Monday, June 27, 2011

Los Angeles Dodgers File For Bankruptcy

Michele Bachmann 2012 Presidential Campaign Launches With Iowa Announcement (VIDEO)

“Hey Sarah, how ya like me now?”

Iowa Caucus 2012: Romney, Bachmann Lead In Poll

   Mitt “Suge” Romney                         Michele “Kelly” Bachmann

Opposing Views of Jon Huntsman’s Campaign

Jon Huntsman fever: Catch it here

Buzzkill: The problem with Jon Huntsman Hype

Jon Huntsman Steps Into the Republican Vacuum

Rep. Michele Bachmann: She’s had her share of government aid  I don’t care how you respond to something like this Chris Wallace Asks Michele Bachmann: ‘Are You A Flake?’, but the fact that an interviewer on a national news program feels comfortable enough to ask you such a question is very telling. I just wish somebody, anybody had asked Donald ***** when he was ranting and raving about the president’s birthplace a few weeks ago, “What the hell (I cleaned it up) is wrong with you?”

THE BUZZ – First Des Moines Register poll of the cycle – “Romney, Bachmann lead Republican pack,” by DMR’s Jennifer Jacobs: “Two-time candidate Mitt Romney and tea party upstart Michele Bachmann are neck and neck leading the pack, and retired pizza chief Herman Cain is in third place in a new Des Moines Register Iowa Poll of likely participants in the state’s Republican presidential caucuses. …Romney, a former Massachusetts governor and business executive, claims 23 percent, and Bachmann, a Minnesota congresswoman and evangelical conservative, garners 22 percent. …

“Newt Gingrich … is tied in fourth place at 7 percent with the libertarian-leaning Ron Paul, a longtime Texas congressman. Pawlenty is at 6 percent; Rick Santorum, a former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania, 4 percent; and Jon Huntsman, a former Utah governor and ambassador to China, 2 percent. ‘The surprise here is how quickly Michele Bachmann is catching on,’ said Jennifer Duffy, a political analyst with the nonpartisan Cook Political Report of Washington, D.C. ‘To me, she’s the one to watch’ … The caucuses are scheduled for Feb. 6, 2012.” Story Candidate-by-candidate breakdown –Email du jour: “I know you’re a busy guy, so let me summarize the Des Moines Reg poll for you: over 1/3 of likely GOP caucus goers think either Michelle Bachmann or Herman Cain should lead the free world. If this trajectory continues, Messina et al should just take the next 16 months off.”


“Our campaign is going to survive and I’m going to be in it all the way and I believe I can win it” – Newt Gingrich speaking at a Tea Party bus tour event Saturday in Indianola, Iowa.

BEHIND THE CURTAIN — “Obama looks to lock up big money: President’s team eyes those who can max out donations,” by Tribune’s Tom Hamburger and Matea Gold: “Presidential Partners asks supporters to commit $75,800 to the Obama Victory Fund, a joint project of the president’s Chicago-based campaign and the Democratic National Committee. That would put Democratic contributors at the maximum they are allowed to give national party committees for the 2012 cycle — leaving them unable to donate to the party’s congressional fundraising entities. .. While Obama continues to woo supporters at inexpensive fundraisers, his meetings with high rollers … could undercut the image he has tried to craft. About 115 donors have signed up to be Presidential Partners, one of three major programs to offer special access to campaign officials in exchange for contributions. …

“Presidential Partners … are required to sign a pledge to give $75,800 during the next two years — contributing the maximum of $5,000 to the Obama campaign, $61,600 to the DNC and $9,200 to a joint committee controlled by the campaign that will funnel money to key battleground states. In exchange, they, like other major donors, will be invited to quarterly campaign briefings ‘The idea was to get people to commit to give the maximum they had the ability to give over the two-year cycle,’ said a member of the campaign’s national finance committee … ‘For a lot of people, it’s very simple: They fill out one form; they’re done. They’ve committed to the president and there are no more phone calls.’ The program is similar to the party’s National Advisory Board, which has donors give the Democratic National Committee the maximum allowed under law for four years. But Presidential Partners requires the extra commitment to the Obama campaign.”

You can say stuff like this Rick Santorum: ‘There Is No Such Thing As Global Warming,’ ‘Drill Everywhere’ when you’re running behind Ralph Nader, the Easter Bunny, Bigfoot and the Grinch Who Stole Christmas in every poll.

I guess Chris Wallace, son of Mike, got a phone call from the executive branch of FOX News after his interview with Michele Bachmann Sunday Fox host apologizes for Bachmann ‘flake’ question

With Michele Bachmann’s increased popularity comes fresh scrutiny


TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

Wow, a whole Sunday without Newt “3 Wives So Far” Newton on any of the morning news show. How the hell did this happen? Call out the Tiffany Guard – I want answers!

New York Gay Marriage Legalization Transformed National Debate: Legal Experts Slowly but surely, equality is sweeping across America.

TOP TALKER – MAUREEN DOWD, “Why Is He Bi? (Sigh): When you are President Everything, do you risk standing for nothing?”: “HE was born this way. Bi. Not bisexual. Not even bipartisan. Just binary. Our president likes to be on both sides at once. In Afghanistan, he wants to go but he wants to stay. He’s surging and withdrawing simultaneously. He’s leaving fewer troops than are needed for a counterinsurgency strategy and more troops than are needed for a counterterrorism strategy – and he seems to want both strategies at the same time. Our work is done but we have to still be there. Our work isn’t done but we can go. On Libya, President Obama wants to lead from behind. He’s engaging in hostilities against Qaddafi while telling Congress he’s not engaging in hostilities against Qaddafi. On the budget, he wants to cut spending and increase spending. On the environment, he wants to increase energy production but is reluctant to drill. On health care, he wants to get everybody covered but will not press for a universal system. On Wall Street, he assails fat cats, but at cocktail parties, he wants to collect some of their fat for his campaign. …

“For others, bipartisanship means transcending their own prior political identities. For President Obama, it means that he participates in all political identities. He does not seem deeply affiliated with any side except his own. He was elected on the idea of bold change, but now – except for the capture of Osama and his drone campaign in Pakistan and Yemen – he plays it safe. He shirks politics as usual but gets all twisted up in politics. The man who was able to beat the Clintons in 2008 because the country wanted a break from Clintonian euphemism and casuistry is now breaking creative new ground in euphemism and casuistry. … With each equivocation, the man in the Oval Office shields his identity and cloaks who the real Barack Obama is. … On some of the most important issues facing this nation, it is time for the president to come out of the closet.”

Obama shifts from consensus to instincts on key calls

President Barack Obama jokes with military personnel along a tarmac rope line before boarding Air Force One at Pittsburgh International Airport in Pittsburgh, Pa., June 24, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

2011 NBA draft team grades

Byron Scott (left) and the Cavs used two of the top four picks to select Kyrie Irving (right) and Tristan Thompson. Cleveland, Minnesota and Washington are obvious, but several teams passed with flying colors on draft day, including a handful of contenders. Sam Amick dishes grades to all 30 teams. I’d pay BIG money to know what Byron Scott was thinking while Irving was speaking to the media.

For Derek Jeter, on His 37th Birthday


How do you think Roger Ailes’, the boss of FOX News would react if, say, Sean Hannity came to him and said, “You know Roger, I actually agree with the president on _____________ and I’d like to say so on the air tonight?” Would a) his head explode?, b) he hand Hannity a specimen cup and ask for a urine sample?, c) he be rendered deaf, dumb and blind on the spot?, d) he take out a pistol and shoot Hannity in the testicles? or e) he pull out a “fatty”, light it, take a couple of puffs and pass it to Hannity?

To many hard-core Mormons, Jon Huntsman is a “MINO” – Mormon In Name Only.

Sarah Palin’s biggest and most persistent problem, if in fact she actually runs for president, is that the American people made up their minds about her in 2008 and nothing she’s done since then, including this film Palin documentary, has or will change anyone’s view or her. Either you love her or you hate her. It’s really that simple. (BTW, she’s not going to run).

What Newt “3 Wives So Far” Gingrich calls a campaign strategy, others call desperation.

I guess Justin Bieber appearing on the BET Awards Sunday was payback for Darrius Rucker appearing on the Country Music Awards a couple of years ago. Although, to be fair about it, Rucker was nominated for an award (Best New Artist) which he won, while to the best of my knowledge, Bieber wasn’t up for “Best Male Teen Idol with A Girl’s Hairstyle.”

Oh to be a fly-on-the-wall of the Lakers draft room last Thursday as the executives and  scouts who’d been told several weeks ago that their contracts wouldn’t be renewed for next season – whenever and if there is one – participated in their last official actions for the organization. Think there wasn’t at least one tense moment when owner-in-waiting Jim Buss (think a less-experienced Prince Charles waiting for his father to die) asked oh say, on the way out the door assistant GM Ronnie Lester his opinion of a player on the draft board.






Back before ESPN became the self-proclaimed “World-Wide Leader” in television sports, CNN had themselves a pretty damn good nightly sports show. Hosted by Nick Charles and Fred Hickman, Sports Tonight was the show many sports fans relied on for national stories and highlights in the early days of cable TV. In addition to setting the standard for what ESPN’s Sports Center eventually became, Sports Tonight boasted a black and white anchor team long before that became the norm in national television.

Sadly, Nick Charles lost his battle with bladder cancer on Saturday in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was 64.


It may seem like every time you turn on your TV or computer, or pick up your morning paper or weekly newsmagazine, you hear or read the words, “This is a defining moment for the president” or something along those lines. And while that sentiment may appear overused, the coming week will be a defining moment for President Obama, much like the one Bill Clinton had in 1995 when he told Newt Gingrich during a fight over the budget that eventually led to a shutdown of the federal government, “I simply can’t do what you want me to do. I don’t believe in it and I don’t believe it’s right for the country. And even if it costs me the election, I am not going to do this.” At some point in the next few days, Barack Obama will face such a situation and how he responds to it will tell the American people and his opponents everything they need to know about him and where he stands on some very fundamental issues.






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