Friday, January 13, 2012


“And another thing GOP bitches…”

Romney in South Carolina “I’ve got these South Carolina crackers loving my crap just like the good old days at Bain.”

At Bain, Profit is Job 1

Private equity firms like Bain fundamentally exist to produce market-beating profits for their investors, a goal that seldom fits neatly with the image the Republican frontrunner hopes to burnish in the campaign. Profits may eventually bolster employment, but the chief priority remains the bottom line.

When Sarah Palin is Making Sense…

Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck Fight Over Mitt Romney (Sort of)

GINGRICH DEFENDS CRITICISMS: “This is an absurdity,” Gingrich told the Miami Herald’s Marc Caputo during an interview yesterday at the Biltmore Hotel, where he had a fundraiser. “The over-reaction of people to questioning a presidential candidate’s record, as though I was now engaged in an assault on free enterprise, is one of the most absurd things I have ever seen.”

Nine Reasons the Michele Bachmann Campaign Fizzled

“MORNING” JOE SCARBOROUGH, re Newt Gingrich’s Bain argument: “He just walked across the bridge and burned it. … It’s over. It is over. … It’s too bad … This is undisciplined. It proves again he is unmoored ideologically.”

New York Times’ Bill Keller, asked on “Morning Joe” to defend Rick Perry: “Well, he wears a suit well.”


Weeks after Ripping Obama, Christie Praises the President “See, what had happened was…”

Why no one in Mississippi is pardoning Haley Barbour

Crunch time failures cost Heat again

Straight from the Land of ‘Duh’!

“LeBron [James] is a guy who is still learning and still growing, and the reality of it is that being down there with Dwyane Wade has helped him,” new Laker coach Mike Brown said Wednesday. “They’re different personalities. LeBron, he’s a guy who likes to laugh and joke. He knows obviously there’s a time to be serious, but he’s youthful. Kobe is not as much. Kobe’s more serious-minded and so on and so forth. But Kobe knows how to have fun in his own way, too.” I’m incredibly tempted to insert a Colorado-themed joke here but I won’t.


File this one “Of course, the Democratic National Committee took the ‘I like to fire people’ comment [by Mitt Romney] out of context” – FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly under What Goes Around, Comes Around.

When Mitt Romney proudly talks about stocking shelves of the first Staples store the night before its grand opening – his firm Bain Capital helped line up the financing – he makes it sound like it was the hardest job in the world. “I was stocking shelves people! Me, the son of a former governor, a guy with two Harvard degrees! I was working my manicured hands to the bone for almost 6 hours!”

I don’t know about anyone else, but when Karl Rove and Bill Kristol are sniping at each other in public, I get all, what’s the word I’m looking for…giddy inside.

In case you’re keeping score at home and somehow missed the news, President Obama won the New Hampshire Democratic primary this week. Along with his victory in the Iowa Caucus, he’s now two-for-two this election cycle.

A special thanks to former Mississippi governor Haley “Boss Hogg, Jr” Barbour for once again proving that insensitivity and cowardice comes in all races, colors, shapes and political ideology. Haley, who on his way out of office pardoned four prisoners serving life sentences for murder without notifying the victims’ families, hasn’t been seen or heard from since the s**t hit the fan earlier this week.

Why didn’t ABC reach out to noted black commentator and necktie and ascot salesman Roland S. Martin to anchor/moderate their Sunday morning news show This Week instead of recycling George Stephanopoulos yet again?

I might be wrong – I seriously doubt it – but, moving from the relatively low-rated MSNBC to the absolutely obscure CurrentTV, can’t be seen as a good career move for Keith Olbermann, can it?

There’s a better chance of someone posting a video of Tyler Perry having sex with a woman than a star punching out Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais after a particularly snarky comment during Sunday night’s show, but that doesn’t keep me from dreaming.

Blue Ivy Carter. Hmm. Well, it’s not like she’ll ever have to fill out a job application unless she really, really wants to.

If it was Kobe Bryant’s intent going into the season to show that he’s still the #1 player in the NBA, mission accomplished.

Am I the only one who’s against the Lakers trading Andrew Bynum for Dwight Howard? 


Saturday: Saints over 49ers, Patriots over Broncos

Sunday: Ravens over Texans, Packers over Giants


New Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan


Tomorrow night’s Lakers/Clippers game at Staples Center – it’s a home game for the Clips – promises to be the highest-rated television broadcast of a game between these two inter-city rivals ever. And while it won’t determine the final outcome of each team’s playoff hopes, it will inflame the fan bases of both teams, fill the sports bars of the greater Los Angeles area and inspire many arguments, some good-natured, about which team will rule the city’s basketball scene this season.

As for where the Flyer’s loyalties lie:



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