Random Thoughts – Sunday, January 29, 2012

According to Newt Gingrich on today’s FOX News Sunday, he’s counting on the support of Herman Cain, Rudy Giuliani, Sarah and Todd Palin, “Pretty Ricky” Perry and Fred “Am I Still Alive?” Thompson to convince Florida’s voters that he’s their man in Tuesday’s primary. Talk about your “Living Gallery of Losers.”

Can anyone tell me why Kevin O’Neill is still the men’s basketball coach at USC when Michael Cooper, a true Laker legend and 5-time NBA champion, is already on campus (head coach of the women’s team)?

Don’t tell my AA sponsor, but I’ve become seriously hooked on white popcorn.

Early voting and Mitt Romney’s well-organized and financed ground game may have already clinched the Florida primary for him.

First England gives us Adelle, now there’s Rumer. Where are the black female souls singers from this country?

For me, the best part of the UNCF Evening of Stars is the student’s first names: Delrisha?

Google “Crazy-Ass Republican Negro” and I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that Allen West’s picture pops up.

Hearing Newt “3 Wives So Far” Gingrich call Mitt Romney “dishonest” is like walking into a nutritionist’s office and finding Chris Christie working there.

Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich are the “Heckle and Jeckle” of politics.

How many chances does Katherine Heigl get to prove that she can’t “open” a movie?

I don’t seem to recall anyone from FOX News or the GOP complaining about the number of Democratic debates during the 2008 primary campaign, do you?

I had no idea that Christina Aguilera is such a big Etta James fan and I’ll bet you didn’t either.

I swear, if I see the promo for Smash one more time before the Super Bowl…

Is it just me or does Herman “Cornbread” Cain’s voice sound a lot like Michael Irvin’s?

It’s a good thing that Newt Gingrich found another religion before he ran for president. I mean, can you imagine him without God in his life?

Laker head coach Mike Brown is Shannon Sharpe with proper grammar.

Newt Gingrich is quickly running out of ethnic groups on Earth to offend so that’s why he’s looking to the moon as a future home.

No matter how many times they try or who they install as co-hosts – this time around it’s Erica Hill, Gayle King and Charlie Rose – CBS News still can’t get it right with a morning show.

Obama will beat Gingrich because, well, because he’s Newt Gingrich and he’ll beat Romney because Americans remember what happened the last time a governor with ZERO foreign policy experience was in the Oval Office.

Speaking of Gingrich, if somehow he were elected president – I’ll wait for you to stop laughing…and we’re back – wouldn’t Callista technically be the “Third Lady?”

Speaking of Ms. James’ passing, what a relief to see a black star die and funeralized in the same week without public family bickering and rancor.

There’s a better chance of Jesse Jackson being named Grand Dragon of the Klu Klux Klan of America than there is of Newt Gingrich being elected POTUS.

Too bad ABC doesn’t have the guts to make Jake Tapper the permanent host of This Week: he’s really good.

When was the last time Newt Gingrich actually lived in Georgia?

Why does anyone with the sense God gave a seedless grape care one whit what Donald Trump thinks about anything pertaining to presidential policies?Without any debates until February 22, Newt Gingrich will have to find another avenue of getting his special brand of nuttiness out to the aluminum foil hat wearers of America. 





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