I was a high school senior in March 1973 when Ali and Ken Norton fought in my hometown, San Diego CA. One morning, while reading the Union Tribune newspaper before class, I discovered that Ali had a workout scheduled at Golden Hall auditorium that day. Because my mother worked at the City Administration Building, our version of City Hall, and I’d spent a LOT of time around the area, I knew how to sneak into the place without getting caught and that’s exactly what me and several of my buddies – I’ll never tell their names – did.

Keep in mind, this was almost 40 years ago and much like the movie, “Let’s Do It Again”, security, even around Ali, was nothing like it is today. Not only did we get in, we watched the entire workout and got to shake hands with Ali afterwards. We also met Bundini Brown and legendary trainer Angelo Dundee.

Lord only knows what happened to the autographs we all got that day. But we got to see “The Greatest of All-Time” up-close and personal, and all it cost us was a few missed classes and some gas.


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