Here’s what we learned in Iowa last night: four years of almost constant campaigning and organizing have not made Willard Mitt Romney any more palatable to the right-wing of the Republican Party than he was in 2008. An 8 vote winning margin over the worst group of candidates in modern presidential political history is not only sad, but not a real good sign heading into states such as South Carolina on “Super Tuesday.”

We learned that Michele Bachmann really isn’t as stupid as she usually seems; she’s already quit the race and will now focus on trying to hold on to her House seat. Don’t forget, it was after her losing race as John McCain’s running mate when Alaskans took a vastly different view of Sarah Palin which became a major factor in her resignation a few months later. Now that Bachmann’s glaring weaknesses and terrible record as a representative have been exposed nationally, maybe her constituents will look at her differently as well.

We learned that Newt Gingrich simply can’t help being a pompous prick Angry Newt, Ron Paul doesn’t think much of Gingrich “He’s a ‘chickenhawk’”,  and Rick Perry apparently doesn’t want to spend any time in Texas these days  “Here we come South Carolina!

We also learned that the big winner of the Iowa Caucus was President Barack Obama!


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