Sunday, October 9, 2011

“Pass this bill, bitches!”

“That’s a tough one. How many black people do I know. Lessee, there’s Eddie the shoeshine guy at the club. Then, there’s…does Herman Cain count?”

“The only thing we’re running for is dinner!”


Here’s the situation: Republicans, feeling that they have a real chance of defeating President Obama next year, are willing and ready to sacrifice their constituents and other Americans struggling economically by blocking anything that could help create jobs because that would help Mr. Obama politically. The only thing that will change their position, at least it should, is for him to be re-elected and they’ll be forced to work WITH, not against him and by extension, for the American people and not just their corporate masters aka the Koch Brothers. 

The one undeniable truth that no elected official, including President Obama, will say out loud is that until we re-establish this country’s manufacturing base, unemployment will remain high and possibly go even higher in the next few years.  

Not to say “I told you so”, but I TOLD YOU SO! (Chris “Donuts” Christie and Sarah “Beyonce” Palin not running for president). As for Palin, it was just her being the quintessential “Bait and Switch” tease she’s been since quitting as Alaska’s governor in July 2009.   

Well, it took a little while, but the ”Religion Card” has finally been played in the GOP primary campaign. 

“Pretty Ricky” Perry is in so far over his head running for president that nothing that comes out about him, his family, his cronies or anything he or anyone in his inner circle of advisers and supporters says will surprise me. 

Reality calling Michelle Bachmann! Those of us who have actually served in the service in the last 35-40 years have knowingly worked and fought alongside gays and lesbians without the armed forces being “destroyed.” Based on her archaic and unbelievably ignorant statements on this “I would reinstate the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell policy” and many other issues of the 21st century, I feel fairly confident in saying that Ms. Bachmann would have probably been against the integration of the Major Leagues and the military, along with any other civil and human rights breakthroughs of the last 50 years. I don’t know what God she prays or listens to, but I’m glad it’s not the one most sane “Christians” do.

Funny, but I don’t seem to recall Eric “Eddie Haskell” Cantor being concerned about “the pitting of Americans against Americans” when the so-called “Tea Party” was running rampant against the Affordable Healthcare Act and saying racist things about President Obama during the summer of 2009. 

Hypocrisy is the GOP supporting and in some ways, encouraging the so-called Tea Party in the spring and summer of 2009 when they marching and protesting against President Obama and the Affordable Care Act and this past week, decrying Occupy protests against Wall Street, the big banks and the lack of real jobs in America.

Hey, Hank Williams, Jr: if you really believe your First Amendment Rights were violated – by the way, they weren’t – why don’t you find yourself a good lawyer and sue ESPN for breach of contract or something like that? 

Dallas’ (Rangers) being the biggest TV market left in the baseball playoffs has to have Bud Selig and his minions in NYC along with MLB’s broadcast partners fearing low ratings once again.

The biggest irony, for me at least, of the film Moneyball is that then-Oakland A’s infield coach Ron Washington played by the underrated Brent Jennings – “It’s incredibly hard” – was overlooked each time Billy Beane hired a new manager after firing Art Howe. Last season, Washington led the Texas Rangers to the World Series (they lost to the SF Giants) and has them playing for the American League pennant against the Tigers right now. Meanwhile, Beane and the A’s haven’t made the playoffs in years. 

I’d like to say that this surprised me – Can somebody help me out?” the Baltimore Ravens’ third-year right tackle Michael (“The Blindside”) Oher asked “Who was Steve Jobs!” on his Twitter account – but it didn’t. I’ve been around a lot of pro athletes who, while great at their particular sport and position, are not the most knowledgeable or worldly people you’ll ever run into. Now, ask Oher about the price of say, black diamond earrings, a platinum Rolex presidential watch or a Bentley, he’ll probably give you immediate answers.


I have no proof whatsoever, but as I told someone this week, based on how long Michael Jordan has been making HUGE money from Nike, Hanes, Ballpark Franks, etc, etc, I’m convinced that he’s more than likely worth at least a billion dollars on paper, if not more.  


Nolan Ryan


    Don Rickles


Steve Jobs 












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