Friday, January 6, 2012

 President Barack Obama: always in charge.

Romney’s Weekend From Hell


“Dagnabbit. My ‘magic Mormon’ underpants are bunching up again.” 

Santorum’s 2006 Loss Lingers

Gingrich: African-Americans should demand paychecks, not food stamps 

Excuse me Mr. Gingrich,  what should other unemployed Americans demand? The new Air Jordans? An iPhone?

New Hampshire Primary: Political “Disneyland” for Political Junkies 

The Obama Campaign’s Romney Glossary

A Race to Watch – Former Iowa first lady Christie Vilsack (D) raised more than $400,000 in the fourth quarter, continuing her strong fundraising performance in her challenge to Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa). 

Funny Or Die’s GOP Presidential Online Internet Cyber Debate 

Long but well worth the time!

QUOTES DU JOUR: Fergus Cullen, a former New Hampshire GOP chairman who attended a Santorum town hall this week, to RON FOURNIER, re Rick Santorum: “He reminds me of a high school student who transfers into an honors class and tries to show everybody how smart he is … It gets annoying. … He talked and talked and talked. The longer he talked, … the fewer votes he got.” 

“As people look at his [Mitt Romney] record and they imagine him debating Obama, Obama’s going to laugh at him,” Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said on ABC’s Good Morning America. “Obama’s going to say, ‘I developed Obamacare based on Romneycare. I even brought your staff into the White House in order to develop it.’”

David Axelrod … calls it ‘Orwellian’ that Mr. Romney … would style himself the champion of ‘merit’ against a man who reached the White House after being raised by a single mother. ‘Barack Obama doesn’t need any lectures from Mitt Romney on merit and making your own way in life’ …

Jay Leno – “Michelle Bachmann is the latest Republican to officially withdraw from the race. You know, it’s interesting … Michelle Bachmann said God called on her to run, now she’s out. Herman Cain said God called on him to run, and he’s out. And Rick Perry said God called on him to run, and he’s almost out. You know something? It does not look good for Tim Tebow in the playoffs.”


CONGRESS LOOKAHEAD — “House GOP weakened, divided,” by Jake Sherman: “A year to the day since John Boehner and 87 eager freshmen took Washington by storm, House Republicans are bruised from battle, irritated with each other and have lost trust in their leadership. … [T]he first few weeks of 2012 are brimming with issues that could trip up the GOP majority. House Republicans first have to deal with a yearlong payroll tax extension, and they’re already promising to be flexible in the quest to get it out of the way. They’re almost certain to run into fiery conservative lawmakers still angry over the short term bill GOP leaders jammed through Congress before Christmas. … Many GOP insiders believe they should avoid a full confrontation with a president looking to pick another fight with an unpopular Congress. …

“Cantor has the first part of 2012 mapped out already. … Republicans will have to find a deal on the full-year payroll tax-cut extension. They will seek to extend the FAA’s funding, in addition to moving forward on Boehner’s highway and energy bill. Cantor will also try to pass an amended version of the Stock Act, which seeks to prohibit members of Congress from profiting while serving in elective office. … [T]here’s going to be a push from Republicans to go big – grab hold of a large-scale legislative issue such as tax code reform. … Around the leadership circle – comprising Boehner, Cantor, Whip Kevin McCarthy and their allies – there’s more disunity, grumbling and finger-pointing than there has been all year. ‘There has to be some fence-mending,’ a senior House Republican said. ‘Boehner has to explain what happened. There has to be a clear understanding how this leadership is going to work going forward. What’s happened the last couple of months isn’t acceptable.'”

House GOP weakened, divided

L-R House Majority Whip Kevin “The Glarer” McCarthy, House Majority Leader Eric “Eddie Haskell” Cantor, House Speaker John “Agent Orange” Boehner.

Why I miss Herman Cain.

God can’t like this Tiger Woods ex-wife bulldozes $12 million home, can he?


The GOP nomination is now Mitt Romney’s to lose and by starting off a run of upcoming primaries with an endorsement by the man who gave us Sarah Palin is a good start to doing so. Only the weakness and unelectability of the rest of the field will save Romney from himself.

Perspective – Total number of voters in 2012 GOP Caucus: 121,914. Maximum capacity of Dallas Cowboys Stadium: 110,000.

First Santorum and now Newtie is singling out black people while campaigning in two of the WHITEST states in the country; Iowa and New Hampshire.

If reports that “Pretty Ricky” Perry’s own staff were surprised by his decision to stay in the race after his poor showing in the Iowa Caucus are true, what does that say about his chances going forward?

Of course the GOP came out against the plans for the military that President Obama unveiled at the Pentagon Thursday. This is what they do; he says something, they oppose it.

Compared to Herman Cain, M.C. Michael Steele is Barack Obama.

Of course Keith Olberman’s having trouble at his new network. This has been his M.O. his entire career. The guy always thinks that he’s the smartest person in the room, he’s never wrong about anything and that the world should just be grateful that we’re living at the same time that he’s pontificating. Also, he doesn’t just burn bridges; he napalms them. In the recent bestselling book on the history of ESPN, there was a section on the last time the management gave serious thought to rehiring Olberman. During a meeting where the idea was being discussed, a senior executive said, “Okay. But if we do this [bring Olberman back], Keith has to stand in the main lobby and everyone who wants to, gets to punch him in the stomach one time.”

Whenever I see Romeo Miller’s commercials for the for-profit “college” ICDC, I can’t help but wonder how many people are taking career advice from a guy who dropped out of college.

If you like your humor raunchy and low-brow, RUN, don’t walk to Redbox or whatever service you use and rent/download Horrible Bosses. You won’t believe the dialogue coming out of Jennifer Anniston’s pretty little mouth and all I need to tell you about Jamie Foxx’s role is that his character’s name is “Muthaf**ker Jones.”

At some point, and the Lakers need it to happen sooner than later, Kobe Bryant is going to have to put his considerable ego in check and allow Andrew Bynum to become a bigger part of the offense.

Tomorrow (Saturday) will be the first and only time Tim Tebow ever starts a NFL playoff game.

Considering the Giants baseball team moved from New York in 1958, why does the media still insist on using the term, “the New York football Giants?”

Am I the only one who, upon hearing that the Sacramento Kings had fired head coach Paul Westphal after the team’s 2-5 start and a dispute between Westpahl and center DeMarcus Cousins, said to him (or her) self, “Paul Westphal is still coaching in the NBA?”


Singer Katy Perry


Changing Clippers Culture, From Inside Out


This week’s biggest political winner: President Barack Obama.



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