Monday, December 12, 2011

Like Newt Gringrich: “I’m Back!” Well, at least until the Spring semester starts in Feburary.

“Didn’t I tell you that I’m smarter than the rest of my ‘opponents’  combined? I can beat these clowns in my sleep.”


The line of the debate, as far as Democrats are concerned, is Mitt Romney’s offer of a $10,000 bet to Rick Perry. The DNC blasted out an email titled: “Here’s What the Average American Family Can Buy with $10,000” saying the sum equals four months of pay for many American families, a year of college tuition at a state school, three times what the average family spends on groceries annually, and a year’s worth of mortgage payments for “the typical American home.”

Rick Perry took a novel position, saying the Palestinian “invented” comments by Newt Gingrich are “a minor issue that the media is blowing way out of proportion.”

“I understand how the economy works,” Romney said, positioning himself as the businessman with private sector experience and Gingrich as the lifelong “career politician.”

Gingrich shot back, “Let’s be candid. The only reason you didn’t become a career politician is you lost to [Sen.] Teddy Kennedy in 1994…You’d have been a 17-year politician by now if you’d won. That’s all I’m saying on that.”

 “I spent my life in the private sector,” Romney said in response. “Losing to Teddy Kennedy was the best thing I could have done for preparing me for the job I’m seeking, because it put me back in the private sector. I worked in the private sector. I learned lessons there. However, we don’t need people who are lifetime Washington people…We need people from outside Washington, outside K Street.”

MAGGIE HABERMAN’S TAKEAWAYS on Saturday night’s ABC News/Des Moines Register debate : “For nearly two hours, six Republican candidates (minus Jon Huntsman) duked it out on a stage at Drake University in Iowa, drawing blood, getting under one another’s skin, and – for a few moments – getting warm and fuzzy about which rival they’ve learned the most from. The main focus was expected to be Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, and neither disappointed the viewing public. … Gingrich thrives on political combat, and he showed why again last night. Gingrich stood smiling through the barbs and even fired off some shots of his own. The former House Speaker managed to deliver one of the night’s most memorable lines, when he turned to Romney and said, even-voiced, that his rival would have been a career politician had he not lost to Ted Kennedy in a 1994 Senate race. …

“[On the question of infidelity, Gingrich] admitted, as he has on the campaign trail, that he has made mistakes in his life and is now happily married. More significant was the fact that he said he welcomes such questions. This may make it harder for his rivals – most notably Romney – to continue pressing the issue, because, once the question has been asked and answered that way, voters may start to tire of it being raised at all. … Rick Perry still has some game: The question is whether it’s too late to matter, which it probably is. But Perry executed one of the best debate performances he’s had since September.”

–Des Moines Register Political Columnist Kathie Obradovich, “Romney bet was one of his worst debate moments”: “The time Rick Perry has spent campaigning in Iowa finally began to pay off … He slathered on the Iowa mentions and shoutouts to prominent state Republicans. … Rick Santorum also made the most of the time he’s spent in the state, referring to stops he’s made at Iowa businesses and delivering the first Branstad mention of the night.

“But Perry really made his mark when he successfully goaded Mitt Romney into one of the worst moments he’s had in a debate so far. Perry challenged Romney on a passage in his first book, claiming an early edition said the Massachusetts health-care program should be a model for the national plan. Romney disputed the claim and when Perry persisted, he jokingly offered a $10,000 bet. Perry didn’t take the bet, but he won the point. Romney was casually offering the equivalent of about one-fifth of the average median income for an Iowa family. … Gingrich … showed no sign of collapse. Gingrich was the only target for Romney, who mocked his idea of establishing a lunar mining program and changing child labor laws.”

–ABC News, ‘Spin Room: Romney Camp Insists $10K Bet Was No Gaffe’: ‘As tweeters, bloggers and commenters worldwide asked each other what $10,000 buys, Mitt Romney’s campaign insisted that the candidate’s bet was not a gaffe. ‘Romney made that bet because he knew Rick Perry wouldn’t take it,’ Romney strategist Eric Fehrnstrom said in the post-debate spin room. Another top Romney adviser, Stuart Stevens, called the line ‘a very human thing to do to get someone to shut up when they’re not telling the truth.”

–N.Y. Times col. 1, above fold: “G.O.P. Debate Sets All Eyes On Gingrich” (Jeff Zeleny and Jim Rutenberg) with 2-col. pic, “Mitt Romney … sought to raise questions about Newt Gingrich’s temperament during Saturday’s debate in Des Moines”

–WashPost A1, lower right corner, “Rivals criticize Gingrich during Iowa GOP debate” (Dan Balz and Philip Rucker)


A Review of the Sunday Morning Talk Shows in One Place

Sound-off Sunday


Mitt Romney’s campaign is now officially in trouble.

Poor Mitt Romney. He’s running on a platform of “Competence” at a time when the Republican Party as a whole, wants “Crazier than a Loon” and nobody in the current field, including Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann, can “out-loon” Newton Leroy Gingrich when he puts his mind to it.

I’m not a campaign expert nor do I play one on TV, the radio or Internet, BUT if you’re running for president and you find it necessary to take a  no adultery-pledge, you’ve got some baggage.

Is it just me or does Jerry Sandusky look slightly retarded?

Alec Baldwin just doesn’t seem to get that he’s a pompous prick and total jackass.

If Jennifer Anniston is the sexiest woman of all-time, Kwame Brown is the greatest Laker center of all-time.

Does anyone really want to see Lindsay Lohan naked in Playboy? Or anywhere else?

Wow, it appears that the Lakers were determined to get rid of Lamar Odom one way or the other. You know, this might be the best thing for Odom. Anyone who’s watched LO over his career knows how sensitive he is and it was clear by his recent comments that he had mentally checked out of being a Laker and he wasn’t coming back emotionally anytime soon. One thing’s for sure under the “new” Laker front office; they really don’t care what Kobe Bryant thinks about the moves they’re making Kobe’s not happy about Odom trade.

I’ve said it several times since July 2010 and I’ll say it again; after what Bosh, James & Wade did to come together on the Miami Heat, David Stern and NBA owners have no intention of letting these young African-American men have any real control over their careers anymore. And Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher are responsible for giving in on this very important point of the just negotiated CBA. I can’t imagine the MLB or even the NFL players association being so acquiescent on something like this.

If Ryan Braun’s positive test is upheld, what happens first; he returns the MVP Award or is stripped of it by the baseball writers and, if either occurs, does it automatically go to Matt Kemp AND would Kemp want it under these circumstances? 


I believe that on last night’s episode of 60 Minutes, President Obama made a compelling case for the choices Americans face at the polls next year. Let’s hope Democrats and Independents realize what the Republicans want to do this country if they are able to retain the House and take over both the Senate and White House in November 2012.


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