Sunday, May 1, 2011

The 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner

In his speech, Barack Obama trumps adversaries

“How ya’ like me now, Donald, rhymes with chump!”

Actress/Activist Rosario Dawson

(L-R) Seth Myers, Mrs. Michelle Obama, John Hillkirk of USA Today and President Barack Obama

At White House Correspondents’ Dinner, President Obama hurls barbs at possible GOP rivals  

 Brunching with the stars at Tammy Haddad’s  

New Hampshire GOP Gets Back-To-Back Look At Potential Presidential Hopefuls

(L-R) Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Tim Pawlenty

Republican candidates: 2012 GOP field tries to refocus  

At events in New Hampshire, contenders reemphasize the economy and gas prices. But the party’s field in 2012 is still unclear, and voter energy is diffuse. “There is no passion out there for anybody,” said Curt Anderson, a Republican strategist not aligned with any candidate. “Maybe that will change. But it’s a little bit odd and maybe a little bit disconcerting at this point.”Really? Not even for serial marrier and religioner Newt “The Toad” Gingrich?


The devastation in Tuscaloosa, Alabama is so bad, Haiti’s entertainment industry is holding a 2 hour, 37 minute telethon for the city this Wednesday. Seriously, let us all pray for the victims, living and dead, of the storms that swept across the South this past week. And if you can spare a few dollars, the Red Cross can use any amount you can donate.

When SNL head writer and “Weekend Update” host Seth Myers, who followed the president to the microphone at Saturday night’s event said, [Donald] Trump “said he’s running as a Republican. Which is surprising: I just assumed he was running as a joke”, I thought I was going to lose my mind. The best part of both the president’s and Myer’s performances were just how hard and viciously they went after Donald *****, who sat petulantly at his seat throughout both skewerings. I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that he was regretting this incredibly dumb quote “Obama won’t joke about me” he made during his arrival on the red carpet and that he was trying to figure out a way to blame his upcoming “I’ve decided not to run because…”statement on the way he was treated at the WHCD.

Wouldn’t it be funny, yet somewhat reassuring, if we found out that Donald *****’s non-campaign was the result of him sitting around with some friends one day and saying, “I’ll bet you 10 million dollars that I can go on TV, say the most ridiculous things that pop into my head and end up on top of most Republican polls. Any takers?”

Am I the only one who finds it odd that Mitt Romney, an admittedly wealthy man, is running around trying to prove how much of a “regular guy” he is by going tieless at most of his recent appearances? I mean, he does realize that the POTUS wears a tie damn near every day of his time in office, right? After all, this isn’t Iran.

I still don’t think she has a Klansman’s chance of surviving a NAACP branch meeting in Yazoo City, Mississippi without suffering severe, if not life-threatening injuries, but I have to give Michelle “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann credit for doing what her fellow lunatic Sarah Palin doesn’t do: going on non-FOX News shows and answering questions about her positions and policy ideas.

The current crop of possible GOP presidential candidates makes Bob Dole (1996) look like Dwight Eisenhower.

It’s been so long since the Lakers and Mavericks last played each other in the playoffs – 1988 – neither team plays in the arenas (the Forum and Reunion Arena respectively) that they used then and the only constant is that Dr. Jerry Buss still owns the Lakers.

Due to the off and on again lockout – currently on if you’re keeping score at home – this year’s NFL draft had a very surrealistic feel. Told by a judge that the lockout was off and that it was “business as usual” on Friday, players showed up at their team’s facilities only to be told a few hours later that the lockout was back on due to the NFL’s appeal being granted. With the NBA and its players locked in negotiations that are heading to Defcon 5 level unless cooler heads prevail, one has to wonder if either or both leagues and its players realize that now isn’t the time to be arguing over how to split BILLIONS of dollars while many Americans are struggling to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. As an article in the current issue of Sports Illustrated shows, the Rust Belt is still deep in the throes of recession and everyone involved needs to keep this in mind.


I don’t know if we’re seeing another “Golden Age” in the NBA playoffs, but there’s no doubt in my mind that this may have been the greatest first round in recent history or that the league is full of talented, young players who will make the transition from Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, and the future Hall of Famers on the Celtics, to a new galaxy of stars easier to take.

While the Eastern and Western Conference Semifinals have compelling series on both sides of their brackets, each features one that stands out above the other. In the East, it’s the championship tested Boston Celtics vs the “some assembly required” Miami Heat. Not only do the Heat have to prove that they can beat the Celtics, Le Bron James, who was accused of quitting during Cleveland’s playoff series against Boston last season, is seeking personal redemption as well.

Meanwhile, in the Wild, Wild West, it’s the upstart youngsters from the OKC against the upsetting Beale Street Bandits from Memphis in what most will view as the undercard to the Lakers/Mavericks series. But, make no doubt about, the Thunder are out to prove that youth can be served and the Grizzlies want to make it clear that their series win over the Spurs was no fluke.

My Predictions

Eastern Conference – Bulls in 6, Heat in 7

Western Conference – Lakers in 6, Thunder in 6 (Sorry big sister who lives in Memphis)


Whether he admits it or not publicly, if Frank McCourt has the sense God gave a seedless grape, he has to know that fighting Commissioner Bud Selig and Major League Baseball (MLB), is an exercise in futility. In what is known as a “course correction” in many businesses, Selig is using McCourt’s current situation to correct the grievous error he made almost 4 & ½ years ago when he allowed Frank and Jamie to “buy” the Dodgers on credit. Compare the Dodgers’ current situation with that of their neighbors down the 5 Freeway whose owner, Arte Moreno, wrote a check – figuratively speaking – when he purchased the Angels in May 2003. Of course, that’s the difference between a cash-poor couple using the system – and frankly, more power to the McCourts getting away with it – and a billionaire buying a professional sports franchise, or anything for that matter.

The problem is Frank McCourt still doesn’t “get it”. California is a no-fault state when it comes to divorce. All you have to do is cite irreconcilable differences and boom, once you divide up your assets, you’re divorced. It truly doesn’t have to be a costly public (or private) mess like the McCourts’ split became. It was the divorce proceedings that pulled back the cover off the McCourt’s lavish, even by Los Angeles standards, lifestyle that was financed purely by the money they pulled out of the Dodgers. He also doesn’t “get it” regarding his dealings with Bud Selig and MLB.

Bud Selig doesn’t decide what to eat for breakfast without talking to everyone in his house and getting their opinions first. He is the ultimate consensus builder and if Frank McCourt wants to sue Selig and MLB, that’s a battle that he’ll most likely lose. And, since he’s admittedly cash-poor unless or until Selig approves the FOX cable deal that McCourt swears is the solution to all his financial problems, both personal and professional, where is he going to get the money to hire the kind of top-notch attorneys he’ll need?

I feel for Frank McCourt, I really do. He sees his dream and business slipping away from him and even though he makes some valid points about his “property being seized unfairly”, one thing I’ve learned over my many years as a sports fan, professional sports are run under usual business practices and once you sign up to join the exclusive club of franchise owners in leagues such as MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL, you give up certain rights. It’s time for Frank McCourt to like his wounds, do what the receiver/monitor appointed by Selig tells him to do and prepare to put the Dodgers on the market and get the best price possible.


“Chump of the Century”


Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Today marks the 11th anniversary of my deciding to take life “One Day At A Time” and I thank God, my family, friends and the “Culver City Crew” for having my back and keeping me on the right path.


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