Saturday, May 14, 2011

A New Breakout Star.. Decision Time For Huck.. An Opening For Bachmann, But Trump Doomed?

(L-R) Herman “The Godfather of Soul Pizza” Cain, Mitt “Regular Rich Guy” Romney, Ron “Crazy Sr” Paul, Donald “I Love ‘The Blacks’” ***** and Newt “Three Religions, Three Wives (So Far)” Gingrich.

Poll Brings Bad News To Republican Presidential Field (Such as it is)

Clockwise from top left: Sarah “GMILF” Palin, Mitt “I’m Wearing A Tie This Time” Romney,

Mike “Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won’t” Huckabee and Michelle “Double Down on Crazy” Bachmann.

Newt Gingrich Addresses His Past, Says He’s More Mature

“Anyone buying this bull**** yet?”

WSJ to Mitt: It’s ‘nothing personal’

The paper wrote two blistering editorials about him.

 “Hi, I’m Mitt Romney and I’m just a regular rich guy who wants to be president so bad, I’ll say damn near anything, anywhere, anytime. You want me to deny my principles and my signature achievement as governor of Massachusetts? No problemo, mi amigos and amigas. By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m not wearing a necktie. Again. In fact, if you elect me president, I’ll pledge to never wear a tie in the Oval Office.”

Romney fights back against WSJ     Right recoils from Romney speech   In or out, Huck not letting up on Mitt

MITT ROMNEY’s PowerPoint presentation, “Health Care Reform,” delivered in Ann Arbor yesterday (blazer, no necktie): “The Obama Administration fundamentally does not believe in the American Experiment. … OBAMACARE: A government takeover of health care … MASS-CARE: Help people get and keep their health insurance … INAUGURATION DAY PRIORITIES — No. 1: Issue Executive Order paving way for Obamacare waivers for all 50 states … No. 2: Work with Congress to repeal Obamacare.”

–Romney: “A lot of pundits around the nation are saying that I should just stand up and say, ‘This whole thing was a mistake.’ … There’s only one problem with that. It wouldn’t be honest. I, in fact, did what I believed was right for the people of my state.”

–2-page fact sheet … Romney’s slides: 1-12 … 13-25 … C-SPAN video

–@Ezra Klein: “His argument boils down to ‘Under a Romney presidency, no state would have to replicate my awesome, obvious health-care reforms.’ … The White House should send this guy on the road!” TPM stole it with no credit, bannering its lead story, “Mitt Romney: I Will Never Impose My Awesome Massachusetts Law On The Nation.”

–Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) sent a gale of praise: “Governor Romney showed a lot of courage today by standing his ground on the reforms he put in place in Massachusetts. What he did as governor worked for Massachusetts by getting health insurance to more people. The fact he did it without raising taxes is a remarkable achievement.”

–ABC’s John Berman, on-set with Diane Sawyer, reflected the generally withering coverage: “As he took the stage in a Michigan classroom, Mitt Romney tried to TAKE ON the biggest threat to his presidential ambitions: himself. … Today, in a breathtakingly scathing editorial, the conservative Wall Street Journal said of Romney, ‘If he does not change his message, he might as well try to knock off Joe Biden and get on the Obama ticket.'”

–A Dem. strategist emails: “You can’t rip the Band-Aid off if you don’t apologize. And not only didn’t he apologize, he made a highly compelling case for mandates.”

–A top Romnen tells us: “He did what he needed to do. It’s not going to be pretty.” Another sent a one-word email: “Conviction.”

White House Reacts To Mitt Romney’s Speech: He Took A ‘Smart Approach Toward Health Care’

Jon Huntsman: The Would Be Republican Presidential Candidate Democrats Most Fear

I already knew what Michelle Bachmann was, now it’s good to know her price. Michele Bachmann will run for president if you give her $100

Obama’s 2012 Re-election Chances: Why He Could Lose

He’s vulnerable when Republicans stop talking nonsense and turn to the economy.

First Thoughts: What we learned this week By NBC’s Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, Domenico Montanaro, and Ali Weinberg

What we learned this week in the early ’12 presidential race… If the goal of yesterday’s health-care speech was to put the health issue behind him, then the address was an “un-Mitt-igated” failure… The strongest part of the speech: his defense of MA’s mandate; the weakest part: why the federal government shouldn’t do the same… Flip-flopping vs. sticking to your guns… Bush World wants Daniels in the race… Yet another sign Huckabee isn’t running… Ron Paul makes it official… Team Obama woos the Latino vote… An emboldened GOP on the debt ceiling… WV GOV primary is tomorrow… And mark your calendars: A discussion on covering the Middle East takes place on Tuesday, May 17

 *** What we learned this week: In what might have been one of the busiest weeks to date of the early 2012 presidential race, we learned several things. For starters, we discovered that despite President Obama getting a bump in the polls after Osama bin Laden’s death, current attitudes about the economy (and especially gas prices) have tempered the size of that bump. We found out that the White House wants to make immigration and Latino outreach a BIG ’12 topic, even though there aren’t the votes in Congress to pass any kind of immigration reform this Congress. We learned that health care isn’t going away as an issue for Romney, not by a long shot. We also saw that Newt Gingrich — despite his absence over the past few weeks — is now officially in the race. So, too, is Ron Paul, who made it official on ABC this morning. And if we weren’t totally sure BushWorld was firmly for Mitch Daniels getting into the race, we do now. 

*** An “un-Mitt-igated” failure? If the goal of yesterday’s speech was to put health care behind him, then Romney’s address yesterday was an un-Mitt-igated failure. The strongest part of his speech was his defense of the Massachusetts health law, especially its individual mandate. “I … recognize that a lot of pundits around the nation are saying that I should just stand up say this whole thing was a mistake,” he said. “But there’s only one problem with that: It wouldn’t be honest.” As Politico’s Ben Smith observed, Romney’s defense was similar to Hillary Clinton’s on Iraq in 2007-08 — don’t apologize and move on. (Pawlenty, on the other hand, has taken the Edwards-like position when it comes to cap-and-trade — apologize.) Of course, Hillary had the burden of trying to become the nation’s first female commander-in-chief. The weakest part of the speech was his insistence that a state-based mandate is different from a federal-based one. It’s STILL a mandate. Moreover, how is a mandate a good thing in one state, while a “power grab” if extended federally? Can the U.S. really drive down its health-care costs if one state insures everyone and another doesn’t, forcing taxpayers and emergency rooms to pick up the tab in one state or more?


I’m not saying that Mitt Romney had a bad week, but even Donald ***** was overheard saying to one of “The Blacks” that he gets along with so well, “Man, I’m glad I’m not that son of a  bitch! Now show me your birth certificate and grades.”

House Speaker “John “Agent Orange” Boehner was the only Republican to have a worse week than Romney Boehner’s unreality check on the deficit and interestingly enough, both suffered self-inflicted wounds during widely panned speeches.

Honest to God, I can’t tell if he’s in or out at this point, but this sort of seems like Mike Huckabee’s going to run for (and lose again) the GOP presidential nomination Huckabee email to his inner circle. Or not.

Mitch The reluctant candidate Daniels is starting to remind me of that really fine girl in high school who always teased you with her “I might give you ‘some’, but then again, I might not” attitude. At some point, you just stopped waiting on her to make up her mind and went and got with the less-attractive but far more willing to give it up girl and that’s what I see about to happen in this case too.

I wonder who will be the first reporter to take a hard look at Herman Cain as a businessman and what his policy positions are, and not just as the second coming of Michael Steele aka “The GOP’s House Negro De Jour”.

I think I’ve found the perfect running mate for Newt “Three Wives So Far” Gingrich! John Ensign report filled with bombshells  

I can’t wait to see what Sarah Palin does/says next in her attempt to stay relevant. Wait a minute, yes I can.

House Majority Whip Eric “Eager Beaver” has been awfully quiet the last few weeks and that can’t be good for John Boehner or Paul Ryan.

I honestly don’t know if Ashton Kutcher can replace Charlie Sheen on 2 & ½ Men, but I lost interest in the show about 1 & ½ years ago.

Speaking of CBS, how long before they pay William Petersen “Charlie Sheen Money” to return and save CSI before Laurence Fishburne kills it off?

To paraphrase the old Three Degrees record, “When Will I See You Again”, Tiger Woods’ new theme song should be When Will I Win Again.

Damn! The Memphis Grizzlies just refuse to die! Sunday could be an epic Game 7 in the OKC as could the Bulls/Heat series where league MVP Derrick Rose tries to prove that he doesn’t need LeBron James to win a NBA championship.

It’s really weird to roll around LA this time of the year and not see a bunch of Laker flags flying from vehicles.

Why is that Brian Shaw, a young African-American who earned five rings as a Laker player and assistant coach, is seemingly being told by team management to look for a head coaching position with another team, and the names of the possible replacements for Phil Jackson are all those of older, white coaching “retreads” with nary a championship among them (Larry Brown is never going to be coach of the Lakers so he doesn’t count)? Mike Dunleavy? Jeff Van Gundy? Rick Adelman? Is this really the best the Lakers can do? What is this, the NBA equivalent of the 2012 GOP presidential candidate pool?

The Funniest/most ridiculous statement to come out of the Lakers’ exit interviews was Bill Walton’s son contention that he should have played more in the Dallas series. This from a guy who’s the luckiest Laker to win a ring, let alone two, since the great Chuck Nevitt in 1985.

Well, so much for watching his son Austin play for Duke next season. Celtics give Doc Rivers $35 million deal

Frank McCourt is the worst sports franchise owner in Los Angeles history and when one considers that Donald T. Sterling has owned the Clippers since 1981 and McCourt (and his ex-wife Jamie) have owned the Dodgers for only 7 years, that’s saying something.

Whatever happened to Haley Barbour?





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