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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31, 2011


President Barack Obama comforting a resident of Joplin, Missouri on Sunday.



John McCain’s mantra, ca. 2007-2008, defending his support for the surge and unpopular war in Iraq: “I’d rather lose an election than lose a war.”

Romney’s new line, to the Boston Globe, defending his support for the unpopular Massachusetts health care overhaul: “The health of the people in Massachusetts is more important to me than the health of my political prospects.”


Say what you will about whether or not she’s qualified to be president or if she’s actually going to run for the GOP’s nomination, let alone win – and Lord knows I’ve said plenty since John McCain introduced her to an unsuspecting nation almost three years ago – but there’s no one in the Republican Party who can rile up the media and public the way Sarah Palin can. And, she’s doing it again this Memorial Day weekend with what one writer has dubbed Sarah Palin’s political mystery tour, a seemingly last-minute attempt to recapture her once-potent appeal that Michele Bachmann has tapped into recently with her own special blend of Subtle Stupidity.


“I’m not crazy! I just don’t know anything about anything!”

I’ll be here debating, I’ll be here being interviewed, I’ll be here speaking, and you’ll get to know me even better than you did last time.” Mitt Romney describing his Iowa strategy to Iowans this weekend The biggest risk with this scenario is the more Iowans get to know him, there’s a very good chance that they’ll like him even less than they did in ’08.

You can say stupid, irresponsible things like former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty did when he stood firm in his position that Congress should not raise the debt ceiling in his appearance on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday – “I don’t think we should raise the debt ceiling,” said Pawlenty, who announced his candidacy for president last week. He added that if Congress “moves in that direction” then they should demand concessions like a balanced budget amendment and permanent spending caps in exchange. He also implied that suggestions that failing to raise the debt ceiling would result in a financial disaster are overblown. “Well, there are some serious voices challenging that very premise,” Pawlenty continued. “And the answer is nobody really knows because we’ve not been at this point before” – when you’re not the one who has to make the hard decisions.

Romney and health care: In the thick of history

The former governor has faced a fusillade from the right for the plan they call RomneyCare. But a look back at the birth of the Mass. law shows why he can’t, and won’t, back away. It was an amazing political feat, and no one’s role was bigger than his.

Governor Romney signed the state health care overhaul bill into law to much fanfare at a Faneuil Hall ceremony in 2006. (David L Ryan/ Globe Staff/ File 2006)

President Obama’s secret weapon in Florida: Rick Scott

Republican 2012 Presidential Contenders Drift To The Right



Mitch McConnell: Paul Ryan Medicare Plan ‘On The Table’ In Debt Ceiling Discussions

“Yes, I’m aware of the fact that I look like a mutated toad. What’s your point?” 


Sports Illustrated investigation on Jim Tressel, Ohio State

LeBron James and the Miami Heat have given the NBA an extraordinary boost in interest this season and during the playoffs.


I’m not sure how President Obama’s opponents will find fault with the following, but I’m sure they will: On Monday, the President and First Lady will host a breakfast for Gold Star Families in the State Dining Room. … Afterwards, the President will make Department of Defense personnel announcements in the Rose Garden. … Later in the morning, the President and First Lady will visit Arlington National Cemetery where the President will participate in a wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns. … Following the wreath laying ceremony, the President will participate in the Memorial Day Service at the Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery. U.S. Army Military District of Washington Command Chaplain (Colonel) Steve Berry, will deliver the invocation, followed by remarks from Admiral Mike Mullen, Secretary Robert Gates and President Obama. The First Lady will also attend. I’m sure Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin will find fault with “Obama’s wreath-laying technique” or something.

Republicans are going to have to go so far “right” to win their party’s nomination that it’s going to be almost impossible for the eventual nominee to get any independent voters in 2012.

We’re getting closer and closer to the Mormon Primary between Mitt “Suge” Romney and Jon “Puffy” Huntsman with Romney scheduled to formally enter the race later this week and Huntsman is widely expected to do so within the next two weeks or so.

Speaking of “Suge” Romney, it’s a damn shame that in order to have even a chance at winning the GOP nomination this time around, he has to practically renounce what was the most significant achievement of his time as Massachusetts governor – bipartisan healthcare reform.

When Mitch Daniels, or any other Republican who decided not to run in 2012, make statements like I could have beaten Obama, my first reaction is to laugh for about 5 minutes. Then I wish I had a way of getting in contact with Daniels, et al so I could say, “Hey big boy, there’s still plenty of time to get into the race. Quit writing checking that you a** can’t cash or step up to the plate, and to your wife and daughters, and get in now!”

Sarah Palin’s bus tour prompts confusion on Day 2 If the MSM that she ridicules as “lamestream” on a consistent basis had any guts, they’d just ignore the attention whore and this “bus tour” until she actually says or does something newsworthy.

“Heck if I know where we’re going. I’ll tell you as soon as Bristol gets through ‘Googlizing’ areas full of good old-fashioned white Americans.”

Not that I really expect him to say anything different, at least not publicly and “on the record”, but when he says things like this Sarah Palin Can Beat Obama In 2012 with a straight face, I just have to wonder if John McCain truly believes this or deep down inside, regrets the day he picked her as his running mate.

If, as he says, he has absolutely no intention of running for president, why does New Jersey governor Chris Christie keep having these types of meetings Iowans head east this week to court Christie? Oh yeah that’s right, he’s and attention whore too!

I can’t be the only Democrat who wishes that Bill Clinton would just STFU, can I? I mean, isn’t this Bill Clinton to Paul Ryan on Medicare Election: ‘Give me a Call’ aiding and abetting the enemy?

When Hall of Famer and former Michael Jordan sidekick, excuse me, teammate, Scottie Pippen says Lebron ‘could be better than MJ’, I think I understand where he’s coming from. But, just as there will never be another James Brown or Willie Mays, there will never, ever be another Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Well, not unless another player leads the NBA in scoring and is named first team All-Defensive and All-NBA all six years that he won the NBA championship while being named Finals each time.

Don’t think for a millisecond that USC won’t be waiting with bated breath, and their attorneys on standby, to see how the NCAA punishes Ohio State.



Heat in 7.



Saturday, May 27, 2011

May 28, 2011

“After The Rapture Has Gone”

“Don’t make me kill you. ‘Cause I will. Think I’m f**king around? Ask the late Osama bin Laden if I won’t order a cap busted in your head.”


Bachmann’s ‘Calling’.. Palin Thunders Back.. The Pizza Man Delivers.. Newt’s Epic Free-Fall.. TPaw’s Campaign Dead?.. For Santorum, No Party In The USA

Tea Party Favorite Plans 2012 Announcement.. And Palin’s Back In The Spotlight

Now appearing everywhere: “Subtle Stupidity”

Mitt Romney 2012 Campaign For President Announcement Coming Next Week







“I think I can. I sure as sugar hope I can. Pardon my French.”


The magic of Chicago for Obama ’12

“Hello, Obama for President headquarters. Home of the current and future President of the United States. How may I help you?”

OBAMA 2012 -TIME’s Michael Scherer, “Obamaworld 2012: The President’s re-election team gets back to its (grass) roots”: “[O]bama 2012 looks and feels much as Obama 2008 did … In fact, all of the people who have been hired so far into the inner circle have been there before. Jim Messina, who served as the ’08 campaign’s chief of staff before a turn at the White House, is campaign manager. David Axelrod, the message guru, will reprise his role. … Robert Gibbs is expected back as well. The field leadership, led by [Jeremy] Bird and Mitch Stewart, Obama’s 2008 Iowa organizer, remains unchanged. At the White House, a coterie of old campaign hands, including Plouffe, Stephanie Cutter and Dan Pfeiffer, keep in close touch with Chicago. President Obama, meanwhile, plays a chairman-of-the-board role, receiving regular progress briefings and speaking intermittently with Messina and Axelrod.”

Sarah Palin revs up for nationwide bus tour

Sarah Palin goes behind enemy lines

Michael J.W. Stickings: Palin on the Bus, Back in the Spotlight, Desperate for Attention

Karl Rove: Sarah Palin Doesn’t Seem To Think ‘Rules Apply To Her’

“I don’t think she thinks the rules apply to her. She doesn’t need to have the traditional trappings of a presidential campaign. No finance committee, she can raise the money. She doesn’t need to go shake a lot of hands in Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina.”

Ron Paul: Who cares that he’s seeking the Republican nomination?


EMAIL DU JOUR, from a Bush alumnus with whom we have regular trilats at Guapo’s (extra credit for guessing the third person): “You heard it here first … as much as it pains me, Sarah Palin may win the nomination. Why? 1) Romney and his camp think she is too stupid and bombastic to win. 2) The media hates her … 3) She has sex appeal that the other candidates can’t purchase or campaign on. On top of this, she appears to have a solid marriage with a good guy who does not want the limelight. [You’re kidding with that one, right? Is this whole thing real, or a joke?] 4) There is no front runner (in spite of Romney’s 5 year campaign). 5) She has 100% name ID and free media, so her campaign war chest would not have to be as high as the others (including Romney – people still do not know what he is all about) * I am not saying I would vote or support her, but this may happen in spite of what all the elite think. Many people would not be shocked if she ran, but people will be shocked if she wins!” Yes, they will, bro!

PLAYBOOK FACTS OF LIFE: Romneyworld strongly believes that if Palin gets in, he wins more easily. “The shock value would cause elected officials and party officials to rally around Mitt, because she’d scare the daylights out of them,” one official said. “And it would allow him to position himself very much in the middle of Republican, conservative thinking and avoid the fringe, and look more moderate for the general election.” Rep. Michele Bachmann would have the same effect, the adviser said. Either of them “gives Romney a bogeyman: ‘Stop this crazy woman.'” Another top Republican said he relishes the idea of a Palin candidacy: “She’ll be defeated, and we’ll be done with her.”

TEA TENSION: Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann jockey for spotlight – Ben Smith and Maggie Haberman: “Already, their interests are coming into conflict as Palin makes moves designed to reclaim some of the media sparkle she’s ceded to Bachmann during the spring. The timing of Palin’s announcement Thursday of a weekend bus tour up the East Coast overshadowed what appeared to be Bachmann’s final steps toward a presidential bid, a ‘moneybomb’ raising $250,000 in a day and a planned speech in Iowa. … [W]hen asked about Palin during her by-phone presser with reporters who flew to Iowa Thursday for the speech, Bachmann lauded the Alaskan. But in the next breath she ticked off her resume, seeming to distinguish her own background from Palin’s credentials. … ‘I want to make it very clear: I consider Governor Palin a friend and I have great respect for Governor Palin. But … I don’t believe that any two candidates are interchangeable. I believe each one of us brings our own unique skill set into this race.’ … Prominent Republicans speculated Thursday that Palin’s bus tour timing is not unconnected to the Minnesota congresswoman’s efforts.”


“Hey fat-boy! I’ll put my age-appropriate hot blond wife up against ‘Mrs Toad #3” anytime, any place. And since I’m still trim and good-looking, I don’t need no stinkin’ revolving charge account at Tiffany’s to keep mine happy. Besides, even if I did, my daddy’s a billionaire and I can pay cash.

Michele Bachmann has ‘calling’ to run

“Every decision that I make, I pray about, as does my husband,” said the Minnesota congresswoman, according to radio broadcaster O. Kay Henderson. “Dear God, this is Michele again. I was just wondering, should I get chips or potato salad with my chicken sandwich for lunch today. Please get back to me before 12:30 CST. Thanks.”  “Dear God, this is Michele’s husband. I hate to bother you again, but I want Michele to give me, you know, rhymes with bed, but I don’t know how to ask her. Any ideas? Thanks.”

The 2012 Speculatron Weekly Roundup For May 27 


White, working class and alienated by Ronald Brownstein  

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) says he’s “proud” of his actions surrounding Sen. John Ensign’s (R-Nev.) scandal. Coburn has been accused of being an intermediary between Ensign and the husband of Ensign’s mistress, discussing compensation for the man. Really? I’d hate to see what Coburn would be ashamed of!

Miami Heat could pull off biggest ‘I told you so’ in sports history


I wonder which Mitt Romney will appear at next week’s official presidential announcement: corporate rich guy with a tie or regular rich guy without a tie. Hey, maybe he should just split the difference and order an ascot from the Roland S. Martin Collection.

After all, what says, “I’m one of you better than an ascot. Wait, he can get one of those “skipper hats” from his yacht club (I’m fairly certain he either belongs to one or has in the past) and do it up right. You know, “Big Pimpin’”, GOP style. I don’t know about you, but I’d pay BIG money to see Mitt dressed like that.

Is it just me, or does it appear that Republicans are running to be the president of “White America?”

How can someone who’s never gone away, call himself a ‘comeback kid’ as Newton Leroy Gingrich did in New Hampshire this week.

If most people’s reaction to the statement, “I, ______________, am thinking about running for president is “Who/Why the ‘f’ is __________________ thinking about running for president?”, you probably shouldn’t be running for president. And yes, Rudy Giuliani, Thaddeus McCotter and Rick Perry, I’m talking to you.

Boy, that “Paul Ryan For President” talk sure died down quickly.

If Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin formed a pop duo, their name would be Subtle Stupidity. I suspect that someone would have to explain to Palin what subtle means. Maybe Bristol could “Google” it for her.

I don’t know for sure that Casey Anthony killed her daughter – I’m fairly certain that she did or at least knows who did – but after just the first week of her murder trial, one thing is certain: that’s one messed up family.

I wonder why Hollywood doesn’t remake black movies. Oh that’s right, that’s what Tyler Perry, the “Puff Daddy of Films” does best. Or worse, depending on one’s point of view.

If you go by most of the basketball media, one would think that the Lakers hired a complete idiot as their new coach and for the life of me, I just don’t understand why.

I’m not saying players should scream obscenities at fans who are heckling them, BUT it would be great if say, Yoakim Noah could go to that fan’s office – imagine he’s an accountant at a major firm – and boo him from the “stands”: “Hey buddy, you did a real s****y job on that 1099. Get your head into the job. You suck!”

Uh, why is the NBA waiting until the day after the Memorial Day Weekend to start their Finals?

Frank McCourt says he expects to meet Dodgers payroll next week. Yeah, well, I expected to meet Halle Berry by now and that hasn’t happened yet.





Gil Scott-Heron Dead: ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ Author Dies At 62

“Saturday Night Live” creator/producer Lorne Michaels wanted Richard Pryor to host the show so much during the first season in 1975, he agreed to Pryor’s demand that the musical guest that week had to be Gil-Scott Heron. Now, that might not seem like such a big deal now, but trust me, this was a HUGE thing 36 years ago – Gil-Scott Heron on a network TV show.

While The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” remains Heron’s most well-known song (along with his collaborator Brian Jackson), this is my favorite of his Johannesburg. Years before Nelson Mandela’s release, Brother Gil was preaching the word about South Africa.

And he was married to Brenda Sykes too! 

Gil and Brenda in 1980

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 26, 2011

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama talk with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the 1844 Room at Buckingham Palace in London, England, May 24, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


I do not for one second the accusations brought against my husband.” – Anne Sinclair, French journalist and wife of IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who was arrested in New York City and charged with attempted rape of a hotel maid.

“You can listen to all the negativity, and you can listen to people who have never met Arnold, or who met him for five seconds 30 years ago. Or you can listen to me. “I wouldn’t be standing here if this man weren’t an A-plus human being. I wouldn’t be taking my time, I wouldn’t have left my job that I love, I wouldn’t be doing any of this if I didn’t believe in this man.”  – Maria Shriver on October 3, 2003, a day after Arnold Schwarzenegger’s campaign for governor of California was rocked by allegations of sexual misconduct with women.


“I wanted to run and gosh darn it, truth be told, I still want to run. But, my wife and daughters just won’t let me. What can I say – my pimp hand is weak.”

Newt Defends Jewelry Store Debt







“Have you seen my wife? How the ‘f’ do you think I keep her by my side? With my sexy good looks and charm? Get real. It takes bling, baby, lots and lots of bling. And not the swap meet stuff.”

Tim Pawlenty: ‘I’m Running For President’







“Mom, save a donut for my other supporter!”

 Newt Gingrich, citing record, says ignore record

“I want you to believe what I tell you and not the truth. Is that really so hard to understand?”

Pawlenty Announces GOP Presidential Bid: Too Nice to Win? – Or, can a charisma-challenged politician win the presidential nomination of his party?

Jonah Goldberg: With Mitch Daniels out, Paul Ryan should run

Have Democrats cracked the code for 2012?

Ryan blames NY-26 on Dem ‘scare tactics’


A “two-hour-long, sweeping epic” film about Sarah Palin is coming soon to Iowa, Real Clear Politics reports. The film is produced by conservative filmmaker Stephen Bannon and essentially commissioned by Palin herself: “When it premieres in Iowa next month, the film is poised to serve as a galvanizing prelude to Palin’s prospective presidential campaign … ‘This film is a call to action for a campaign like 1976: Reagan vs. the establishment,’ Bannon told RealClearPolitics. ‘Let’s have a good old-fashioned brouhaha’ … RealClearPolitics was recently given an exclusive screening of a rough cut of the now finished film, which Bannon designed, in part, to help catapult Palin from the presidential afterthought she has become in the eyes of many pundits directly to the front lines of the 2012 GOP conversation.” Unfortunately for Sarah Palin, Americans pretty much made up their minds about her in 2008 – they either like her or don’t – and this film probably won’t do much to change anyone’s opinion of her.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has done almost nothing to indicate that he’s seriously weighing a run for president. But he doesn’t seem to mind stoking the speculation, the Texas Tribune reports: “Perry declined Tuesday to rule out a White House bid during a press conference about a new anti-abortion measure. Also Tuesday, his top strategist told the Tribune that the governor is, naturally, ‘thinking about it’ given the flattering comments made recently by some in the GOP, although he ‘doesn’t see any change in his direction’ … Perry’s non-denial denial is a little more significant this time because he was asked specifically if he would ‘rule out’ running for president … ‘I’ve got my focus on where it’s appropriately supposed to be, and that’s this legislative session,’ Perry said.” Is this the same Rick Perry who in 2009 was talking about Texas seceding from the union or am I confusing him with someone else? Governor Says Texans May Want to Secede From Union Nope, it’s the same idiot.


“… We’ll have enough money to run a competitive successful campaign. It may not be the BMW or Mercedes campaign, but it will be a good solid Buick — or maybe trending toward a Cadillac — and that will be enough for us to be competitive and to win.” -Tim Pawlenty responding to a question about the 2012 money race on NBC’s “Today” show And the only reason why Buick and Cadillac are still around to be referenced is because of the bailout that most Republicans love to denigrate as “more Obama socialism.”

“While I am flattered by everyone’s encouragement, my decision has not changed. I will not be a candidate for president in 2012.” -Former Florida governor Jeb Bush Translation: “You do know my last name is Bush, right?

“There’s a strong Christian conservative wing of the party, a tea party faction now and a more traditional Republican that tends to be moderate. All those folks are going to show up to the caucuses and he [Tim Pawlenty] has an ability to unite them.” -Sara Fagen, a Pawlenty adviser and former top George W. Bush aide, on Iowa GOP voters Louis Farrakhan has a better chance of uniting the Fruit Of Islam and the B’nai B’rith.

“I think it’s disingenuous to tell the American people what I would do when I don’t have the intelligence information.” -Herman Cain drawing a blank on a Fox News question Palestinian right of return I’m going to assume that Cain wasn’t referring to his personal lack of “intelligence information.”

“We have about 2 million activists across the country and, frankly, we are disappointed. Now, obviously, we have to start looking, and I was just saying this morning, maybe it’s time to start drafting Paul Ryan.” -Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey on CNN’s “State of the Union” Please, please “draft” Paul Ryan, I beg of you. Millions of seniors will show up at his rallies to gum him to death.

” Rudy [Giuliani] is ‘very close to saying he’s going to run’ in 2012. If he were to make the decision today, he would run.” -Rep. Peter King, (R-NY), on friend Rudy Giuliani Run for what? President of his homeowners association? Either that, or Rudy G has a burning desire to see if he can run an even worse campaign than he did four years ago.

“It wasn’t just about a campaign and it wasn’t just about serving in office, but it was about the potential of enduring a campaign and then one to two terms in office, and then the rest of your life.” -Eric Holcomb, a longtime adviser to Mitch Daniels on why he announced he’s not running for president Yeah right.

“It’s easier to get your message out today, and people will take a look at it — and if they like it, maybe they vote for you.” -Michigan Rep. Thaddeus McCotter who said he’s seriously considering a White House bid I know what you’re thinking right now – who the f**k is Thaddeus McCotter? (That’s one of those old-school names that could be either white or black)

One of the smartest Republicans we know emails: “What this race crystallized is that whether we like it or not, Medicare will define 2012. Swing-district Republicans should embrace that inevitability and use their cash advantage to demagogue this issue earlier and heavier than the other side. From day one, our members need to be attacking their challenger for supporting the president’s Medicare-cutting healthcare bill and his plan to ration benefits for future seniors. Paul Ryan was wrong; leaders don’t change polls – scaring seniors changes polls, and we had better be prepared to do it as shamelessly as they did in this special if we want to retain the majority.” – Politico’s Morning Score 5/24 – I would LOVE to know who this GOPer is!


Too Controversial For The GOP?







“’Be bold Paul. Write your plan without regards to politics Paul. We’ll be right by your side Paul.’ Yeah, right.”

Republicans ignored warnings on Paul Ryan plan  

Political Flip-Flops Proving Fashionable In Congress, On The Trail

Newt: “That’s not what I said.”  Newt: “Yes it is!” Newt: “No it’s not!” Newt: “Oh okay. Let’s go to Tiffany’s.” Newt: “Now you’re talking!”

GOP braces for Medicare blowback

John Edwards may face criminal charges





 “Yeah, it was some good p***y, but not ‘go to federal prison’  good!”

Newt Gingrich now defending Paul Ryan

“Oh, Paul Ryan. I thought you said Raul.”  “Who the f**k is Newt Gingrich?”


When Herman Cain says ‘IT’S TIME TO GET REAL’, the only real thing about his campaign that comes to mind after his woeful appearance on FOX News Sunday Herman Cain Fumbles on Palestinian ‘Right of Return’ Question where he showed a shocking lack of foreign affairs knowledge, especially in the Middle East, is that this will be a “real” short campaign.

After reading the reactions from some of his supporters, Team Daniels plots next moves, I’m not sure if Mitch Daniels decided to not run for president or if he backed out of taking a pretty girl to the prom.

I’m confused – Mitt Romney says what he did on healthcare in Massachusetts isn’t good for the rest of America while Tim Pawlenty is saying what he did in Minnesota on debt, government spending and jobs is. Which former charisma-challenged governor is telling the truth might be the key question in the GOP primary campaign.

Speaking of Pawlenty, it’s all or nothing for him in Iowa.

Speaking of Iowa, this article, The Heartland Hustle, says exactly what I said a few issues back about the impact a presidential election year has on Iowa: It’s All About The Benjamins.

What bothers me most about Paul Ryan is his smug, almost evangelical attitude that “I am the way, the only way to fiscal responsibility and all who don’t agree with my plan are charlatans and heretics.”

I would have a lot more respect for Tavis Smiley if he just came out and admitted that “I’m still mad at Barack Obama for not kissing my ring (ass) properly when he ran for president and won despite not doing so.” When then-Senator Obama was in LA on his book tour and campaign swing prior to the 2006 elections, Tavis interviewed him on his PBS show and he fawned all over the senator.

It’s going to be interesting (and fun) to watch “Sarah and the Palinteers” push back against this Frank Bailey Speaks Out On Tell-All Book About Sarah Palin, because they won’t be able to use their usual “this is from somebody who didn’t know me/Sarah” line of defense. Well, they’ve started Sarah Palin’s team pushes back against new book just like I knew they would.

I am stunned! Lakers have a deal to hire Mike Brown as their coach Once it wasn’t Brian Shaw – which actually is a good move for his career in that it’s hard to follow a legend especially after most of the players endorse you – I never thought the Lakers would hire an African-American coach not named Magic Johnson. Considering how much Kobe wanted Shaw, it will be interesting to see if he considers this a slap in the face. Which it most certainly is: “You play, WE hire the coach.”

Two things are clear with the hiring of Mike Brown as the new head coach of the Lakers: 1) We are now in the Jim Buss Era and 2) I am no longer the only Al Roker lookalike in town!

After The Non-Rapture – Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22, 2011

If you’re reading this, “it” didn’t happen on Saturday, May 21.


Paging Bob Dole! Cue Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust” Mitch Daniels Not Running For President In 2012 Funny how “family considerations” – in this case, his wife and four GROWN daughters – is Daniels’ main reason for not running. I’m not calling him a liar or anything like that, but why do I have a sneaking suspicion that his main reason for not running is not wanting to explain his role in turning the surplus Bill Clinton left into a huge deficit during his time as budget director in Bush 43’s first term? Or maybe seeing the intense scrutiny Sarah Palin and her family underwent in 2008 has really had an impact on potential Republican candidates.

With Daniels now out of the running, there is likely to be a renewed effort by some to encourage the likes of Christie, who has risen to national prominence thanks to his tough-talking style in New Jersey, and Jeb Bush to reconsider their past refusals to run. But this article Is the biggest threat to Speaker of the House John Boehner the ‘Young Guns’ in his own party? crystallizes why I say Eric Cantor is laying in the cut, preparing for a back-door run to the GOP nomination should a clear-cut front-runner fail to emerge in what GOP strategist John Weaver has called “the weakest Republican field since Wendell Willkie won the nomination on the sixth ballot in 1940.”

Can you imagine the ridicule that would have been heaped upon Barack Obama in 2007 if he had said in an email, “On matters affecting us all, our family constitution gives a veto to the women’s caucus, and there is no override provision. Simply put, I find myself caught between two duties. I love my country; I love my family more” in announcing that he wouldn’t run? Or for that matter, if he had said his family “told me to run.” Question: if Daniels “loves his family more”, wouldn’t he want the country that he also loves to be the best possible place for his family?

How can a man who doesn’t want his words taken literally, expect anyone to listen to what he has to say as a President? Barack Obama has caused these Republican hypocrites to go completely nuts. Newt Gingrich makes absolutely no sense, none at all. He wants the American people to believe his words (Gingrich was asked directly about the Ryan plan for Medicare on Sunday during his interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” to which he responded: “I don’t think right-wing social engineering is any more desirable than left-wing social engineering…I don’t think imposing radical change from the right or the left is a very good way for a free society to operate.” were taken out of context and he wants us to believe he did not mean what he said when he said it. Furthermore, he wants us to believe that he was not referring to Paul Ryan’s plan even though the question he responded to (When host David Gregory interjected to point again specifically to Ryan’s plan, Gingrich said, “I think that that is too big a jump.”)  was specifically about Ryan’s plan. But, just in case that wasn’t confusing enough, Gingrich later apologized to Paul Ryan for not talking about Ryan’s plan.

When you say something like “Any ad which quotes what I said on Sunday is a falsehood because I have said publicly those words were inaccurate and unfortunate”, you’re just one step from Christine O’Donnell’s “I am not a witch” campaign commercial of last year. Or as Jon Stewart put it on Wednesday in talking about Gingrich, “You know I’ve always said the hallmark of an honest conversation starts with, ‘If you quote me directly utilizing videotape of my comments in context, you’re lying’”.

Another reason why Newt Gingrich should never be elected president: let’s say things are going badly here in America and President Gingrich takes a foreign trip to another nation. Would a serial philanderer and marrier (I made up that word) like Newt be able to resist the siren’s call of another, younger, sexier, Tiffany jewelry loving country? I’m just asking.

The biggest take-away from this article Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Thinks Sarah Palin Is ‘Stupid’ for me is the statement that Ailes is openly trying to use Fox News to pick the next president.

Why don’t any of the Republicans who are running or may run for president wear American flag lapel pins? Are they unpatriotic or does only a black man who runs for president have to wear one to prove his patriotism?

“Take my hand, come with me, baby, to Cain Land. Let me show you how sweet it could be.”

There’s a better chance of Minister Louis Farrakhan being replaced by a rabbi as head of the Nation of Islam than there is of Herman “The Godfather of Soul Pizza” Cain winning the GOP presidential nomination Herman Cain For President Campaign Launches (VIDEO). Cain needs to ask MC Michael Steele how being the Republican “House Negro” worked out for him.

When Herman “The Godfather of Soul Pizza” Cain says ‘I’m not running for second’, he’s telling the truth. He’s actually running for fifth or sixth in the GOP primary campaign depending on how many eventually end up in the race and that fact was made crystal clear by his “performance” on Fox News Sunday Sunday Talking Heads which left him looking like a less knowledgeable version of MC Michael Steele, as hard as that may be to imagine.

I don’t know who’s more delusional – Herman Cain who lost the only political race he’s ever run (the 2004 Georgia primary for the US Senate) and actually said on Saturday as he wrapped up his announcement speech, “When Herman Cain is president, we will finally be able to say, ‘Free at last, free at last, thank god almighty, America is free at last.’” – or Rick Santorum who in his last election run, lost his attempt for a third term in the Senate 59%-41%, the largest margin of defeat for an incumbent Republican in Pennsylvania in over 20 years. Neither one has the proverbial snowball’s chance in hell and they know just as well as you and I do. And if they don’t know it now (or at least admit it publicly), they soon will. Mark my words. Just wait and see.

What I’ve dubbed “The Mormon Primary” with Mitt “Suge” Romney versus Jon “Puffy” Huntsman Jon Huntsman takes hunting shot at Mitt Romney is heating up quite nicely. This is going to be the political equivalent of the old “East Coast/West Coast” rap wars. You know, minus the random and not so random killings and all.




Whew, what a relief! Donald Rumsfeld: Obama Made The Right Decision On Bin Laden Raid I’m sure the president and his people were on pins and needles waiting to hear “Donny Boy’s” review. Now that they have his approval, they can move on to other important problems.

I can’t help but wonder how different things in California might be had we known the truth about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s extra-martial affairs before the 2003 recall election that he defeated then-governor Gray Davis in. Maybe he wouldn’t have been elected and maybe the state would be in a much different, and better, economic situation because his time in office was a disaster for the people of California from top to bottom.

So let me get this straight: EVERYBODY but Lance Armstrong is lying? 


    “I’m wearing a button-down shirt without a tie. What are you wearing?”

Whatever happened to all the “unbelievable stuff” that Donald *****’s private investigators dug up on President Obama in Hawaii?


Stay classy Oprah. Your daily show will be missed.

Friday, May 20, 2011

May 21, 2011

I normally post on Saturday, but just in case it’s all over tomorrow….


President Barack Obama gets a big hug from Booker T. Washington graduate Tiesha Taylor after she received her diploma during the school’s commencement ceremony at the Memphis Cook Convention Center Monday afternoon.

Education equals success, President Barack Obama tells Booker T. Washington High School graduates

Booker T. Washington High School seniors react to a surprise visit from President Barack Obama as they wait in a holding area for their commencement to begin at the Memphis Cook Convention Center.

The above photographs remind me of something that then-Senator Barack Obama said in November, 2006 when he was asked, what difference did he think his being elected president would have. Obama’s response was that the moment he was sworn in, African-American children would know that they live in a nation where anything is truly possible and achievable if one puts their mind to it. President Obama Speaks to BTW (Video)

X factor: 5 questions for the GOP race

Newt the Unreliable – Rich Lowry – National Review Online


GOP Donors Deserting Newt Gingrich

“Don’t you people understand that I meant ‘radical’ and ‘right-wing social engineering’ in the nicest possible way? Oh, and by the way, the only ‘Tiffany’ I know is a stripper at Scores.”

New Newt Gingrich Campaign Slogan: “I Meant What I Said When I Said It, But That Was Sunday And This Is Now, So I Don’t Mean It Anymore. Sort of.”



“White people of Iowa, I, Newton Leroy Gingrich, have come to save you from left-wing and right-wing social engineering, as long as it’s not connected to Paul Ryan, who I really, really love!

Dozens cheers at the shocking news that Tim Pawlenty to announce W.H. bid on Monday.

Jon Huntsman Moves To Shed Obama Brand By Aligning With House GOP On Medicare, Debt Ceiling


What They Said This Week

“With regards to my own resources and the campaign, that’s counsel I’m going to keep with Ann and myself.” Mitt Romney on whether he’ll contribute to his campaign

“I am not going to justify this. I am not going to explain this. The attack on Paul Ryan, the support for an individual mandate in health care? Folks, don’t ask me to explain this. There is no explanation.” Rush Limbaugh on Newt Gingrich

“I’ve for two years gone around the country making speeches about ObamaCare. I’ve said over and over, ‘We should repeal it.’ And then people to go from all of that body of evidence to say, ‘Yeah, but for 25 seconds yesterday, I thought you said X,’ that’s beyond gotcha.” –Gingrich, hitting back

“The role of ‘white knight’ — pure of heart and ideologically perfect — is a Sorkinesque fantasy. Within 60 days all of the serious people considering this race need to be in it.” –GOP strategist Rick Wilson

“Donald Trump is not running for president because this is where he says he belongs — firing Meatloaf.” – John Berman, on ABC’s “World News”

In an effort to stave off future Republican attacks over Sunday’s interview, Gingrich warned detractors Tuesday night that they’d better not use his comments against him. “Any ad which quotes what I said on Sunday is a false ad because I have said publicly those words were inaccurate and unfortunate,” he said. Gingrich apologizes to Ryan, asks no one to quote comments While I think there’s a better chance of Kid Rock winning a BET Award next month, I’ve got to give old Newt an “A” for effort. I mean, to basically dare your opponents not to use the words you said on a national TV show against you takes some gumption.  

Gingrich spokesman Rick Tyler slams the media coverage of Newt Gingrich in the aftermath of his remarks about Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan and the individual mandate. His statement to the Huffington Post:

“The literati sent out their minions to do their bidding. Washington cannot tolerate threats from outsiders who might disrupt their comfortable world. The firefight started when the cowardly sensed weakness. They fired timidly at first, then the sheep not wanting to be dropped from the establishment’s cocktail party invite list unloaded their entire clip, firing without taking aim their distortions and falsehoods. Now they are left exposed by their bylines and handles. But surely they had killed him off. This is the way it always worked. A lesser person could not have survived the first few minutes of the onslaught. But out of the billowing smoke and dust of tweets and trivia emerged Gingrich, once again ready to lead those who won’t be intimated by the political elite and are ready to take on the challenges America faces.” I can’t wait to read Tyler’s statement when Newtie drops out the race. That should be a real classic. Here’s what Newt Boy really means: “Republicans, I never meant what I said when I said what I said when you asked me that direct question about what you think I said when I said what you thought I sadly really said, unquote!”

“The only thing people in New Hampshire know about Jon Huntsman is that he worked for Obama and that’s a tough starting point.” -Republican strategist Mike Dennehy on Huntsman’s 5-day trip through the Granite State, which started Thursday  You know, it’s sort of like a guy who went to work for the Nation of Islam quitting to return and run for president of his synagogue.

“In a state that’s 50th in the country in education, the highest unemployment in the South, we have huge economic problems which put the state more in the class of a third-world nation than a state of the United States of America…she again has been attracted like a moth to the flame to camera and celebrity.” -South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Dick Harpootlian accusing Gov. Nikki Haley of being “distracted by the allure of celebrity”

While raising money in Boston on Wednesday, President Obama alluded twice to Mitt Romney’s role in enacting the Massachusetts health care law, the latest reference to the former governor’s record that has haunted him as he eyes a White House bid.

“With a little assist from the former governor of Massachusetts, we said that health care should no longer be a privilege in this country,” Obama told laughing supporters at his first fundraiser. “We said that in the United States of America, just like here in Massachusetts, you should never go broke because you get sick.”

“I think it’s going to be about whether or not this country is ready for the 21st century. We can either choose to have a lost decade… or we can choose to have an industrial revolution.” – Jon Huntsman on what he thinks the 2012 election is going to be about

“He’s trying to create a brand name that doesn’t keep ‘Utah’ and ‘Mormon’ at the forefront of people’s minds. ‘Mormon’ didn’t do a lot for Mitt Romney. I think Huntsman is deliberately trying to brand himself in a different way.” – Quin Monson, a political science professor at Brigham Young University, on Huntsman’s campaign

 “I stated during the Bush Administration that judicial nominations deserved an up or down vote, except in ‘extraordinary circumstances’ and my position has not changed simply because there is a different President making the nominations,” she said in a statement. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), a vocal opponent of judicial filibusters during the Bush administration, voted “present.” Democrats were unable to overcome the first filibuster of a judicial nominee in six years, making Liu Obama’s first judicial nominee to fail in a Senate vote. Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski was the only Republican senator to vote for cloture on the nomination of Goodwin Liu for the 9th Circuit court, another sign of her increasing independence from the GOP.

Mark Halperin (Time) answers the big questions for the week:

With Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee out, what is the current condition of the GOP battle? Anarchic. The true contenders break down into three pairs: embattled heavyweights Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, ill-defined welterweights Tim Pawlenty and Jon Huntsman and potential superstars Mitch Daniels and Sarah Palin. Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum can scuff up (or knock out) one of the real contenders, but neither can win the crown. Romney reasserted his dominance with a one-day fundraising haul of over $10 million, while Gingrich pulled a classic Newt, raising questions about his conservative bona fides and jaw control by embracing an Obaman individual mandate for health insurance and calling the House Republicans’ Medicare proposals “radical.”

Which voters are up for grabs with a field like this? Several core GOP constituencies are in danger of being orphaned. Tea Partyers, voters with incomes below $100,000 and religious and social conservatives all don’t see a natural consensus choice. Huckabee and Trump were strong contestants for those groups; if Palin jumps in, she could draw powerfully from all three. Senior Republicans foresee a huge problem if left unsolved, including in a general election.

What are the next shoes to drop? Daniels is being pressed by party elders to get in – and soon. If he is a no-go, they may try to coax into the race another reluctant titan, like New Jersey’s Chris Christie. Then the question of fundraising prowess will come to the fore, as candidates demonstrate whether they can keep pace with Romney. Few – maybe no one – will. The most pressure will be on Gingrich – he needs some good news to avoid the dead-man-walking stench.


I don’t care what they may say publicly, but this Mitt Romney’s money machine cranks up at a Las Vegas fundraising call-a-thon that netted his presidential bid $10.25 million Monday has to deflate the rest of the GOP field because none of them, not even Newt Gingrich, the best known of the motley bunch, can hope to even come close to raising the kind of money that Romney can and will. The only thing that will keep them in the race is the fact that the latest GOP rallying cry seems to be ANYONE BUT MITT!

The more Newt Gingrich talks about his “past failings”, the more he reminds everyone just how undisciplined a person and politician he really is. And just in case you’ve forgotten how his fellow House GOPers felt about him towards the end of his Speakership, read this Remembering the Attempted Coup Against Gingrich

Like many people who think they’re smarter than everyone else in the room, wherever that room may be and no matter who may be in the room, Newt Gingrich is about to make a HUGE mistake Gingrich returning to Sunday shows by trying to talk his way out of a bad spot that he and no one else put himself in. What he should be doing is letting his apology to Paul Ryan speak for itself and just go about his business, such as it is, running for president. But no, his bombastic bigger-than-life ego just won’t let him do that. And for that, I say, “Thank God for hubris!”

When you have to rely on MC Michael Steele to defend you and your campaign Michael Steele Defends Newt Gingrich On Ryan Plan, Suggests GOP Critics Are Being Hypocritical, it might be time to call it a wrap on your presidential hopes.

The longer Mitch Daniels doesn’t announce that he’s running for president, the less attractive a candidate he becomes. Same thing for Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin – if you don’t know by now, you’re probably not going to get in. Of course, trying to ascertain what’s going on in the cranial cavities of two loons like Bachmann and Palin is often an exercise in futility.

I think we’ve just heard Sarah Palin’s “excuse” for not running for the presidency Sarah Palin: ‘Fire in the belly’ is there when she says “It’s a matter for me of some kind of practical, pragmatic decisions that have to be made…One is, with a large family understanding the huge amount of scrutiny and the sacrifices that have to be made on my children’s part in order to see their mama run for president.” Note: Two of her children are in fact adults, Track (recently married) and Bristol (has moved to LA to star in a reality show), and on their own.

For the life of me, I can’t remember anyone ever saying this Chris Matthews strikes again: Sarah Palin ‘profoundly stupid’ about a potential presidential candidate. The sad thing is, he’s telling the truth.

I still don’t think she’ll win if she runs, but I give Michele Bachmann credit for studying for her possible campaign Michele Bachmann is studying some campaign books. The Minnesota House member and likely 2012 candidate told that she’s reading “The Politician,” an embittered former John Edwards’ staffer’s story, and “Game Change,” a blow-by-blow of the 2008 presidential election. “‘Game Change’ is a book that is very difficult to put down, at least I found it difficult to put down, and it gives a person pause,” Bachmann said. “But the other thing that it does, I think, is it informed me of what I don’t want to do.” because I guarantee you Sarah Palin isn’t!

Why don’t any of the Republicans who are running or may run for president wear American flag lapel pins? Are they unpatriotic or does only a black man who runs for president have to wear one to prove his patriotism?

In his defense Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child with longtime member of household staff, he never claimed to have “family values.” At least, I don’t think he did. Hell, with that accent, who knows what he may have said over the years.

Two babies – one with wife and the other with mistress – around the same time. Who does Arnold think he is, Jermaine Jackson?

I’m sure it will do quite well at the box-office this weekend without any help from me, but I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in the latest “Pirates…” film. None. I’d rather sit through a Tyler Perry double-feature in the morning, a Newt Gingrich book-reading in the afternoon and a Tim Pawlenty speech in the evening than see it.

Am I the only one totally creeped out by Carrie Fisher’s TV commercial for Jenny Craig? I mean, her voice scares the hell out of me.

If you ever wonder why I, someone who was born in Memphis, raised in San Diego and has resided in Los Angeles for over 35 years is a die-hard Tarheels basketball fan, this is the reason why: Coach Dean Smith! Dean Smith, the legendary basketball coach at North Carolina, began helping to break racial barriers in Topeka even before the Brown vs The Board of Education of Topeka decision.


“Mr President, thanks for saying the stuff I can’t say to my people without getting killed.”

“No problem, Mr Prime Minister. Besides, the world’s going to end tomorrow, so what does it matter where your borders are?

“You make an excellent point. Now, let’s go out and find some hookers and weed!”

“Uh, you go ahead and I’ll catch up with you later.”


What do you think would be the most uncomfortable situation: a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar statue unveiling, Bud Selig handing the World Series trophy to Frank McCourt or a Schwarzenegger family Christmas?

Monday, May 16, 2011

May 17, 2011

Mike Huckabee’s Exit Further Widens GOP Presidential Field

(L-R) Tim “Charisma Free” Pawlenty, Mitt “No Tie Here” Romney, Rick “Dr Who?” Santorum, Michelle “Crazy” Bachmann and Newt “Is That Wife #4?” Gingrich.

Donald Trump exit signals end to silly season

“Hey, who knew that in my 60’s, I’d turn out to be a rich, racist loon with a bad hairdo?”


Newt Gingrich and Medicare: On “Meet the Press” Sunday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich called Rep. Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan “too big a jump” and “right-wing social engineering.”But a Gingrich spokesperson told the Weekly Standard’s John McCormack that there is “little daylight” between Gingrich and the Wisconsin Republican.

“Newt would fully support Ryan if it were not compulsory,” Rick Tyler said. “Radical means that politically you can’t get to what Ryan wants from where we are. … Right wing social engineer refers simply to compelling people to participate with[out] giving them a choice. That is a political mistake.”

Gingrich has not been entirely consistent on this issue. A few weeks ago, the 2012 presidential candidate told TIME magazine that he would have voted for Ryan’s plan. Hours later, he wrote in a Facebook post that he would “allow seniors to choose … a more personal system with greater options for better care.” That seems to be in line with the proposal put forward by former Congressional Budget Office director Alice Rivlin (D) and former Sen. Pete Domenici (R-N.M.) which would allow seniors to choose private insurance or stay in traditional Medicare if they paid a bigger share of rising costs.

Gingrich is kicking off his tour of Iowa in Dubuque Monday, where he will speak to the Kiwanis Club about health care.

Michele Bachmann Always Rising, Never Compromising

President Obama polls well despite jobs fears


“Let me know when you guys on the other side get your s**t together.”

SCOOP – Alexander Burns’ “Morning Score”: Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad (R) will call on the presidential field today [Monday] to pick up the pace in his state, using his weekly news conference to fire a starter’s pistol on the 2012 caucus race. With Mike Huckabee’s decision not to run, Iowa is now wide open. Branstad will issue “a full-throated appeal for candidates to campaign in Iowa and begin laying down their markers now,” per Branstad spokesman Tim Albrecht. Newt Gingrich is scheduled to storm through Iowa this week, Tim Pawlenty has already made a dozen trips, and Mitt Romney will make his first visit of the year on May 27.

–Iowa’s caucuses are under attack: Branstad has to contend with campaigns’ concern that the state will only vote for candidates who cater to hard-core social conservative activists. Romney has treaded lightly in the Hawkeye State. Jon Huntsman sounds like he may skip it entirely. Branstad’s “Call To Action” is as much about economics as it is about politics. Iowa and Iowans make a lot of money during primary season and unlike 2008 when both parties had several candidates running for president, the bulk of spending in this election cycle will come from the GOP.

Newt Gingrich’s rough roll-out

House GOP fires back at Newt Gingrich

Mitt Romney call-a-thon haul: $10 million

Christiephiliacs: Why GOP Power Brokers Dream of New Jersey’s Governor


New President Obama Campaign Slogan – “Is This It?”

New Tim Pawlenty Campaign Slogan – “I May Be Boring But I’m Not Mitt Romney Boring”



       Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

                 Mitt Romney                          








Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 15, 2011


Mike Huckabee casts big shadow over early primary states in 2012 elections

“I want to run, I really, really do because I know you religious crazies out there on the far right of the GOP love you some Huck. But, for many, many reasons, mostly the $23,000 monthly mortgage on the new $3 million house we’re building in Florida, I just can’t afford to. So, instead of telling you what I’d do to beat Osama, pardon me, Obama, I’m going to tell you who will do the next best job after me. (dramatic cause to sniffle, look up at the ceiling and dramatically wipe away a tear) This saddens me because I would have been an awesome president and I’m going to miss playing the bass badly out there on the stump. (suddenly and bizarrely starts laughing) Sorry about that. God was telling me a joke about Mitt Romney’s magic Mormon underpants. Where was I? Oh yeah, so me and my good buddy Chuck Norris are going to have to find somebody to support this year and I’ll be letting the other candidates know when they can come by to kiss my ass. See ya later suckers! Oops, my bad. I meant, friends.”


Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Sunday that voters are entitled to ask questions about the “mistakes” he has made in his personal life but said he’s confident that many social conservatives will back him in his 2012 presidential bid.

Gingrich, who has been married three times and has admitted to past extramarital affairs, said on NBC’s Meet the Press that Americans should look to the “strong marriage” he has with his current wife (his 3rd), Callista, and consider the “forgiveness” he sought from God for his personal transgressions.  

“Every American has the right to ask these questions,” he said. “I have made mistakes in my life. I have had to go to God for forgiveness and to seek reconciliation. And I ask them to look at who I am today.”

Newt Gingrich: Ryan Medicare Plan Is ‘Too Big A Jump


So, if this is really how Mike Huckabee feels ‘I would have made a fine president’ (shouldn’t EVERY presidential candidate feel this way?), then why isn’t he running? I’ll you why: he realizes that he can’t beat Barack Obama, that’s why. It’s the same reasoning that has already forced Haley Barbour, Mike Pence and John Thune out of the race before it even really began. It’s the same reasoning why Indiana governor Mitch Daniels hasn’t or can’t make up his mind if he’s going to run or why other big names like Jeb Bush won’t run. They know that even with the economy where it is today, Tuesday, November 6, 2012 is a long, long time from now and anything can and probably will happen between before then. With the recent successful mission that ended in the death of Osama Bin Laden, President Obama went a long way in shoring up a perceived weakness: his ability to be a strong, decisive Commander-in-Chief. In the words of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates in a 60 Minutes interview scheduled to air tonight (the 15th), This was a very risky operation. So, I was very concerned. So was the President. … I worked for a lot of these guys [presidents] and this is one of the most courageous calls — decisions — that I think I’ve ever seen a president make.”

However, having said all that, I’m not about to sit back and relax. President Obama’s reelection is not a lock and the good news about that, is that he and his campaign management staff know this too. That’s why they’re already setting up shop in key early states and raising money for what’s going to be a tough, tough campaign.

Many pundits are already comparing the 2012 election to 1992 when an incumbent president coming off military success the previous year lost to a fairly obscure southern governor with a spotty (to say the least) personal background because of a faltering economy. The challenger, Bill Clinton, never lost his focus on the campaign trail while his managers Paul Begala and James Carville reminded everyone, “It’s the economy, stupid!” Not a small factor: Clinton was much younger and more energetic than George H. W. Bush and also conveyed to the American people a sense that he was one of them and that he understood their pain. His ultimately successful campaign was also helped by the fact that Bush, usually a man with sharp political sense and skill, ran as an incumbent and the ultimate Washington insider which turned out to be his biggest mistake.

Twenty years later, the script has been flipped somewhat. Unless the GOP nominee is Sarah Palin – there’s a better chance of Donald ***** receiving a NAACP Image Award – Barack Obama will be younger than his opponent (Tim Pawlenty is already 50 while Obama turns that age in August) and according to his campaign, is running as an “incumbent challenger.” It’s the GOP searching for a strong candidate to coalesce behind and President Obama and his campaign managers have the good fortune to be able to look back at George H. W. Bush’s reelection campaign and learn from it.

Also, and this in no way is meant to denigrate his accomplishments, but Barack Obama, starting with his 2004 election to the US Senate, has been blessed to run against the weakest candidates the Republican Party possible. 2004 – Alan Keyes had to be imported after Jack Ryan’s campaign imploded due to a sex scandal involving his ex-wife, actress Jeri Ryan. 2008 – John McCain and Sarah Palin. Enough said.

But, just as Phil Jackson has been belittled by some for having the good fortune of having some of the game’s greatest players in both Chicago and Los Angeles while winning 11 NBA titles as a head coach, to overlook Barack Obama’s skill as a politician and manager who hires the right people, sets the agenda and standards and then lets them do their job, is to ignore one of his greatest strengths: he knows how to win.

Barack Obama is a winner and that’s why, even with an economy that seemingly could go either way depending on the day of the week, many establishment Republicans are deciding to save their political capital and stay on the sidelines in 2012. Their decision, while probably wise on a personal note, means that the nation’s late-night comics are going to have a field day with what will most likely be the weakest Republican presidential candidate pool in decades. In fact, one GOP strategist said, “We’re probably looking at the worst presidential candidate since Wendell Willkie.” If that’s true, let the comedy gold flow. 

Herman Cain: We’re not No. 2

 “This is how big I was originally, but it was hard finding pants I could fit into. Plus, it was hard getting around the pizza ovens. So, after a lot of hard thought, I made the hard decision to have a penal reduction operation and now I’m a normal 9 & ½ inches. But, I’ll be honest with you – hardly a day or night goes by without my looking back on the hardest decision of my life.” 


“What Was Good For Massachusetts Isn’t Good For America.”


If it’s now Obama’s economy as most, if not all of the president’s opponents say it is, despite his having inherited it from George W. Bush, why isn’t the recent success in hunting down Osama Bin Laden “his” as well? I’m just asking. 

Sudden thought: What if this is the best the Republicans have to offer this time around?


Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 14, 2011

A New Breakout Star.. Decision Time For Huck.. An Opening For Bachmann, But Trump Doomed?

(L-R) Herman “The Godfather of Soul Pizza” Cain, Mitt “Regular Rich Guy” Romney, Ron “Crazy Sr” Paul, Donald “I Love ‘The Blacks’” ***** and Newt “Three Religions, Three Wives (So Far)” Gingrich.

Poll Brings Bad News To Republican Presidential Field (Such as it is)

Clockwise from top left: Sarah “GMILF” Palin, Mitt “I’m Wearing A Tie This Time” Romney,

Mike “Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won’t” Huckabee and Michelle “Double Down on Crazy” Bachmann.

Newt Gingrich Addresses His Past, Says He’s More Mature

“Anyone buying this bull**** yet?”

WSJ to Mitt: It’s ‘nothing personal’

The paper wrote two blistering editorials about him.

 “Hi, I’m Mitt Romney and I’m just a regular rich guy who wants to be president so bad, I’ll say damn near anything, anywhere, anytime. You want me to deny my principles and my signature achievement as governor of Massachusetts? No problemo, mi amigos and amigas. By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m not wearing a necktie. Again. In fact, if you elect me president, I’ll pledge to never wear a tie in the Oval Office.”

Romney fights back against WSJ     Right recoils from Romney speech   In or out, Huck not letting up on Mitt

MITT ROMNEY’s PowerPoint presentation, “Health Care Reform,” delivered in Ann Arbor yesterday (blazer, no necktie): “The Obama Administration fundamentally does not believe in the American Experiment. … OBAMACARE: A government takeover of health care … MASS-CARE: Help people get and keep their health insurance … INAUGURATION DAY PRIORITIES — No. 1: Issue Executive Order paving way for Obamacare waivers for all 50 states … No. 2: Work with Congress to repeal Obamacare.”

–Romney: “A lot of pundits around the nation are saying that I should just stand up and say, ‘This whole thing was a mistake.’ … There’s only one problem with that. It wouldn’t be honest. I, in fact, did what I believed was right for the people of my state.”

–2-page fact sheet … Romney’s slides: 1-12 … 13-25 … C-SPAN video

–@Ezra Klein: “His argument boils down to ‘Under a Romney presidency, no state would have to replicate my awesome, obvious health-care reforms.’ … The White House should send this guy on the road!” TPM stole it with no credit, bannering its lead story, “Mitt Romney: I Will Never Impose My Awesome Massachusetts Law On The Nation.”

–Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) sent a gale of praise: “Governor Romney showed a lot of courage today by standing his ground on the reforms he put in place in Massachusetts. What he did as governor worked for Massachusetts by getting health insurance to more people. The fact he did it without raising taxes is a remarkable achievement.”

–ABC’s John Berman, on-set with Diane Sawyer, reflected the generally withering coverage: “As he took the stage in a Michigan classroom, Mitt Romney tried to TAKE ON the biggest threat to his presidential ambitions: himself. … Today, in a breathtakingly scathing editorial, the conservative Wall Street Journal said of Romney, ‘If he does not change his message, he might as well try to knock off Joe Biden and get on the Obama ticket.'”

–A Dem. strategist emails: “You can’t rip the Band-Aid off if you don’t apologize. And not only didn’t he apologize, he made a highly compelling case for mandates.”

–A top Romnen tells us: “He did what he needed to do. It’s not going to be pretty.” Another sent a one-word email: “Conviction.”

White House Reacts To Mitt Romney’s Speech: He Took A ‘Smart Approach Toward Health Care’

Jon Huntsman: The Would Be Republican Presidential Candidate Democrats Most Fear

I already knew what Michelle Bachmann was, now it’s good to know her price. Michele Bachmann will run for president if you give her $100

Obama’s 2012 Re-election Chances: Why He Could Lose

He’s vulnerable when Republicans stop talking nonsense and turn to the economy.

First Thoughts: What we learned this week By NBC’s Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, Domenico Montanaro, and Ali Weinberg

What we learned this week in the early ’12 presidential race… If the goal of yesterday’s health-care speech was to put the health issue behind him, then the address was an “un-Mitt-igated” failure… The strongest part of the speech: his defense of MA’s mandate; the weakest part: why the federal government shouldn’t do the same… Flip-flopping vs. sticking to your guns… Bush World wants Daniels in the race… Yet another sign Huckabee isn’t running… Ron Paul makes it official… Team Obama woos the Latino vote… An emboldened GOP on the debt ceiling… WV GOV primary is tomorrow… And mark your calendars: A discussion on covering the Middle East takes place on Tuesday, May 17

 *** What we learned this week: In what might have been one of the busiest weeks to date of the early 2012 presidential race, we learned several things. For starters, we discovered that despite President Obama getting a bump in the polls after Osama bin Laden’s death, current attitudes about the economy (and especially gas prices) have tempered the size of that bump. We found out that the White House wants to make immigration and Latino outreach a BIG ’12 topic, even though there aren’t the votes in Congress to pass any kind of immigration reform this Congress. We learned that health care isn’t going away as an issue for Romney, not by a long shot. We also saw that Newt Gingrich — despite his absence over the past few weeks — is now officially in the race. So, too, is Ron Paul, who made it official on ABC this morning. And if we weren’t totally sure BushWorld was firmly for Mitch Daniels getting into the race, we do now. 

*** An “un-Mitt-igated” failure? If the goal of yesterday’s speech was to put health care behind him, then Romney’s address yesterday was an un-Mitt-igated failure. The strongest part of his speech was his defense of the Massachusetts health law, especially its individual mandate. “I … recognize that a lot of pundits around the nation are saying that I should just stand up say this whole thing was a mistake,” he said. “But there’s only one problem with that: It wouldn’t be honest.” As Politico’s Ben Smith observed, Romney’s defense was similar to Hillary Clinton’s on Iraq in 2007-08 — don’t apologize and move on. (Pawlenty, on the other hand, has taken the Edwards-like position when it comes to cap-and-trade — apologize.) Of course, Hillary had the burden of trying to become the nation’s first female commander-in-chief. The weakest part of the speech was his insistence that a state-based mandate is different from a federal-based one. It’s STILL a mandate. Moreover, how is a mandate a good thing in one state, while a “power grab” if extended federally? Can the U.S. really drive down its health-care costs if one state insures everyone and another doesn’t, forcing taxpayers and emergency rooms to pick up the tab in one state or more?


I’m not saying that Mitt Romney had a bad week, but even Donald ***** was overheard saying to one of “The Blacks” that he gets along with so well, “Man, I’m glad I’m not that son of a  bitch! Now show me your birth certificate and grades.”

House Speaker “John “Agent Orange” Boehner was the only Republican to have a worse week than Romney Boehner’s unreality check on the deficit and interestingly enough, both suffered self-inflicted wounds during widely panned speeches.

Honest to God, I can’t tell if he’s in or out at this point, but this sort of seems like Mike Huckabee’s going to run for (and lose again) the GOP presidential nomination Huckabee email to his inner circle. Or not.

Mitch The reluctant candidate Daniels is starting to remind me of that really fine girl in high school who always teased you with her “I might give you ‘some’, but then again, I might not” attitude. At some point, you just stopped waiting on her to make up her mind and went and got with the less-attractive but far more willing to give it up girl and that’s what I see about to happen in this case too.

I wonder who will be the first reporter to take a hard look at Herman Cain as a businessman and what his policy positions are, and not just as the second coming of Michael Steele aka “The GOP’s House Negro De Jour”.

I think I’ve found the perfect running mate for Newt “Three Wives So Far” Gingrich! John Ensign report filled with bombshells  

I can’t wait to see what Sarah Palin does/says next in her attempt to stay relevant. Wait a minute, yes I can.

House Majority Whip Eric “Eager Beaver” has been awfully quiet the last few weeks and that can’t be good for John Boehner or Paul Ryan.

I honestly don’t know if Ashton Kutcher can replace Charlie Sheen on 2 & ½ Men, but I lost interest in the show about 1 & ½ years ago.

Speaking of CBS, how long before they pay William Petersen “Charlie Sheen Money” to return and save CSI before Laurence Fishburne kills it off?

To paraphrase the old Three Degrees record, “When Will I See You Again”, Tiger Woods’ new theme song should be When Will I Win Again.

Damn! The Memphis Grizzlies just refuse to die! Sunday could be an epic Game 7 in the OKC as could the Bulls/Heat series where league MVP Derrick Rose tries to prove that he doesn’t need LeBron James to win a NBA championship.

It’s really weird to roll around LA this time of the year and not see a bunch of Laker flags flying from vehicles.

Why is that Brian Shaw, a young African-American who earned five rings as a Laker player and assistant coach, is seemingly being told by team management to look for a head coaching position with another team, and the names of the possible replacements for Phil Jackson are all those of older, white coaching “retreads” with nary a championship among them (Larry Brown is never going to be coach of the Lakers so he doesn’t count)? Mike Dunleavy? Jeff Van Gundy? Rick Adelman? Is this really the best the Lakers can do? What is this, the NBA equivalent of the 2012 GOP presidential candidate pool?

The Funniest/most ridiculous statement to come out of the Lakers’ exit interviews was Bill Walton’s son contention that he should have played more in the Dallas series. This from a guy who’s the luckiest Laker to win a ring, let alone two, since the great Chuck Nevitt in 1985.

Well, so much for watching his son Austin play for Duke next season. Celtics give Doc Rivers $35 million deal

Frank McCourt is the worst sports franchise owner in Los Angeles history and when one considers that Donald T. Sterling has owned the Clippers since 1981 and McCourt (and his ex-wife Jamie) have owned the Dodgers for only 7 years, that’s saying something.

Whatever happened to Haley Barbour?




RANDOM THOUGHTS – Mother’s Day 2011

May 9, 2011


WTF was that?

Scratching My Head

Isn’t it amazing that while George W. Bush could never find the so-called WMDs before he went ahead and invaded Iraq or Osama Bin Laden during his EIGHT years in office, President Obama managed to find and kill Bin Laden in less than 2 & ½ years?

Something To Consider

The potential field of Republican presidential candidates contains five former governors, one current governor, a former Speaker of the House, a former senator, two sitting members of Congress and two businessmen. And combined, they don’t have the foreign policy experience of President Obama.

Mitt Romney may be the first presidential candidate in history trying to back his way into his party’s nomination. I mean, he’s acting like he deserves a “first-round bye” because he came in 2nd in ’08.

The “Jon Huntsman: Why I served Barack Obama but now I’m running against him (maybe) strategy” should be interesting or completely hilarious to watch evolve over the next few weeks. It could go either way.

GOP finding it hard to make progress  Frankly, it couldn’t happen to a nicer, more deserving bunch, especially the guy below, Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.







“Oy vey.”

Bobby Jindal Birth Certificate Released (PHOTO) Yeah, ‘cause that’s the only thing that was going to keep Bobby Jindal from running for president. By the way, Jindal’s “Certificate of Live Birth”, is literally the SAME document that “birthers” refused to accept from the State of Hawaii regarding Barack Obama’s birth. I’d call it ironic if it weren’t so stupid.

This is good news for African-American themed films not made by Tyler Perry – Back to the domestic scene, two romantic comedies also debuting widely this weekend — Sony’s African-American-targeted “Jumping the Broom” and Warner’s “Something Borrowed” — both hit or exceeded their pre-release targets. The TD Jakes-produced “Broom, grossed $13.7 million playing at 2,035 locations, generating an A grade from moviegoer survey firm Cinemascore.

The film cost Sony only $6.6 million to produce.

“Ten million would have been a good hit for us,” said Sony distribution chief Rory Bruer. “We’re really going to do well with this film.” The Kate Hudson film “Something Borrowed,” meanwhile, grossed $13.2 million playing at 2,904 dates.

Let’s hope that the positive word-of-mouth on “JTB” helps to grow its audience. I saw it on Saturday and give it 4 & ½ stars out of five.

This why I hate that “SNL” has to go on summer break just when the GOP campaign craziness is about to get going strong. GOP Undeclared Candidates Debate

Why do I think the folks at Bravo spent time last week seriously debating the possible merits of The Real Housewives of Osama Bin Laden?






Come on Andrew Bynum, you’re better than that!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 7, 2011


The White House Situation Room during the raid to kill Osama Bin Laden.

I don’t think that the man who made the tough decision to send in a Navy SEALS team to take out Osama Bin Laden is going to be pressured into releasing a “death photo” Osama Bin Laden Pictures Will Not Be Released, Obama Decides by a bunch of people without a clue Sarah Palin: Barack Obama ‘pussy-footing’ on Osama bin Laden photo. BTW, if this raid had ended in a Blackhawk Down situation, you damn sure know that President Obama’s opponents would be putting all the blame on him, so it’s only right and fair that he get the bulk of the credit for ending the search for Bin Laden and the way his body was handled Obama on bin Laden’s sea burial.


“We got him.” – President Barack Obama after receiving the message “Geronimo KIA” that verified the killing of Osama Bin Laden by a team of Navy SEALS in a stunning raid of Bin Laden’s hideout compound in Pakistan.

Obama’s Solemn Visit To Ground Zero (PHOTOS)

 Condoleezza Rice Discusses Iraq With Lawrence O’Donnell: ‘Saddam Hussein Was A Threat’

Rice: “So, how much do you think Laura knows about us?” Bush: “I don’t know Condi, I just know that she knows something.” Rice: “What do you want to do? Stop seeing each other? You want me to resign?” Bush: “Hell no baby! I’m not giving up my ‘Brown Sugar’ for anybody or anything! We’ll work something out…I know, maybe Dick can take Laura hunting.”


“The nation’s unnerving descent into debt began a decade ago with a choice, not a crisis… Voices of caution were swept aside in the rush to take advantage of the apparent bounty. Political leaders chose to cut taxes, jack up spending and, for the first time in U.S. history, wage two wars solely with borrowed funds… The biggest culprit, by far, has been an erosion of tax revenue triggered largely by two recessions and multiple rounds of tax cuts… All told, Obama-era choices account for about $1.7 trillion in new debt, according to a separate Washington Post analysis of CBO data over the past decade. Bush-era policies, meanwhile, account for more than $7 trillion and are a major contributor to the trillion-dollar annual budget deficits that are dominating the political debate.” – Washington Post, 4/30/11

Libertarians Dominate First GOP Presidential Debate

Tim “Good And” Pawlenty, Ron “Crazy, Sr” Paul, Rick “Loser” Santorum, Herman “The Godfather of Soul Pizza” Cain, Gary “Squinty Eyes” Johnson.

Ron Paul: Not Everyone Would Use Heroin If It Were Legal.. GOP Rep: ‘Unbelievable That Even Came Out’.. Palin’s Reality Show Called Out.. TPaw’s ‘Mistake’.. Forum Produces Substance, But Bounces Wildly Off Track.. The Surprise Smash Hit And More Details

Potential GOP Presidential Hopefuls Have Scant Experience On Key Issue

The Do-Nothing Frontrunner

“No jacket or tie – check. Sleeves rolled up – check. Standing in front of a microphone in a gas station in one of the country’s least populated, most homogenous states – check and check. Okay boys, let’s roll out the ‘2011 Mitt Romney-Regular Rich Guy’ and take it for a spin before the suckers, excuse me, voters realize I’m the same Romney who passed healthcare reform when I was the governor of Massachusetts and that’s the basis for ‘Obamacare’.”

Tim Pawlenty prepares for his moment  (How long it lasts is anyone’s guess)

I don’t think this is going to impress anyone outside of his immediate circle Ind. Gov. Daniels wants role in 2012 campaign, even if he decides against White House bid. In my opinion, if you think your ideas are the right ones for the country, do like the big boys (and girls) do and put your name and money on the line. Either run and say what you would do if elected POTUS or don’t run and STFU.  

“We’re in the process of planning an office decision; we’re putting our team together. Ask that the Lord will give us a special anointing on how to put our team together, who those team people will be, that He would bring those people to us.” – Michelle Bachmann on how she’s making her decision to run for the GOP nomination.


In his first 2 & ½ years in office, Barack Obama has been far truer to his oath of office than Bill Clinton or George W. Bush were in their combined 16 years in the Oval Office.

Was the president and the WH holding off on releasing his long-form birth certificate until just the right time as former Secretary of State (among his many accomplishments) Colin Powell seemed to hint at on Friday Obama Blew Away The Birthers? I mean, think about how genuinely irritated Mr. Obama was a week ago Wednesday when he announced the release of his full birth certificate. If we could have heard his inner voice during that statement, I’m fairly sure we would have heard him saying, “MFs, I’m trying to kill Osama Bin Laden, among other pressing issues, and this is the bull**** I’ve got to come in here and deal with? Because that jack*** Donald Trump says I wasn’t born in Hawaii in 1961? Give me a f**king break.”

Herman “The Godfather of Soul Pizza” Cain is apparently moving full steam ahead Herman Cain speculates Barack Obama ‘jeopardized’ Osama bin Laden mission in his quest to be crowned “America’s Dumbest Negro 2011”. I swear, this guy is making M. C. Michael Steele look professorial and rational by comparison.

How is it that we could find and kill Osama Bin Laden on the other side of the world, but the LAPD can’t find the guys who beat up the Giants fan in a Dodger Stadium parking lot after the opening game of the season?

I don’t know about you, but I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some “White-On-White” crime Medicare fight exposes House GOP’s internal rifts.

(L) Eric Cantor: “I should stick a shiv in his back right now and take over this press conference.”

(R) Paul Ryan: “Somebody keep an eye on the little twerp standing behind me.”

Oh yeah, Donald *****, the biggest media whore of all-time, the man who would go to the opening of a letter if he thought there would be cameras there, voluntarily gave up the chance to drive the pace car at this year’s Indianapolis 500 (“Donald J. Trump today informed the Indianapolis Motor Speedway that he may be announcing shortly his intention to run for the office of President of the United States, and therefore he thought it would be inappropriate to drive the Pace Car for the 100th anniversary running of the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday, May 29,”). Sorry Donnie-Boy, but I think this Donald Trump Faces Backlash At Indy 500 is more likely the truth about why you WON’T be driving at the “Brickyard” on May 29. Do us all, and when I write “all”, I mean everyone on the planet known as Earth, a humongous favor and just go away. Or die. Either one is okay with me. Capiche?   

I’ve been a fan of Sheryl Crow’s music for a long time, but this Obama ‘walks the walk’ makes me like her even more.  

Finally, an African-American themed movie ‘Jumping the Broom’: Laz Alonso, Paula Patton, Angela Bassett, Romeo head down the aisle at Hollywood premiere where the only performers in dresses are actually women!  

Funny how quickly things can change, seemingly in the blink of an eye. Quick, when was the last time you heard the name Haley Barbour?

If you heard that Oprah’s special guest on her last show was going to be Jesus, would you be happy or scared?

Well, it was nice while it lasted. There won’t be a Lakers’ 3-peat this time around. That said, what the hell happened to the team that won 17 of 18 games coming out of the All-Star break? They basically fell apart after that. Maybe there’s something to what Andrew Bynum was saying about their being “trust issues” on the team.

The bad news is that serial marrier Sir Paul McCartney is engaged again. The good news is this one has all of her parts.


“We really wanted to do a smart, classy comedy [“Jumping The Broom”] that African Americans could feel real good about,” producer Tracey Edmonds told the Los Angeles Times’ Greg Braxton this week. “We also wanted to show how much black men love their women.”


President Bush Reacts to Osama Bin Laden’s Death 

Pregnant Tina Fey ‘SNL’ Promos: Swearing For Two & Her ‘Alien’ Baby (VIDEO)

Actress/Singer Jennifer Lopez (and her ass)

Actress Paula Patton and husband, singer Robin Thicke

Singer Mariah Carey and husband, actor/producer Nick Cannon

Farewell Seve Ballesteros.