August 28, 1963

Why Romney Has The Nomination All But Locked Up

Huntsman Out!

Jon Huntsman ended his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination Monday morning and endorsed Mitt Romney. “I believe it is now time for our party to unite around the candidate best equipped to defeat Barack Obama. Despite our differences,” Huntsman told supporters in Myrtle Beach, “I believe that candidate is Gov. Mitt Romney.”

  “I don’t get it; why don’t people like me? I can order Chinese food in Chinese! Can Gingrich, Paul, Perry, Romney or Santorum do that?  Well, can they?”

The Jon Huntsman Fallout

Jesse Jackson Tries to Remain Relevant  “Hey! Over here! I’m still ‘somebody’!”

THE STAKES – FIVE QUESTIONS FOR THE WEEK AHEAD from POLITICO’s Morning Score: The make-or-break South Carolina primary is five days away. The overarching question is whether conservatives will get behind someone to who can stop (or slow) Romney. More likely than voters rallying to Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum is that the conservative vote remains splintered. But the situation is fluid. With that in mind, we have these questions for the days ahead:

(1) Does the coming round of South Carolina polling show conservatives getting behind Santorum?

(2) How many times will Newt Gingrich utter the word Bain today?

(3) What will Huntsman say to explain his past criticisms of Romney?

(4) How long do Santorum and Gingrich wait before they start really going after each other?

(5) Will Huntsman dropping out prompt any respected conservatives to call on Perry to get out before South Carolina?


Mary-Anne, Liddy, and Abby Huntsman

DOONESBURY – January 15, 2012

It might just be me, but as an interested observer and participant in the political process, my one dream this primary season would be for Mitt Romney to say something like this while out on the campaign trail in South Carolina: “Look, you may not like my views, my religion, ‘Romneycare’, or the way I made my fortune. Too bad; it is what it is. But, let’s get real for a moment. There’s nobody else in this race who has a prayer of beating Barack Obama in November and frankly, even my chances aren’t really that good, especially if the economy continues to improve and more jobs are created and filled. But, like it or not, I’m the best choice you’ve got this time around. So, if you want to get rid of Barack Obama and reclaim the White House, you’d better vote for me. But, if you want to waste the one and only chance of electing a Republican to the White House by voting for one of my well-meaning, but completely misguided and totally unelectable opponents, then by all means, please do so. I’m rich enough for it not to matter to me or my family and close friends.”

I’m telling you, talking heads would explode on-air at FOX News, Rush Limbaugh would have a massive coronary and drop dead on the spot (not the worst thing that could happen to that piece of s**t), Newt Gingrich would find a dumb little hottie to cheat on “Mrs Toad #3” with, Ron Paul would transform into Yosemite Sam before our very eyes, Rick Perry would go out and execute something, Rick Santorum would start blubbering and at Obama Headquarters in Chicago, there would be a collective, “Uh oh. This just might work.”



Global Themes at the Golden Globes

Peter King’s “Monday Morning Quarterback”



Jon Huntsman’s fate as a presidential candidate in 2012 was sealed the moment he agreed to serve as President Obama’s first ambassador to China and is exactly why many pundits said that the Obama campaign apparatus wanted him in that post from the start Huntsman to China.

Hard to believe that at a time when the economy is the #1 issue of the presidential race and the only potential candidate with the business background and track record that could attract moderate voters comes from their side, Rick Santorum and the extreme right-wing of the Republican Party have decided to wage a “Social Issues” war in going up against President Obama. God bless ‘em.

Speaking of God, I guess he and Jesus were just a bit too busy with other pressing issues last night and couldn’t help the Denver Tebows win their playoff game against the Patriots.

Being the best GOP presidential candidate this year is akin to being the tallest contestant in a “Little People” pageant: no big deal. Pun fully intended.

I don’t know if, as one reporter recently asked, Ron Paul is “too old to be president”, but I do know that he’s too crazy for the job.

I don’t care what anybody else says, but Ricky Gervais was nowhere as nasty with his comments Sunday night as he was at last year’s Golden Globes show.

I guess Eli Manning knew what he was talking about last year when he said he felt he was one of the NFL’s “elite” quarterbacks after all.

I’m not sure if Tiki Barber is the most self-absorbed, self-centered, narcissistic athlete ever, but he’s damn close Barber says Giants coach Tom Coughlin won’t meet with him. Mmm, let’s see what might be on Tom Coughlin’s “Ten Things To Do” list these days: 1) Get team ready for NFL playoffs, 2) Spend time with family, 3) Get haircut, 4) Get car washed, 5-10) Ignore Tiki Barber.

Add Barber to Newt Gingrich and Terrell Owens to the list of people who have recently realized that being pompous, insufferable pricks throughout one’s life and career can and probably will come back to bite one in the ass down the line.

Sure, it looks good and it’s fun to watch, but the Lakers cannot and will not win the Western Conference, let alone another Larry O’Brien Trophy with Kobe scoring 40 points every game. He has GOT to get Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol more involved early or else.


Except for a four year period in the mid-‘90s, I’ve lived in Los Angeles since 1977. Back then, as far as sports were concerned, this was a Dodgers, USC football, Rams town (UCLA basketball was entering a dry period). Over the years, I’ve watched as teams have come and gone – Clippers, Rams and Raiders – but one team has remained fairly stable; the Lakers. Oh sure, they’ve have many different players and several coaches during that time; in fact, Jack Kent Cooke owned the team when I first got here. But since the start of the 1979-80 season, Dr. Jerry Buss has been the principal owner and from the night Magic Johnson played in his first summer league game in a very crowded gym at Cal State LA during the summer of ‘79, the shift to Los Angeles being a “Lakers” town was underway.

In recent days, ever since the arrival of Chris Paul, there’s been talk of the Clippers threatening the Lakers position as the Number One team in town. That talk frankly, is (insert Mike Tyson voice here) “ludicrous.”

As anyone who knows me, I am a loud and proud member of CLIPPER NATION. However, as someone who grew up in San Diego and has lived in Los Angeles for years, I’ve followed the Lakers as well. Like many who lived through the “Showtime” era, I rooted for the Lakers both in person and at arenas around the country. During that time, I was friendly with Byron Scott and got to know many of the players, including Kareem an Magic on an informal basis. I have some insights into the Laker organization that many don’t and it’s hard to argue with the Buss family’s track record as owners. In fact, Dr. Buss has done as much to shape the NBA as we know it today as anyone, including long-time commissioner David Stern.

Competition is good. I’m ecstatic that the Clippers have become a greatly improved team and a much better run organization. For Clipper Nation, there’s a sense of genuine hope that better days are ahead for our favorite basketball team, both short and long-term. But, let’s not get it twisted; Los Angeles is still very much a Lakers town and will be for the foreseeable future. However, as last Saturday night’s victory showed, the Clippers are better than they’ve been in years and they, if not for injuries, will be knocking on the Lakers door trying to move into their exclusive neighborhood this season.


“A Letter From a Birmingham Jail.”

Written in April 1963 as Dr. King sat in the city jail in Birmingham, Alabama after he was arrested for taking part in what came to be known as “The Birmingham Campaign” (a planned non-violent protest against racial segregation by Birmingham’s city government and downtown retailers), the letter was smuggled out of the jail in a toothpaste tube. The letter is King’s response to the April 12, 1963 statement “A Call For Unity” by eight white Alabama clergymen who argued that the battle against racial segregation should be fought in the courts and not in the streets. They also called King “an outside agitator” who caused trouble in Birmingham’s streets. King’s powerful and eloquent letter includes the widely quoted line, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

As I re-read this letter for the first time in many years, I couldn’t help but think of the Apostle Paul’s Letter to the Corinthians. Much as Paul sought to correct what he considered to be erroneous views in the Corinthian church, King wrote to correct what he saw as misguided criticism of his work. In pointed text, King told the well-meaning clergymen that he strongly disagreed with their position that he was wrong in coming to Birmingham to lead demonstrations at that particular time. He wrote, “just as the Apostle Paul left his village of Tarsus and carried the gospel of Jesus Christ to the far corners of the Greco Roman world, so am I compelled to carry the gospel of freedom beyond my own home town. Like Paul, I must constantly respond to the Macedonian call for aid.”

Now, more than ever since those fateful years of the Civil Rights Movement that changed America forever, we need a Dr. King who will stand up for the poor and oppressed in our society.



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