Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jon Huntsman For President: 2012 Announcement Kicks Off Campaign (VIDEO)

“Hey, it’s that guy I used to work for in China. What’s his name again? O,o,o, something. Oh well, I’m off  to not being the GOP nominee next year.”

Newt Gingrich 2012 Campaign Finance Team Quits

“Where the f**k did everybody go?”

Tim Pawlenty to bring back ‘Obamneycare’

Harry Reid: Mitt Romney ‘doesn’t know who he is’

Huntsman bets on electability

Bachmann: Obama has ‘Failed the African American Community’

Michele Bachmann’s Holy War

NOT A GOOD HEADLINE – “The anatomy of gaming a straw poll” – Jmart pulls back the curtain on RLC intrigue: Jon Huntsman surprised the political world on Saturday when he came in second at the Republican Leadership conference straw poll in New Orleans. Now, POLITICO’s Jonathan Martin reports that a small group of New Orleans operatives helped work the event for Huntsman , even busing in non-Republicans to stack the vote. Jmart reveals an email invitation offering recipients the chance to “go to the conference, meet with an insider from a presidential campaign, participate in conference, participate in a straw poll, then head back to Lakeview harbor for refreshments. There is no cost involved and it does not matter what your party affiliation is. The whole thing should last between two to three hours.” Read on:

CASH SCRAMBLE BEGINS – THE MORMON PRIMARY: Both Huntsman and Mitt Romney are headed to Salt Lake City this week to compete for major LDS donors, and several Utah Republicans tell the Washington Post that “Huntsman and his supporters have been calling Romney donors and asking them to consider giving to Huntsman, too.” At the same time as he courts members of the conservative church, Huntsman’s also raising money off his support for civil unions. POLITICO’s Maggie Haberman reports: “[An] email from Charles T. Moran, a vice chair with the California Log Cabin Republicans and a political consultant, highlights Huntsman and his wife Mary Kaye’s support for the LGBT community, adding as Utah’s governor he’s ‘talked the talk and walked the walk,’ and is ‘unique in his desire to have a fully inclusive campaign.'”

HUNTSMAN: St. Petersburg Times’ Adam C. Smith: “By this time in the 2008 presidential cycle both John McCain and Mitt Romney had lined up considerate political talent in Florida. This year is different. … The big exception is Jon Huntsman, who has opened up his national campaign headquarters in Orlando at the intersection of Church Street and Orange Ave. Along with a Floridian national campaign manager, Suzie Wiles, and Florida state director Nikki Jerger Lowery, he has brought on board some other respected political pros, including former state GOP executive director David Johnson, respected and tough to pronounce Marc Reichelderfer (a former Romney adviser), and Alex Castellanos Jr.”

BREAKING IN THE MONEY RACE – DEMS RIDE OBAMA COATTAILS – The three Democratic campaign committees outraised their GOP counterparts by nearly $5 million last month, bringing in a combined $18.4 million to the GOP’s $13.9 million. The strongest Democratic advantage came from the DNC, which raised $10.5 million with a lot of help from President Barack Obama, versus $6.2 million for the RNC. The Democratic war chest is now more than 50 percent larger than the GOP’s: Democratic committees have $29.6 million in the bank and Republican committees have $18.5 million. The debt contest is still a tossup: Republican committees owe $25.5 million. The DNC and DCCC owe a combined $20.1 million, but the DSCC has not yet disclosed its debt. The NRCC was the only Republican committee to out raise its Democratic rival, beating the DCCC by some $800,000.

TIM PAWLENTY visited POLITICO World Headquarters yesterday (Tuesday the 21st) for cookies, coffee, and conversation. Excerpts:

JONATHAN MARTIN: “Governor, you’re going up on TV, I understand, in Iowa. Why are you doing that ad? What do you think the impact of that will be, in [the] straw poll and also on caucuses?”

PAWLENTY: “Iowa caucuses are in February or in January. So, it’s six or seven months away. The straw poll is in 50 or so days. And so, this is part of our continuing process to get better known in Iowa and make our case to Iowa Republicans.” …

JMART: “And you expect to win the straw poll; right?”

PAWLENTY: “No, we haven’t said that. Where’d you come up with that?”

JMART: “Well, I’m just asking.” [Laughter.]

PAWLENTY: “No, we say that we need to do and want to do very well there, but we don’t necessarily -”

JMART: “What does that mean?”

PAWLENTY: ” Well, I think you want to be one of the top 10 finishers.”

JMART: “Come on.” [Laughter.]

PAWLENTY: “You know, we haven’t put a number on it, but I think we’ve got to do reasonably well. I don’t know that we have to win it, but we’ve got to do reasonably well, one of the top, you know, few finishers.” …

JOHN F. HARRIS: “What do you see as the biggest threat now … when you look at the lay of the land?” …

PAWLENTY : “[M]y view of the race is there are people who are well-known and kind of known commodities. There is … another group that’s going to be emerging, and I think for some of us there’s a lot of upside that’s not yet been captured and will be captured over the next eight months and that will be the tale of the tape going forward. … [E]verybody is going to say many of the same things on the key issues of the day, but there are very few candidates in the race who have actually done it. So, one of our themes, not our only theme, is going to be: You want leaders who are seasoned, tested, and have the fortitude and the persistence to drive these things to results, because anybody can get up and give a good speech, but have you actually done these things? So, on spending, on taxes, on healthcare reform, on school reform, on dealing with National Guard issues, dealing with immigration issues, dealing with economic issues, tax issues, job issues, there are very few people in the race that have even a direct record on most of these things. I do, and it’s a good one.”

PLAYBOOK: “Will we hear you say the word ‘Obomneycare’ in the future?”

PAWLENTY: “Yes. … [W]e were going to use the debate as an opportunity to introduce myself and my record in Minnesota. I’m not averse to having a debate with Mitt on health care or anything else. I mean, man, I’m an old hockey player — I’ve been in probably more fights than all of the guys on the stage combined. … I’ll probably use the word again. I might change it to something else, but you know, it will be the same or similar. I kind of like ‘Robamacare.'” [Laughter.] … The “I’m an old hockey player” line is already getting old. Pun fully intended.

JAMES HOHMANN: “Are you concerned that the conservative movement and the other Republican candidates are going wobbly on the war [in Afghanistan]?” …

PAWLENTY: “I wish I would have been able to answer that question in the debate because it only got asked to two or three people, and they took a different tack than I would have taken, and I don’t like the drift of the Republican Party to what appears to be a retreat or a move more towards isolationism. … I think we need to have enough capacity in or around Afghanistan going forward to be able to identify any threats to the national security interests of the United States and promptly defeat it. Now, that is going to require us to be there a while longer, but in the meantime we also got to build up their police and security forces so they can take on more of that load themselves, and I would then not draw down these troops according to any arbitrary deadline.

“I supported … President Obama’s surge of the troops, but I was very disappointed that he also simultaneously announced the withdrawal and deadline in the same speech, and of course he had to walk that back in the ensuing months because of the folly of it, but it reflects, I think, a political thinking on his part rather than allowing the conditions on the ground and a sharp definition of the mission to determine what we do next. So, I don’t think he should put arbitrary numbers and deadlines out there.”


Obama Announces Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal In Speech To Nation

Democrats Largely Disappointed With Obama’s Afghanistan Announcement I’ll give the GOPers this much; they weren’t out there publicly tearing down ‘Dubya no matter how f***ed up his actions and policies were. I swear, with “friends” like this…

Obama Speech On Afghanistan Prompts Reaction From GOP Presidential Candidates Too bad none of them knows what the hell they’re talking about.

Mitch McConnell: GOP More Willing To Be Isolationist Because There’s A Democratic President (VIDEO) Well, duh! I’ll give “Mushmouth” credit for being honest if nothing else.

Eric Cantor Pulls Out Of Debt Ceiling Talks

“Could have kept my half black/half white ass in the Senate, written a few more books, have weekends off, but nooooooo, I just had to go and make history as the first African-American president in history.”


Those who think that the GOP won’t eventually come up with a strong candidate to run against President Obama, should heed the words of Mitch McConnell ’12 could be ’80.

I wonder what the over/under is in Vegas on how long it takes “Mrs Toad #4” to file for divorce once “Mr Toad” drops out of the race. Officially that is, because the race actually ended for him several weeks ago whether he admits it or not.

Not having your website up and running and not having it on the podium when you announce your entry into the presidential race, the one day that you’re guaranteed to get press coverage, is the kind of mistake you make when you’re ad-libbing your way through things. Isn’t that right former Obama administration ambassador Jon Huntsman?

NBC may not be able to handle a transition in late-night, but the News Department has learned how to seamlessly move from one anchor to another. Brian Williams moved into the Nightly News chair after Tom Brokaw, Ann Curry has some people forgetting all about Meredith Vieira and, after a bit of awkwardness at the start of his run, David Gregory has put his stamp on Meet The Press after replacing the legendary Tim Russert.

It’s his and Mrs Toad #4’s money and they can spend it in any fashion or place their cold-blooded little heart’s desire. HOWEVER, if you’re running for president as a “fiscal conservative”, this kind of headline Newt Gingrich Tiffany’s Controversy Revived As Campaign Acknowledges Second Credit Line At Jewelry Store doesn’t help at all.

If you’ve ever wondered how some athletes go broke after making MILLIONS of dollars during their careers, here’s a clue: former Nugget and current Knick Carmelo “Mr La La Vasquez” Anthony recently sold his Denver area mansion for $6.2 million. This was $3.3 million below the original listing price last year and $6 million less than he paid for it in 2007.



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