RANDOM THOUGHTS – Mother’s Day 2011


WTF was that?

Scratching My Head

Isn’t it amazing that while George W. Bush could never find the so-called WMDs before he went ahead and invaded Iraq or Osama Bin Laden during his EIGHT years in office, President Obama managed to find and kill Bin Laden in less than 2 & ½ years?

Something To Consider

The potential field of Republican presidential candidates contains five former governors, one current governor, a former Speaker of the House, a former senator, two sitting members of Congress and two businessmen. And combined, they don’t have the foreign policy experience of President Obama.

Mitt Romney may be the first presidential candidate in history trying to back his way into his party’s nomination. I mean, he’s acting like he deserves a “first-round bye” because he came in 2nd in ’08.

The “Jon Huntsman: Why I served Barack Obama but now I’m running against him (maybe) strategy” should be interesting or completely hilarious to watch evolve over the next few weeks. It could go either way.

GOP finding it hard to make progress  Frankly, it couldn’t happen to a nicer, more deserving bunch, especially the guy below, Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.







“Oy vey.”

Bobby Jindal Birth Certificate Released (PHOTO) Yeah, ‘cause that’s the only thing that was going to keep Bobby Jindal from running for president. By the way, Jindal’s “Certificate of Live Birth”, is literally the SAME document that “birthers” refused to accept from the State of Hawaii regarding Barack Obama’s birth. I’d call it ironic if it weren’t so stupid.

This is good news for African-American themed films not made by Tyler Perry – Back to the domestic scene, two romantic comedies also debuting widely this weekend — Sony’s African-American-targeted “Jumping the Broom” and Warner’s “Something Borrowed” — both hit or exceeded their pre-release targets. The TD Jakes-produced “Broom, grossed $13.7 million playing at 2,035 locations, generating an A grade from moviegoer survey firm Cinemascore.

The film cost Sony only $6.6 million to produce.

“Ten million would have been a good hit for us,” said Sony distribution chief Rory Bruer. “We’re really going to do well with this film.” The Kate Hudson film “Something Borrowed,” meanwhile, grossed $13.2 million playing at 2,904 dates.

Let’s hope that the positive word-of-mouth on “JTB” helps to grow its audience. I saw it on Saturday and give it 4 & ½ stars out of five.

This why I hate that “SNL” has to go on summer break just when the GOP campaign craziness is about to get going strong. GOP Undeclared Candidates Debate

Why do I think the folks at Bravo spent time last week seriously debating the possible merits of The Real Housewives of Osama Bin Laden?






Come on Andrew Bynum, you’re better than that!


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