Sunday, March 20, 2011

Due to school and other pressing obligations last week, I wasn’t able to prepare a proper Flyer or NBA Review so, I’m going to combine the two today.


There’s a potential nuclear catastrophe brewing in Japan in the wake of the devastating earthquake and ensuing tsunami of nine days ago, Libya is reeling from air strikes as the U.S. and other allies voted to enforce a “no-fly zone” even as it appears that Kaddafi has managed to quell the uprising in the country he’s ruled for 40 years (frankly, it’s easier to do so when one is willing to kill his own countrymen but I digress), House Speaker John Boehner faces more and more defections from the right-wing and Tea Partiers of his party over spending and budgetary issues John Boehner Navigates Uncharted Territory Between Legislative Pragmatism & Tea Party Zeal, the President continues to take heat from Republicans for practically every single thing he does or doesn’t do Newt Gingrich: Sarkozy Led On Libya Because He Wasn’t Filling Out A Bracket, Sarah Pain took questions from reporters in India Sarah Palin Warns Of China’s Rise While In India, Haley “Boss Hogg Jr” Barbour’s own son wrote that he hoped his father wouldn’t run for president Haley Barbour 2012 Ambitions Have Potential Presidential Contender’s Son Wary (the thought of Barbour actually running ANYWHERE other than to wherever there’s food and booze is hilarious to me), and the cacophony of Republicans trying to be heard as potential 2012 presidential candidates grew louder and stupider by the day Herman Cain Criticizes Obama Over Failure To Mention God In Speeches (I’m not making this s**t up) as the only lucid statements of the week were made by Rudy Giuliani “Time to bury the birthers” and “RomneyCare Is ‘Big Baggage’ For Fellow Republican Mitt Romney”.

Unfortunately, because they were made by Rudy G and not someone with either any real power in the Republican Party or someone with a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the nomination next year, his comments carry little weight with the rank-and-file of the party.

It was the kind of week that even Michelle Bachmann’s misguided (okay, stupidly ignorant) attempts at showing off her knowledge of history – “You’re the state where the shot was heard ‘round the world at Lexington and Concord,” Bachmann said at an event organized by the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire – the shot that started the America’s war for independence was, of course, fired in Massachusetts but hey, you say tomato, I say to-ma-to.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Donald Trump threatened (that’s how I’m taking it) to run for president too?

Mark Heisler’s NBA rankings – Week 21

A look at the contenders, pretenders and losers (including the Eastern Conference playoff race).

March 20, 2011

Rankings, Comments through Saturday – My Comments


1. LAKERS (49-20) So what if they didn’t beat any top teams until March 6? (1) Picky, picky.

2. CHICAGO (49-19) Bulls 18-2 when Bogans scores six. Unfortunately, he averages 4.1. (2) And yet, the Baby Bulls, led by MVP candidate Derrick Rose, are legitimate title contenders in the East. Even Michael Jordan says so and we know what a success he’s been as an NBA executive.

3. MIAMI (48-22) Drying their tears, went 5-1, beating Lakers, walking on Spurs. (6) I think I’ll cry before I start my next project.

4. SAN ANTONIO (56-13) Like Shaq in spring, Duncan awakens to get 22 in win at Dallas. (3) Shaq? TD still has some game left in his legs but Shaq is shot.

5. BOSTON (49-19) Came from 14 down at New Orleans or they’d have lost five of seven. (5) I’m not sure if this happened at the riverboat casino or the arena. Either way, it’s impressive.


6. OKLAHOMA CITY (45-23) Perkins undefeated in West, even if it’s only been three games. (7) Just getting ready for the playoffs.

7. DALLAS (48-21) So much for leading Lakers, closing out season series at home. (4) They’re still the Mavs and until they prove otherwise, I don’t see them winning it all.

8. ORLANDO (44-26) What two years away? Dwight Howard can extend in summer if he wants to. (10) Yeah, but why would he?

9. DENVER (41-29) Nuggets 9-4 since deal. Laughingstock front office up for execs of year. (8) Turns out it WAS Mr La La Vasquez’ fault after all.

10. PORTLAND (40-29) Blazers 20-9 since Jan. 15 when they finally went over .500 for good. (12) Imagine how good they’d be if Greg Oden were still alive. Basketball-wise of course.

11. NEW ORLEANS (40-31) Reports of his death exaggerated: Paul goes for 33-27-26. (14) Oh, CP3’s just auditioning for his next team.

12. MEMPHIS (38-32) Oops: Lost three of four with Gay’s return now “indefinite.” (13) Translation: we won’t be seeing Rudy in uniform anytime soon.

13. PHILADELPHIA (36-34) Breathing life into them is great, doing it with same guys amazing. (9) Hey, if the vote were based on “real” coaching, Doug Collins would win Coach of the Year going away.

14. ATLANTA (39-30) Smith, fantasy monster, real-world hard-head, at 41% this month. (11) Yawn.

15. HOUSTON (36-34) Adelman’s option picked up, for one year, on 10-3 run since break. (17) And this is AFTER trading Shane Battier.

16. PHOENIX (34-33) Twilight: Lost two without Nash, a third in his comeback try. (16) Alvin Gentry’s agent checking the severance clause in his contract as you read this.

17. NEW YORK (35-33) Hip Gotham fans sense issues with team 7-7 since popular trade. (15) And I bet they’re looking forward to those 49% increases in ticket prices next season. Or not.

18. CLIPPERS (27-43) Winning 35 would be OK season but only six more games at home. (18) If they could all ever stay healthy for more than a week at a time…

19. GOLDEN STATE (30-39) San Francisco Chronicle’s Ostler: Smart “dead coach coaching.” (19) Who cares?

20. UTAH (36-33) Ty Corbin has first winning streak, going 2-0 after 3-10 start. (20) Somewhere, Jerry Sloan is grimacing (he can’t smile due to a genetic imbalance) and enjoying the cool of the evening.


21. INDIANA (30-40) In first real starting shot, Hansbrough gets 20-29-30-10-29. (21) And yet, it won’t mean anything at the end of the season.

22. CHARLOTTE (28-41) Jackson in vintage get-me-outta-here mode, shooting 32% in March. (23) Stephen Jackson is the worst human being in the league.

23. MILWAUKEE (27-41) Scary: Skiles’ teams play hard. Imagine if this one didn’t. (22) Because they’re afraid of him and his crazy eyes.

24. DETROIT (25-44) Starting backcourt of 6-8 McGrady, 6-11 Daye beat Knicks. (30) Big whoop. Who doesn’t beat the Knicks these days?

25. NEW JERSEY (22-45) Averaging 17, 5.9 rebounds, Lopez bumps it to 26-9 over five. (24) Look out Brooklyn – Trini Lopez is back! Oh, not that Lopez? Oh well.

26. MINNESOTA (17-53) Despite rumors, Rambis looks good there, for rest of season. (25) Hey, don’t feel sorry for “Superman”; he knew what he was getting into. Especially on the 1st and 15th of every month.

27. TORONTO (19-49) At OKC, Denver, Phoenix, GS, Clippers: Over/under on wins is one. (27) That high?


28. SACRAMENTO (16-51) Let me get this straight: There are two cities that WANT them? (28) This was funny LAST week and it’ll be funny until the end of time. Or the Clippers winning a Larry O’Brien Trophy. Whichever occurs first.

29. CLEVELAND (13-55) Scott questions hearts. Arms, legs, lungs, etc., not much either. (29) Okay, I do feel sorry for “Bee” Scott. He had no idea what he was getting into. Well, except on the 1st and 15th of each month.

30. WASHINGTON (16-51) McGee gets T for rim-hanging after triple-double in 20-point loss. (26) I had no idea that Mike McGee was still in the league.


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