Monday, September 12, 2011


“A decade after 9/11, it’s clear for all the world to see—the terrorists who attacked us that September morning are no match for the character of our people, the resilience of our nation, or the endurance of our values.” – President Barack Obama

President Obama at the Ground Zero Memorial on Sunday, September 11, 2011


To paraphrase the late, great Tim Russert: “After last week’s debate at the Reagan Library, we now know who the 2012 Republican nominee for president won’t be. It won’t be Michele Bachman, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum (or Sarah Palin).”

Here’s the thing one must keep in mind in looking at the GOP this presidential election cycle – after the utter debacle that Palin turned out to be in 2008, there’s absolutely no way on God’s still relatively green Earth that the party’s “powers-that-be” are going to allow some cowboy idiot like Perry or a flat-out loon like either Bachmann or Paul to get their hands on a chance to defeat Barack Obama 14 months from now. It just ain’t going to happen.

Two things you can’t do and hope to win a statewide or national election: 1) You can’t open a campaign ad by looking into the camera and stating, “I am not a witch” and 2) You can’t call Social Security a “Ponzi scheme.” You just can’t. And that’s why Sarah “Beyonce” Palin’s support over the weekend of “Pretty Ricky” Perry’s controversial stance on Social Security – “It’s a Ponzi scheme” – is the strongest sign yet that she has no plans to run in 2012.

Herman Cain is looking more and more like somebody who wandered into the wrong room and doesn’t know how to make a graceful exit.

I would pay BIG money to know what Bush and Obama said to each other in private yesterday.

Looking at official White House photographs of President Obama at work reveal, at least to me, that far too often, he’s the only person of color in the room. That’s something that needs to be rectified in his second term if not before.

I know it will never happen, but I wish the White House would stop having its people, including the president, appear on the Faux Noise Channel. Call on their correspondent at press briefings and conferences but other than that, just ignore those smug, condescending bastards and bastardettes (yes I made that up) posing as “journalists.”

You know you’ve written a classic when a company like State Farm insurance uses your song, in this case, Jay-Z’s “ Empire State of Mind”, in a television ad on 9/11.

After the stunning box office success of The Help, look for Hollywood to add the word The to several new movies titles in the future: Tyler Perry’s The Madea Makes Another Terrible Movie just to name one.

There’s not a hotter actor anywhere in the world right now than Ryan Gosling – Crazy Stupid Love this summer with Drive and Ides of March coming soon – who should have his own personal fire department standing by at all times.

Speaking of “hot actors” – whatever happened to Tobey Maguire?

If Eddie Murphy puts his mind to it, which I believe he will, he’s going to be a great host of the Academy Awards next year. Lord knows he has all the skills – comedy, acting, singing, dancing – a great host should have for this gig.

Was I the only one stunned by the news that Buddy Holly, a charter member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame no less, just received a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame last week? I’d bet damn near any amount of money that he’d had one for YEARS!

I don’t know if it can be arranged, but I’d LOVE to see Dr Drew and Dr Oz in a steel cage match.

Am I the only one who’s getting tired of Serena Williams’ melt-downs when she’s not playing well?

As I watched the opening ceremonies of yesterday’s NFL games, I found myself wondering how many of those field-covering American flags were actually made in America. Frankly, I’d be stunned if it were even 50%.

I sure hope they kept knives and other sharp objects away from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones during last night’s flight home from New York.

I still don’t know how he pulls off the toughest “double-double” in sports, but it’s always good to see Omar Epps taking time away from his co-starring duties on “House” to coach the Steelers during the NFL season.

Read my fingers: Peyton Manning will never play another significant down in the NFL.

Generally speaking, you don’t get to the point in life where you can own an NFL franchise by being stupid and doing stupid things (Bengals owner Mike Brown who inherited the Bengals after the death of his father, Hall of Famer Paul Brown, being a glaring exception). That’s why there was never even a moment’s doubt in my mind that the NFL wouldn’t be playing games on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. None whatsoever. Especially once NBC started running promos for Sunday Night Football In America three weeks BEFORE an agreement was announced!

No matter what happens this season, Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia must lose 50 pounds this offseason.

Major League Baseball has a potentially devastating season-ending attendance problem on its hands and there’s not really much that they can do about it. With only the AL West really up for grabs (the Red Sox and Yankees are both going to make the playoffs from the AL East no matter which team wins the division) between the Angels and Rangers and both college football and NFL games heating up this weekend, they’re looking at huge swatches of empty seats in many stadiums this month.


Who picks Michele “Kelly” Bachmann’s ugly-ass shoes?


Yesterday was one of the oddest days in America’s long history. It was a day of remembering those whose lives were snatched from them 10 years ago, juxtaposed against a day of professional baseball and football games and where just a few miles from Ground Zero, the US Open tennis championship tournament crowned its women’s champion.

There was a big part of me that didn’t want to watch any of the news coverage. I was torn between wanting to just forget what happened and wake up today and go on with my daily routine. But, blissful ignorance is the province of the very young and the very old. In the end, there was no way that I, as a citizen of this country and this world, could just sit back and not take part, in my small way, in the ceremonies commemorating September 11, 2001.

May God bless the souls that departed on that day 10 years ago, their families, friends, neighbors and co-workers who miss their presence in their lives.

I’m in a “New York State of Mind.”



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