Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oprah Asks The President, “Why did you wait so long to show your long-form birth certificate?”

President Obama: “Well O, I needed to let Donald Trump and the rest of the racist MF’s, excuse me, ‘birthers’, dig themselves into a hole so deep that once I did finally release my long-form BC, which by the way, I’ve had for yearrrrrsssss, all they could do was say ‘Oh well’ and shut the ‘F’ up. You see, contrary to popular belief, I know what I’m doing each and every moment of the day. Comprende mi bella?”



“Okay, so maybe,just maybe, the n*****, excuse me, half-n***** was actually born in America. But, I’m still whiter than him, I’m still richer than him, I’ve had more wives than him and I’m still far nuttier than he can ever hope to be. Thank you and God Bless the white people of America. Seig Heil!”

PRESIDENT OBAMA VS. ‘REALITY SHOW’ – The president told an audience of Democratic donors in New York last night that his budget clash with congressional Republicans will be a “clarifying moment” in American politics. And hours after he released his birth certificate to the public, Obama called for a “serious debate” over the direction of the country, swiping at unnamed parties who think politics is a “reality show.” “Part of what happened this morning was me trying to remind the press and trying to remind both parties that what we do in politics is not a reality show. It’s serious,” Obama said. “We’re going to have, between now and 2012, a serious debate about the kind of America we believe in. And it is my intention to make sure that as hopeful as 2008 was, I want 2012 to be an election in which we’re not just talking slogans, we don’t just have pretty posters, but we are looking soberly at the choices we face.” Obama didn’t denounce “Celebrity Apprentice” host Donald Trump by name, but earlier in the day he also urged reporters not to be distracted by “sideshows and carnival barkers.” – Politico’s Morning Score-04/28/11

PLUS – ‘NBC HAS CREATED A MONSTER’ – So says MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell, who unloaded on Donald Trump and the network that employs him in a lengthy monologue last night, branding Trump as “the most deranged egomaniac in the history of NBC entertainment division.” O’Donnell: “NBC has created a monster who is using his NBC fame to spew hatred, reeking with racist overtones and undertones about the president of the United States. NBC can no longer stand idly by, not for one more day. The NBC entertainment division could not possibly have created a worse conflict with the NBC News division.”

ONE MORE – GIBBS’S GAUNTLET – The former White House press secretary challenged Trump to open up his tax records now that the president has shared his birth certificate. Said Gibbs: “Donald Trump said he’d release his tax returns as soon as the president released his birth certificate, so the ball is in his court now and I know everybody is anxious to see his tax returns over the last 10 years.” And the response: “Trump repeatedly ignored questions about whether he’d fulfill his pledge. Asked later about Gibbs’ comments, Trump told POLITICO: ‘Gibbs is a loser.'”

MARKOS “Daily Kos” MOULITSAS calls the White House release “nothing short of brilliant”: “It keeps the issue in the news. Even more so, it gives it that much more visibility. And let’s face it, this is a huge loser for the GOP. What better way to show how out-of-touch and irrational Republicans are, than to rub this in their face.” 


President and Mrs. Obama comforting a family in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on Friday.


“Now I see why my predecessor didn’t want to do town halls.” – Congressman Rick Berg (R-ND)

What If They Gave A GOP Primary And Nobody Ran?

GOP Presidential Primary Race On The Brink Of Gaining Steam

The 2012 Speculatron Weekly Roundup For April 29, 2011

Newt Gingrich May Not Qualify For First GOP Debate Of 2012 Campaign

“But, but, I’ve had the same religion and wife for three years in a row and everything.”


From “Morning Fix” by Chris Cillizza-The Washington Post

Obama escapes blame for the economy, but he can’t escape the economy

President Obama continues to dodge taking the blame for causing the country’s economic problems, but people are more than happy to blame him for failing to pull the nation “out of the ditch” fast enough.

New polling from Marist College for McClatchy newspapers shows Obama’s approval on the economy hitting a new low, with just 40 percent of voters now approving of the job he’s done. His disapproval is also at a new high, 57 percent.

At the same time, voters continue to ascribe the financial crisis to Obama’s predecessors, with just 30 percent saying the problems are mostly a result of his policies, and another 63 percent saying he inherited them.

But while the blame rationing has been pretty consistent — with even one-third of Republicans still saying it wasn’t (mostly) his fault — Obama’s approval on the economy has dropped at a steady pace.

And it’s all about pessimism.

According to the poll, 57 percent of Americans think the worst of the economic crisis is yet to come — a stunning 18-point increase since January and the highest in at least seven months.

Despite small gains in the unemployment rate and other measures, people aren’t seeing things get better fast enough, and now that gas prices are rising, people are losing hope again.

Four years is a long time to avoid the blame, and whatever was left of Obama’s economic honeymoon appears to be at an end. Americans are increasingly pegging the state of the economy to Obama’s tenure as president; while it might have been the other guy who got you in this mess, it’s this guy who hasn’t yet gotten you out of it.

“I think we’re to the point that voters are holding the president responsible for not fixing the problems, regardless of their cause,” said GOP pollster Jon McHenry.

Which harkens back to something you will hear over and over again: that Obama’s reelection is almost completely tied to what happens to the economy.

Birth certificates, deficit reduction and collective bargaining may be the issues du jour, but the public’s view of the economy is so closely tied to Obama’s approval rating that we sometimes forget how simple the equation is when it comes to his reelection campaign.

The good news for Obama is that this is a poll in early 2011 — 18 months before the only poll that matters. Plenty will happen between now and then on the economy.

At this point though, it appears things may have to improve for Obama to win.

OBAMA 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina, armed with a Mac and a map, gives supporters a video “Strategy Update”: “This is not 2008. We gotta assume every single day that we need to build something new – better, faster and sleeker. Republicans are going to be fired up to take on President Obama … The 2008 campaign was the most special thing a lot of us have ever been a part of. But if we just run that same campaign, … we stand a good chance of losing. We’ve gotta run a new campaign …. [I]n 2012, we have the opportunity to make 2008 look prehistoric – to do it at a bigger scale, to do it with new technologies … and really reinvent this campaign. Grassroots will RUN this campaign. … We ought NOT to act like an incumbent. We oughta act like an insurgent campaign.” Video, PDF of charts

 Rick Santorum Leaves Afghanistan Out Of Foreign Policy Speech

“Wait a minute. I know this one. Starts with an ‘A’…Aruba?”

ROMNEY GAFFE — Alex Burns, in Manchester, N.H.: “Mitt Romney stumbled over an explosive turn of phrase Friday night, telling an audience that Republicans would figuratively ‘hang’ President Obama with bad economic news. Speaking at an Americans for Prosperity dinner, Romney’s comment came as he recalled Ronald Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign. ‘Reagan came up with this great thing about the “misery index” and he hung that around Jimmy Carter’s neck,’ Romney said. ‘Well, we’re going to have to hang the ‘Obama Misery Index’ around his neck.’ … Romney continued, ‘We’re going to hang him that, uh’ before stopping mid-sentence. ‘So to speak – metaphorically. You have to be careful.’ …

“Andrea Saul, a spokeswoman for the former governor, said the context of Romney’s comment was obviously benign. ‘It is not what the governor meant and that was very clear in what he actually said,’ Saul wrote in an email.”

–Boston Globe’s Glen Johnson: “[T]he mix of nervous laughter with applause indicated at least some in the audience realized its potency.” See the video.


Here’s to Haley  


Only Some blacks see racism in ‘birther’ questions? How about, blacks see racism in ‘birther’ questions? I can remember as a child being told that “A Negro has to be twice as good as the average white man” just to get ahead and sadly, that was proven once again this week when President Barack Obama had to go above and beyond what every other person born in the State of Hawaii (and the other 49 states) does to prove where they were born.

While Tavis Smiley fumes and bloviates, while Reverend Al and Cornel West scream at each on the radio – Obama’s celebrity roundtable – I’m just saying.

Prominent Hispanics meeting with President Obama at the White House this week.

THE SUNDAY SHOWS, from Matt Mackowiak:

–NBC’s “Meet the Press”: Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL); roundtable with Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I-New York City), Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA) and former Obama White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod

–ABC’s “The Week”: Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI); roundtable with ABC’s George Will, the Huffington Post’s Arianna Huffington, former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman and Thomson-Reuters’ Chrystia Freeland

–CBS’s “Face the Nation”: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ); Gov. Robert Bentley (R-AL); roundtable with Georgetown University’s Michael Eric Dyson and Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson

–“Fox News Sunday”: Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN); Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC); roundtable with Fox News’ Brit Hume, Fortune’s Nina Easton, the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol and Fox News’ Juan Williams

–CNN’s “State of the Union”: Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) and Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD); former Bush National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley and former Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA); education roundtable with Sen. Michal Bennet (D-CO), Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN), Capitol Prep. Magnet School founder Steve Perry and American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten

–CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS Live” (SUN 10am ET / 1pm ET): Roundtable with the Brookings Institution’s Martin Indyk, Al Jazeera’s Ayman Mohyeldin, the Council on Foreign Relations’ Elliot Abrams and the London School of Economics’ Fawaz Gerges; the New Yorker’s Malcolm Gladwell

–Univision’s “Al Punto”: Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL); Voces Action National Director Adryana Boyne; Democratic strategist Maria Cardona and Conservative blogger Javier Manjarres; Chilean Miner Mario Sepúlveda; roundtable with the Florida Sun Sentinel’s Antonio Fins and Catalunya Radio’s Xavier Vila

–NBC’s “The Chris Matthews Show”: Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman, NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell, Chicago Tribune’s Clarence Page and CNN’s Gloria Borger

–PBS’s “To the Contrary” (airs all weekend, check local listings): Roundtable with progressive commentator Patricia Sosa, Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway, National Council of Negro Women Executive Director Avis Jones-DeWeever and conservative commentator Dana White

–TV One’s “Washington Watch with Roland Martin” (SUN 11am ET): Roundtable with Hope Christian Church’s Bishop Harry Jackson (Beltsville, MD), Metropolitan Baptist Church’s Rev. Dr. H. Beecher Hicks, Jr. (Washington, DC) and Shiloh Baptist Church’s Rev. Wallace Charles Smith (Washington, DC); Center for American Progress’ Van Jones; roundtable with Bernard Center for Women, Politics and Public Policy CEO Michelle Bernard, Roll Call TV’s Robert Tranyham, Politico’s Joe Williams, Media Matters for America’s Ari Rabin-Havt and Sirius/XM Radio’s Wilmer Leon.


I don’t how he pulls it off without losing his credibility as a serious newsman – “Google” Brian Williams slow jams the news and/or Brian Williams, Kathie Lee, Hoda, doughnut – but Brian Williams is one very funny guy – New York Magazine, “The Comic Stylings of Brian Williams: How’s an anchor to cope when network newscasts keep losing ground? Having a second career helps,” by John Swansburg: “Williams has been honing his act for some time-the first of many entertaining appearances on Conan’s ‘Late Night’ occurred back during the Clinton administration-but it’s only recently that he’s shown how funny he can be. … These days, when people come up to Williams in public, more often than not it’s to praise his extracurricular work. ‘No one ever stops me at LaGuardia to say “That oil-price-per-barrel graphic you guys use? Killer,”‘ he says. … A close study of Williams’ ever-growing body of work reveals a versatile performer who can disappear into a character, play the straight man, deliver a monologue, or trade barbs from the other side of the desk. He’s a confident, kempt success in a profession dominated by neurotics and Apatovian man-children.”

Only in Hollywood

66 year-old Joanna Cassidy played 55 year-old Dana Delany’s mother in the latest episode of Delany’s new ABC show, Body of Proof.  That’s like Queen Latifah playing Brandy’s mother.


There are points in everyone’s life when one has to be completely honest with themselves. Even though his statements both before and after the release of the president’s long-form birth certificate say otherwise, I hope that Donald Trump has reached such a point in his life. He has no intention of running for president – no billionaire who made his fortune in New York City construction – wants his “financials” revealed for the world to see. His recent burst of ignorant bluster is meant to do two things and two things only: 1) Boost the name and brand of Trump and 2) Get NBC to give him more than a one-year renewal of The Apprentice. He’s already done the former – though the cost of doing it this way is yet to be determined – and he’s on the verge of accomplishing the latter too. It’s a shame that there’s no one at NBC and its parent company Comcast with the guts and class to say to Donald Trump, the same words he uses on his show when dismissing a contestant: “You’re fired.”




 Jada Pinkett Smith arriving at the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday, April 25, 2011

Giants top draft pick Prince Amukamara soaks in the spotlight with close relatives and friends at Radio City Music Hall on Thursday night.


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