol is no joke and it doesn’t care about you or what it does to you. You have to know and respect that and you simply can’t hang out in places that promote the consumption of alcohol unless you are totally strong in and committed to your sobriety.

Newt “3 Wives So Far” Gingrich has no intention of going away quietly or anytime soon and isn’t conceding a damn thing, especially not to Mitt Romney.

Public derision and humiliation after an indefensible decision followed by the worst on-camera  interview since Sarah Palin sat down with Katie Couric in 2008, Nancy Brinker, the director of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, can make a U-turn.

Rumors about a feud between House Speaker John “Agent Orange” Boehner and his uber-ambitious deputy, House Majority Leader Eric “Eddie Haskell” Cantor were a 1,000% true.

Rush Limbaugh can actually find fault with a Republican candidate.

Sarah Palin is going to go full-out “Bat-Shit Crazy” when HBO airs Game Change, based on the definitive book about the 2008 presidential campaign, starting March 10 and her “influence” is waning by the minute.

Some folks in St. Louis are still very, very bitter about Albert Pujols’ departure for much greener – $254 million – pastures in Anaheim.

Steven Tyler meant to sing the national anthem that way.

The Pilar/Deion Sanders divorce is getting nastier by the day.

The world’s richest office painter is a very, very blessed/lucky man named David Choe.

The worst decision of his political career is something that Senator John McCain has no desire to relive. Sen. John McCain will not be among those tuning in to the HBO movie “Game Change” when it premieres on March 10. During an interview with CNBC Thursday morning, the Arizona senator was asked about his plans to view the flick, based on the Mark Halperin and John Heilemann book chronicling the 2008 presidential campaign. “It’ll be a cold day in Gila Bend, Arizona, when I watch that movie,” McCain replied.


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