Friday, November 4, 2011

“’Run for president’, you said. Got any more bright ideas?”

“All I said was, ‘Damn girl, you got a ass just like my wife’s and I wouldn’t mind having it rest on my chin.’ Now, is that sexual harassment? I’se do not know and frankly, until this week, I did not care. By the way, I do know who the president of five countries are. Would anyone like to ask me to name them or should I just go straight into a song?”

Why Herman Cain is lucky he’s Herman Cain

Say what you want about how Herman Cain and his campaign have handled the response to the growing controversy consuming his campaign.

It hasn’t hurt him in the Republican primary. Not yet, at least.

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that seven in 10 Republicans say the controversy has no effect on whether they would vote for him, and he remains in a statistical tie atop the GOP field with Mitt Romney.

And a lot of is because, on paper, Cain is about the perfect vessel for surviving just such a pickle.

To wit:

* He came into the controversy with an enormous amount of goodwill. More than any other candidate in the GOP presidential field, the people that know Cain genuinely like him — always have — and as people have gotten to know Cain, they like him even more. When you’ve got such a reserve of goodwill, people are more apt to believe you when there is reasonable doubt. (Can you imagine Romney or Rick Perry surviving this so unscathed?)

* He’s not a politician and doesn’t rely on traditional donors or political operatives for his support; thus, his financial support has not dried up and, in fact, it has sped up, to the tune of $1.2 million in the past four days. And the traditional measures of what makes a real contender don’t apply to him, so relatively few people are counting him out. Plus, the fact that he’s an outsider makes it much easier for him to play the victim in this ongoing drama. After all, this is just Washington politicians and their helpers trying to bring down the party-crasher, right?

* He’s impervious to his own troubles. We have seen this many times. Cain, perhaps more than any politician in recent memory, is quite content to not answer a question, say he doesn’t know the answer, or change his story without batting an eye. This, it could be argued, is actually an asset, because when Cain isn’t panicking, it means the people around him and his supporters aren’t panicking either. We’ve seen the Cain calm crack once or twice, but on the whole, he has been a cool customer.

* There’s not a ready alternative. Both Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich have recovered a bit in the polls, but both fell in the race largely by their own doing and saw their personal favorability numbers fall. Thus, Cain’s supporters don’t have a logical place to go and may stick by him longer than they otherwise would have.

No Mrs. Cain tonight: Gloria Cain has canceled a planned appearance tonight on Fox News’s “On the Record with Greta van Susteren.” The presidential candidate’s wife reportedly had a change of heart, but she may appear on the network at some point in the future. Cain’s wife of 43 years has been almost entirely absent from the campaign trail.

“You will meet my wife publicly, in an exclusive interview that we are currently planning and anticipating,” he said Monday. “But it’s not her style for her to be with me on every campaign stop.”

He said yesterday that Gloria as “still 200 percent supportive of me in this whole race, 200 percent supportive of me as her husband, because I haven’t done anything.”

NRA decision today: The National Restaurant Association said Thursday that it would decide today whether to release one of Cain’s accusers from her confidentiality agreement.

The woman, though, only wants to release an anonymous statement, so a release doesn’t mean that she would begin publicly making her case against Cain.

It also means that Cain would continue to be spared any accuser who actually has a name or a face, which really seems to be the missing link in the case that is forming against him. – Morning Fix by Chris Cillizza-The Washington Post

  Perry ‘clarifies’ New Hampshire Speech

“For the last g-d time – I wasn’t drunk! I’m just f**king weird!”


Soledad O’Brien Comes Back To CNN Mornings 







“I knew they’d come crawling back to me. Now, if they can just get Roland S. Martin off my tweeter feed, life will be perfect.”


If I’m Politico, I’d “double-dog dare” Herman Cain to sue in federal court over their reporting. Take it from me, the last thing Cain wants/needs to get involved in right now is discovery and depositions.

Like it or not, you’ve got to admire Conrad Murray’s defense strategy of blaming the dead guy for causing his own death knowing it’s his word against the last few, stranger than strange years of Michael Jackson’s life.

At the very least, Conrad Murray made some very bad decisions and as a medical doctor, he’s got to be found guilty, right?

I may not be a professional political pundit – try saying that fast 3 times – nor do I play one on TV, but I do know that if you have to start a statement about a speech you gave by saying, “I wasn’t drunk” as Rick Perry did earlier this week when asked about his, what can only be described as “weird”, recent speech at a New Hampshire dinner, you’re probably not running a winning campaign.

I’ll believe it Kim Kardashian says “I do want some time to myself” when she cancels her “reality shows.”

I wouldn’t look at Lindsay Lohan’s upcoming spread in Playboy unless there was a loaded and cocked gun at my head and even then, I’d use only one eye and insist on Braille edition.

If Yankee Stadium, probably the most historic stadium in American history, can be torn down and a new one built, so can Dodger Stadium be torn down and replaced.

The NBA players association needs some white faces at its press conferences and fast. Unfortunately, the league’s best white players tend to be foreigners and don’t live here during the off-season.

With all due respect, the Dodgers don’t need former owner Peter O’Malley to return. They don’t need former GM Fred Claire or former Dodger stars Steve Garvey and Orel Hershiser fronting any ownership groups either. Claire’s day as a major league executive has come and gone and I’m pretty sure you can write what Garvey and Hershiser know about running a major league franchise on the head of a pin and still have room for the first half of War and Peace. What the Dodgers do need is either one really, really, really rich guy who can 1) afford the team, 2) afford a payroll of top players, 3) rebuild the farm and scouting systems, 4) remodel or rebuild Dodger Stadium (if Yankee Stadium, probably the most historic stadium in America, can be replaced, so can Dodger Stadium) and 5) move Tommy Lasorda into a purely ceremonial role with strict restrictions on what he says publicly on behalf of the team. Absent that happening, an ownership group similar to the one that took over the Red Sox in 2002 – John Henry (billionaire hedge fund owner), Tom Werner (former Padres owner who learned from his mistakes and Larry Lucchino (built Baltimore’s Camden Yards and spearheaded the Padres move into Petco Park) – is the answer.


“Well Herman, this is a fine mess you’ve gotten us into!”



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