Monday, December 26, 2011

President Barack Obama holds 1-month old Adeline Valentina Hernandez Whitney as he and First Lady Michelle Obama visit members of the military and their families during Christmas dinner at Anderson Hall on Marine Corps Base Hawaii on December 25, 2011.

All Quiet on the Iowan Front

Obama changes his election focus


The following is a verbatim exchange between Mitt Romney and a 21-year-old college student, Kallie Durkit, in New Hampshire on December 22:

Kallie Durkit: “Relatability has been a large issue for you on this campaign trail, and as a college student many people in my generation find it especially hard to relate to you as a candidate,” said 21-year-old Kallie Durkit, who attends Bowling Green State University in Ohio. “Why should we mobilize for you as a candidate instead of Obama, which we did in 2008?”

Mitt Romney: “What I can promise you is this – when you get out of college, if I’m president you’ll have a job,” said Romney. “If President Obama is reelected, you will not be able to get a job. That’s the reason I will hopefully get young people who are in college is to say, You know what, I understand what it takes to get jobs in America.”

The promise closely echoes something Romney said on an entirely different subject back in November. “If we re-elect Barack Obama, Iran will have a nuclear weapon,” Romney said during a debate on foreign policy sponsored by CBS News and National Journal. “If you elect me as president, Iran will not have a nuclear weapon.”

So, in summary: If Mitt Romney is elected there will jobs for everybody graduating college and a nuclear free Iran. If Obama is elected nobody graduating college will find work and the world will be one step closer to nuclear annihilation.


Just because you were too busy taking a Greek vacation this summer with “Mrs Toad #3” and interrupted your “campaign” several times for book signings and “movie” premieres to put in the hard work of organizing a staff and field operation that would ensure your inclusion on the primary ballot in the state you LIVE IN, is no reason to become completely f**king insane [Newt Gingrich campaign manager Michael Krull said] “Newt and I agreed that the analogy is December 1941: We have experienced an unexpected set-back, but we will re-group and re-focus with increased determination, commitment and positive action.”

Frankly, I can’t wait to hear Gingrich’s “clarification” of Krull’s statement. This could be even better than the one when Gingrich blamed his having an affair with wife #3 while still married to wife #2 on his being a tad bit “over-patriotic.”

As I’ve been saying/writing for months now, the 2012 Iowa Caucus is much different from what we saw four years ago.

Am I the only one wondering just how good “Santa Claus” was to Mrs. Herman Cain yesterday?

NY Jets coach Rex “Slim” Ryan’s mouth continues writing checks that his fat ass and team just can’t cash and one has to wonder how much longer team owner Woody Johnson, a very conservative Republican, puts up with his increasingly tired act.

What Denver Broncos fans saw on Saturday – four interceptions, 2 of which were returned for touchdowns and 13 of 30 for 185 years and 1 TD – was the real Tim Tebow. Not hatin’; just sayin’.

Many of the so-called experts who are proclaiming Stanford QB Andrew Luck as a sure-fire first pick in the upcoming NFL draft and future star in the league are the same ones who earlier this year were expressing doubt that Cam Newton would be a success in his rookie year with Carolina.

Speaking of Andrew Luck, why is he and not Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III, who plays the same position, still considered a “lock” to the be the #1 pick in this spring’s NFL draft?

USC quarterback Matt Barkley made the decision he felt was best for him and that’s all that really matters.

Slow your roll Laker hater who emailed me after yesterday’s 1-point loss to the Bulls. It was one game, one of four without Andrew Bynum who’s out on suspension. Don’t think for a minute that if Bynum had played, the Lakers wouldn’t have most likely won.

One of these days/night­s, and God knows I hope it’s real, real soon, somebody is going to whip Kevin Garnett’s a** and I’ll be the first one cheering and chipping in to pay his fine!


Will 2012 see the return of an African-American television show to broadcast television?


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