Random Thoughts – March 14, 2011



Tagline: “One doesn’t know anything and the other one’s even dumber!”

What does it say about the Republican Party that the two leading women who may run for their party’s presidential nomination have the combined IQ of a neutered Cocker Spaniel?


Former McCain Campaign Chief: Sarah Palin Made ‘Short List’ Because Of Gender

Palin: “I don’t know s**t about anything.” McCain: “So what? I don’t know s**t about economic policy or how many houses my rich family owns.” Palin: “So what should I do if say, Katie Couric, asks me a tough question?”  McCain: “That’s easy Alaskan Barbie; just smile and wave. Smile and wave.” Palin: “I have to change my name too?”

The worst thing to me about this quote from the article, “As the clock was running out, [campaign manager Rick] Davis says McCain asked to have at least one woman on the short list. His advisers went back to the long list and plucked out Palin’s name” is the fact that McCain had exactly FIVE months from the day he secured the nomination to the day he announced Palin as his running mate and that she was the best he could do.


From POLITICO’S –Playbook facts of life: Sarah Palin has shown no capacity to evolve, grow substantively, or expand her base of support. If she had spent her time studying education reform, like Jeb Bush – or developing a signature issue of any sort – a Palin candidacy would look much more promising. She resigned as governor in July, 2009 — a year and a half that has been squandered, used only to make money rather than to reintroduce herself to the American middle

Lawrence O’Donnell’s Brutal Parody Of Newt Gingrich’s Affair Apology Interview (VIDEO) “Brutal” as in funny as hell!


So far, ABC News’ Cokie Roberts on Sunday’s This Week, has had the best line about “The Toad’s” incredibly stupid attempt at explaining his extra-martial affairs: “I think it’s just a great line: I can see every straying husband coming home and saying to his wife, ‘Honey, I’m just lovin’ my country, and [there’s] nothing I can do about it.”


Delroy Lindo can start working on his Emmy Award acceptance speech now because he’s a shoo-in for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his role of Alderman Ronin Gibbons on The Chicago Code. His scenes may be few and brief but, this magnificent and long underrated actor is absolutely riveting in them.

I was flipping through the TV channels over the weekend and came across Bat Masterson. I ask you, was there ever a cooler white man in a show than the late Gene Barry? I mean, dude rolled through the Old West in custom-made suits, a derby hat and he carried a walking stick! And if that wasn’t enough, he cemented his status by playing Amos Burke, a millionaire bachelor police homicide captain, on Burke’s Law where he had the audacity to roll up to crime scenes in a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II, dressed in either a fitted Botany 500 suit or a tuxedo! Nobody on television has ever topped those two roles for sheer coolness. NOBODY!

For those of you who doubt exactly who runs the NBA (hint, it’s not Billy Hunter), I give you this tidbit from Mark Heisler of the Los Angeles Times: “Gee, who could have imagined this? Oh yeah, anyone outside the NBA office.

Dwight Howard was suspended with his 16th technical foul and Amare Stoudemire spared when his was rescinded (a double-T he and Dallas’ Brendan Haywood got for making faces at each other.) That led Orlando Coach Stan Van Gundy to compare Moammar, er, David Stern to unnamed tyrants.

“I would just render a guess that we’re not going to be hearing from him for the rest of the season,” cooed Stern to ESPN’s Colin Cowherd, predicting “Stan and the team for which he works [will] rein in his abhorrent behavior.” That means they got a call saying, “One more word from Oscar the Grouch and you’re out $1 million.”

Joke that this is, they ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait until Dwight, Amare et al. start disappearing in the playoffs!”

The blatant hypocrisy of the NCAA is fully evident during March Madness. The same organization that swears up-and-down that the “student-athlete comes first” won’t allow a Division 1 football playoff because it would mean too many missed classes is about embark on their annual cross-country tournament to name a national champion in basketball and trust me, that means LOTS of missed classes for the “student-athletes” involved. The tournament – minus the two play-in games on Tuesday – starts on Thursday and those teams are required to be in the game cities on Tuesday (Wednesday if they’re playing Friday). Think anyone’s going to class this week? Oh yeah, they’ll have tutors and study halls in hotel conference rooms but, what do you think will get studied more, chemistry notes or game film?

When Tiger Woods said after Sunday’s round of 66 in the World Golf Championship-Cadillac Championship, “I hit a lot of good golf shots [today]”, I couldn’t help but wonder what other types of shots could he, or any other golfer for that matter, have hit while playing a round of golf.

For the reader who e-mailed and asked why I haven’t written much about the NFL bargaining sessions and subsequent lockout by the owners, I have these three words: Because it’s March.



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