Sunday, January 22, 2012

“For I am the ‘Prophet Newt’, and I’ve come from a far-away planet to save America from the evil that calls itself Barack Obama!” 


N. Gingrich 40.4% 243,153
M. Romney 27.8% 167,279
R. Santorum 17.0% 102,055
R. Paul 13.0% 77,993
H. Cain 1.1% 6,324


R. Perry 0.4% 2,494
J. Huntsman 0.2% 1,161
M. Bachmann 0.1% 494
G. Johnson 0.0% 213

 Newt Gingrich: The Angriest White Man in America


“I can’t believe I’m losing to somebody named ‘Newt’!”


Memo to Ron Paul and Rick Santorum: you can go home now. Your participation in the 2012 Republican Primary Campaign is no longer needed and anything either of you do from this point forward, will just be a further waste of everyone’s time. We thank you both for your participation and don’t forget to pick up your lovely parting gifts on your way out the door. Toodles.

Mitt Romney wants to be the nominee, Gingrich needs to be the nominee. Big difference.

In a normal election year, when the economy is the #1 issue, an uber-successful businessman running for the GOP’s nomination would be the logical choice. But, the 2008 election of an African-American named Barack Hussein Obama changed EVERYTHING for the Republican Party and no one is better positioned and emotionally equipped to tap into the virulent racist undertones of this election cycle than one Newton Leroy Gingrich.

The next biggest loser in South Carolina after Romney is Governor Nikki Haley whose endorsement angered the very Tea Party supporters who swept her into office in 2010. Haley, who now returns to the governor’s mansion with a considerable loss of political clout, has learned the hard way what more seasoned politicians in her state such as Senators Jim DeMint and Lindsey Graham already knew; never put yourself on the line in a presidential primary race in your state because the potential for defeat is far greater than it is for victory.  


From a potential 3-0 opening streak that was supposed to lock up the nomination for him before Super Tuesday to a 1-2 record after a recount in Iowa took away his win and a come from ahead thrashing in South Carolina on Saturday, a suddenly on-the-ropes Mitt Romney finds himself at the crossroads of his political career.

The well-organized and financed Romney who hoped to control the narrative and tempo of the 2012 primary campaign, instead staggers into Florida and a debate on Monday night that he simply must win in order to stem the bleeding. Newt Gingrich beat Romney in every single demographic group in South Carolina and as the race heads into the Deep South, all of Romney’s weaknesses – Mormon religion, immense wealth, past record as a moderate, a sense of no feel for the ‘common man and woman’ and a perceived lack of deep conservative convictions – will be on display and open for attack by Newt Gingrich.

For many reasons, but most importantly because he simply can’t match Newt Gingrich’s anger-fueled passion, self-righteous indignation – “How dare the media bring up my tawdry martial history!” – and bombastic pomposity, Mitt Romney must decide if he’s going to succumb to pressure from both inside and outside his campaign and release his tax returns now instead of April as he’s said he will and if he’s going to fight for the nomination everyone assumed was his when this all started.

Moments like this in a campaign are where candidates and voters find out who really has the “game” that’s needed to win. In March 2008, Senator Barack Obama found himself caught up in the swirling vortex of Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s fiery old sermons and preening, self-promoting  media appearances. With his campaign hanging in the balance, Obama wrote and gave a speech on race from Philadelphia’s Constitution Hall that is widely credited with saving his bid for the nomination. Whether or not Mitt Romney has something like that in him is what we’ll be looking for in the next few days.

But, one thing is certain: Newt Gingrich is the great white shark of the 2012 Republican nomination race and now that there’s blood in the water, all bets are off on how and where he’ll strike next.


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