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Thursday, March 30, 2011


President Barack Obama is the “Anti-Cowboy” and never was that clearer than during his Monday night speech on Libya. And in case his intent was missed by those with tin ears, he made it absolutely clear when he said, “We are hopeful about Iraq’s future. But regime change there took eight years, thousands of American and Iraqi lives, and nearly a trillion dollars. That is not something we can afford to repeat in Libya.” And guess what, I haven’t heard or read one single dissenting word about that from any of his opponents from the other side of the aisle. Not one. I wonder why. (Actually, I know why. It’s because that even for this bunch of Republicans, it’s hard to argue with the absolute truth of what the president said and not look completely asinine and petty.

Is the GOP’s short-sighted approach to budget problems in the states, as personified by the recent anti-union legislation in Wisconsin which is under judicial review  Wisconsin Union Law Passage To Be Examined By Judge and Ohio Protests Linked To MLK By Opponents Of Ohio’s Anti-Union Bill about to blow up in their faces Cops, firefighters turn on GOP in labor fight, just in time for the 2012 election cycle?

Is Scott Brown the only Republican senator “Reducing and eliminating needless spending and programs are appropriate, but a wholesale reduction in spending, without considering economic, cultural, and social impacts is simply irresponsible.” with a conscience and will his telling the truth cost him his seat next year? Only time will tell but for now, I salute his willingness to stand apart from the lockstep meanness and pettiness of his party and say what’s really on his mind.

Of course they couldn’t give the president and his policies any credit on the improving jobs numbers that were released on Friday GOP barely moved by jobs data. That would be too much like doing the right thing and God knows, that just can’t happen. Or, even agree on the same thing Obama, Boehner Give Conflicting Accounts Of Budget Negotiations As Government Shutdown Looms.

Unlike John McCain, I read the book Game Change, and frankly, considering the fact that no one depicted or quoted in it has sued the authors, I think dear, sweet Meghan McCain doest protest too much Meghan McCain: ‘Game Change’ Movie Will ‘Crucify’ My Family, Sarah Palin.  

In my opinion, what viewers will see is just how incredibly stupid and ill-conceived John McCain’s decision to make the undeniably unprepared and unqualified first-term governor of Alaska his running mate really was.

From private jets and limos to Rolls-Royce convertibles to driving a Toyota SUV – that’s the life of Suge Knight since the heyday of Death Row Records. I did a triple-take Friday afternoon as I crossed the street at LaBrea and Rodeo in Los Angeles and saw the glowering visage of Marion “Suge” Knight behind the wheel of the aforementioned vehicle. And, he didn’t look happy at all. Which to be fair, might be his default emotional state these days.

“Reality TV is ‘Lazy TV’ by lazy TV executives.” – Charles L. Freeman


“I agree with Michele Bachmann 99% of the time on policy issues. But just like Dorothy, I’ve been to Oz and I’ve looked behind the curtain.” Former Bachmann chief of staff Ron Carey.

Newt Gingrich’s Balancing Act: Please Casino Owner & Evangelicals

“Yes, I am full of s**t!”


                   HUEY              DEWEY              LOUEY

TIm Pawlenty channels Sheen: GOP’s ‘winning, duh!’  

 After reading these articles, I’m more convinced than ever that the “adults” in the GOP are going to force Jeb “But I Don’t Wanna Run!” Bush into the race later this year, even if they have to take his mother, wife and children hostage and hold them at gun point in a house across the street from Minister Louis Farrakhan’s mansion in Chicago’s Hyde Park.



Stay classy Star Jones.


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