Random Thoughts – March 6, 2011




How Low Can Mike Huckabee Go?

From the article: Huckabee made his latest odious remarks during an appearance on Bryan Fischer’s radio program. Fischer, who peddles overheated, insane evangelical rhetoric, is a virulent anti-gay member of the Family Research Council, a group that has been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Fischer asked Huckabee to comment on the “fundamental anti-Americanism of this president.” Huck was happy to oblige.

HUCKABEE: And I have said many times, publicly, that I do think he has a different worldview and I think it’s in part molded out of a very different experience. Most of us grew up going to Boy Scout meetings, you know, our communities were filled with Rotary Clubs, not madrassas. And I just do think that there is uh…again I’m not saying he’s not a citizen. I’ve never said that, I’ve said the opposite. I’ve never said he’s a Muslim…Were not the worldviews of John Kennedy, Lyndon Jonson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush, just to name the presidents of the last 50 years, molded out of their very different (and widely diverse) experiences?

Here’s the thing: no matter how President Obama’s opponents try to couch or dress it up, one of their main tactics for the 2012 campaign will be to constantly try to paint him as “not as American as you and me (white people).”


Huck likes The Hermanator

By Juana Summers – Politico – 3/2/11  

Mike Huckabee says he could end up in Herman Cain’s corner.

“I like Herman a lot,” Huckabee told a Kansas radio station Wednesday. “He and I are both big believers in the fair tax. Herman is a strong, free market guy, he’s a pro-life guy. I don’t know of any issue on which he and I disagree.”

Huckabee’s comments to Les Dowrey of the Virtues and Values show came during his swing through the heartland to promote his latest book, “A Simple Government.” While Huckabee said he likes Cain’s positions, he also offered a little advice for the Atlanta businessman, so far the only presidential hopeful to launch an official exploratory committee.

“Raise more money than the other people, and that’s the hard part,” Huckabee said, alluding to his 2008 bid for the GOP nomination. “I found I was up against millions of dollars that people would spend money just to attack me. If I didn’t have a good treasury, then I wasn’t able to respond to those charges.”

Asked if Herman Cain would get his vote, Huckabee stopped short of an endorsement.

“Of all the people that are being talked about, Herman Cain is certainly a great guy who I could support,” he said.”

Now that the economy is finally starting to look like it’s headed in a positive direction, look for Republicans to try to shift the credit from the president’s column to their side of the ledger.

If I understood Newt “The Toad” Gingrich correctly this week, he’s thinking about “seriously considering running for president” in 2012. Or some other gobbledy-gook along those lines.


A friend and I recently had the following E-mail exchange about the potential GOP presidential candidates:

Me: Why do I get the feeling that the 2012 GOP presidential nominee, whomever it will be, is going to make John McCain look like a true statesman? I mean, the Obama crew has to be looking around and saying, “Is this all you got?”

Him: I agree.  This collection of used car salesmen is really sad.  I absolutely cannot believe the Republican Party looks so raggedy and weak.  And they’ve got to be doubly upset because it’s a brother who helps make them look so bad…..

So with that in mind, here’s a helpful guide to what so far, is shaping up to being the absolute worst Republican presidential pool of the last 40 years. 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates: ABC News Guidebook To show you how bad things are trending right now, some of those included have already either dropped out of the race or denied that they were ever in it.

Am I the only one who caught those “looks” from the other nominees when Sofia Vergara won the Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Television Comedy during Friday night’s broadcast? Also, Darnell Williams should never, ever speak in public without his lines being written for him. 

You’d have to put a gun to my head, cock it and show me live video footage of my loved ones being held hostage by a group made up of the Klan, Neo-Nazis, Republican House members and the Oakland Raiders before I’d go see the new “Madea” movie. And even then, I’d fight you to the death and call you a “Punk-a**, MFing, son of a bi**h before spitting in your face.

I’ve got nothing against James Lesure, a fine actor in his own right, BUT, John Salley or Rick Fox would be so much better in the role of an ex-NBA star on the new ABC show, “Mr Sunshine”, that stars Matthew Perry if only for the reason that at 6’10 and 6’7 respectively, they actually look like someone who played pro basketball. I mean, it’s like on the “Cosby” show – the producers wanted us to believe that Cliff and Clair had two light-skinned children first, Sondra and Denise, then three dark-skinned ones in a row. Yeah, right. See, I always figured that Cliff was married to a light-skinned lady, say a Paula Patton-type first, she died and then when he went to a Hillman College homecoming weekend, he ran into Clair who was coming off a relationship that went bad. They reconnected (read: “hooked-up”) that weekend, found out they both lived in NYC, started seeing each other again and bingo, boffo, got married and had Theo, Vanessa and Rudy. (Yes Monica, I’ve given this a lot of thought and yes, I have too much free time on my hands).

When the authorities side with your ex-wife who’s currently in drug rehab and take your children from your fabulously appointed mansion and return them to her custody (actually her parents but I digress) instead of leaving them with you and the “goddesses”, you might just want to re-think your lifestyle. And by that, I don’t mean running off to Haiti with Sean Penn. Trust me, those people have suffered enough; they don’t need your special brand of craziness too. I’m just saying.

Uh, losing at home to the Magic after being up by 24 points and then getting absolutely crushed by the Spurs, 125-95, the very next night in San Antonio, an a**-whipping so thorough that the normally placid Tim Duncan mouthed “game over” while the Heat sulked to the bench after calling another timeout…in the first quarter, could not have been the plan when Pat Riley signed the “Big Three” last summer.


by Mark Heisler – Los Angeles Times – March 5, 2011

San Antonio remains in the top spot; Lakers move up to No. 5.

Members of the San Antonio Spurs enjoy the view from the bench

late in their 125-95 victory over Miami on Friday.



1. SAN ANTONIO (51-11) Lakers’ hell week starts in Texas today. (1) Spurs by ten or more wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Kobe comes out trying to take over the game from the start.

2. CHICAGO (42-18) Bulls get Heat check in Miami, which just had hell week. (2) Sleep on the Bulls at your own risk. D-Rose is a legit MVP candidate.

3. DALLAS (45-16) Lead Lakers 1-0 with two of season’s three there — No. 2 is Saturday. (4) BIG trip for the Lakers could tell us a lot about the Mavs’ title hopes.

4. BOSTON (45-15) Tad soon to beat swords into ploughshares: Perkins out, Krstic in. (5) Shaq still in his annual funk/too hurt to play mode.

5. LAKERS (44-19) In good news, whatever happens, they can’t be eliminated this week. (6) But if we’re lucky, Charlie Sheen can and will be. Metaphorically speaking of course. Maybe.


6. MIAMI (43-19) Lose today and Erik Spoelstra will be bigger than Charlie Sheen. (3) Lose today and Don Pato Rileyeone may have no choice but to come down from the executive suite.


7. OKLAHOMA CITY (38-22) Oops: Without Krstic, Green, you only have to guard two starters. (8) The Perkins deal is a long-term thing.

8. ORLANDO (40-23) After inspirational win in Miami, flattened by Bulls at home. (7) And their my friends, is the crux of the Magic’s problems as a title contender: they don’t come to play each and every game.

9. DENVER (37-26) Anthony loses what’s left of MVP support: Nuggets 5-1 since trade. (13) So, it WAS ‘Melo’s fault after all?

10. ATLANTA (37-25) Won in Hinrich’s debut at point, beating his old team, the Bulls. (9) Keeping alive the hopes and dreams of hundreds of young white American boys who aren’t Mormon ballers, ladies and gentlemen, how about a nice round of applause for Kirk Hinrich.

11. NEW ORLEANS (36-28) He’s back: After N.Y. debacle, Paul gets 25 as they win in Memphis. (10) I’m getting sick and tired of the Chris Paul “story”.

12. PORTLAND (34-27) Roy gets major points as a gamer but that’s not Brandon Roy. (12) The Portland Blazer Curse is this close to claiming yet another victim.

13. MEMPHIS (34-29) With Gay out, Sam Young, Tony Allen start in defensive lineup. (11) And?

14. PHILADELPHIA (31-30) Not Brand of old but this one averages 15-9 after two lost seasons. (15) This may sound crazy but there was a time in the not-so-distant past when Elton Brand was a top-15 player.

15. PHOENIX (32-28) So much for team option for ’11-12: Carter at 14 a game, 41% there. (16) Vince Carter hasn’t been Vince Carter in years. Years I tell you!

16. HOUSTON (32-32) Lowry, who lacked only a shot, averages 2.5 threes last four weeks. (17) Who?

17. NEW YORK (31-29) Loss to Cavaliers ends party for quote-Hip New York Fans-unquote. (14) But, but, I thought Mr La La Vasquez was going to be the savior.

18. INDIANA (27-35) Southwest reality check: Just lost in OKC, Dallas, Houston. (19) Now, that’s “Clipperesque.”

19. UTAH (33-30) Ty Corbin gets two-year deal and second win in nine games! (18) Jerry Sloan and Deron Williams got out in the nick of time.

20. CLIPPERS (22-40) Baron loses what’s left of MVP support as they start 2-0 with Mo. (23) Baron Hilton has a better chance of being MVP than Baron Davis does.

21. GOLDEN STATE (27-34) Battled back from 15-23 to 26-29 for Smart, but 1-5 since. (21) I’m sure this means something to somebody but damned if I know what or who. And, I don’t care.

22. CHARLOTTE (26-35) Luckily MJ says he’s not out to just be No. 7-8, because he won’t be. (20) Or number one until he truly commits to full-time, hands-on ownership and leadership.

23. MILWAUKEE (23-37) Bogut out. As Jerry West said of Lou Hudson, if he was a horse . . . (22) This team is falling apart quicker than Michael Steele’s support at the RNC.

24. NEW JERSEY (19-43) On bright side for Knicks, whom would they rather steal a star from? (25) Going from Newark to Brooklyn is like going from Compton to Inglewood.

25. WASHINGTON (16-45) Game’s most overpriced at $118 mill, Lewis now part-time starter. (24) Dumbest contract in the history of team sports and that includes whatever the real value of David Beckham’s deal with the LA Galaxy is.

26. SACRAMENTO (15-45) Why exactly didn’t Hornets play him? Thornton averaging 21 as King. (26) It’s easy being good on a turrible team.

27. MINNESOTA (15-49) Who IS this guy? Love just averaged 22-20 in last five. (27) That’s Love, Kevin Love.

28. TORONTO (17-46) No good representing Commonwealth, either: 0-2 vs. Nets in London. (28) New marketing slogan for the Raptors: “We can lose in THREE countries!”

29. CLEVELAND (12-49) Showed ’em after all: Baron hits key three to beat Knicks in debut. (29) Over/under on Baron getting hurt/fat/bored: two weeks from today.


30. DETROIT (22-41) Apparently Daye was innocent; apparently Rip, Ben, Tayshaun weren’t. (30)  Say good night Joe Dumars.


 This is the fabulous house, “Ursa Major”, that the late, great Wilt Chamberlain built in the hills of Bel-Air, California in 1972.

Know that if I ever hit the lottery for $100 million, one of my first moves is to try to buy it from its current owners, whomever that is at the time. I’m not joking even a little bit. I LOVE this house!


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