Random Thoughts, Friday, February 18, 2011

Read my lips – Key 2012 early states cool to Palin – Sarah Palin will not risk devaluing her very lucrative “brand” with a possible (probable) primary campaign loss. She’ll conjure up a statement about how she can do more “outside the traditional system” but, she ain’t gonna run in 2012!


I hope that every voter in America with the sense God gave a seedless grape, takes note of the fact that not a single GOP congressperson or senator who is calling for “deeper cuts” in federal spending has volunteered to take a pay cut in their own six-figure salaries and benefits. Not a single one. And in fact, House Speaker John Boehner said Tuesday that the GOP plans to “get serious” about government spending, and if that means eliminating government jobs, “so be it.” Fed job loss? ‘So be it’ And just in case you’ve forgotten what “Agent Orange” said about jobs just a few months ago: October 2010 — Republican John Boehner – “IT’S ABOUT JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, JOBS.” 


Speaking of seedless grapes Michele Bachmann: Michelle Obama Trying To Implement A ‘Nanny State’ With Health Initiative


Why do I get the feeling that Michelle Obama must say to herself some days, “What now?” Michelle Obama as Mannequin-in-Chief: Fashion Industry Furious at First Black FLOTUS, AGAIN?  


To say that there’s no clear-cut favorite for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, is to say that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar “sure is tall.” Opinion: Washington as Cairo: Tumult reigns at CPAC – Joe Scarborough  


When I read Sarah Palin said during a rare public speaking engagement before a business group in suburban New York on Thursday, that she would like to see a candidate in 2012 that was a “multi-tasking mother with experience at the state and local level who has already been a vice presidential nominee”, I almost fell off my couch. Assuming (quite safely) that she’s referring to herself, let’s look at her record on each point:


·         Multi-Tasking Mother – Bristol. Say no more.

·         State Level – Quit halfway through her only term as governor of Alaska

·         Local Level – During her second term as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, the city’s long-term debt grew from about $1 million to $25 million due to $15 million for the sports complex, $5.5 million for street projects, and $3 million for water improvement projects.

·         Vice-Presidential Nominee – Replaced an ever so grateful Dan Quayle as worst in GOP history.


So, if that’s the resume she wants to hang her hat on, in the words of John “Agent Orange” Boehner, “So be it.”


Jeb Bush is the most important Republican not running for president in 2012 (he’s on record as not running but something tells me if his last name were Brown, he would be). He is the GOP’s leader on issues like education and broadening the party to Hispanics.


John Boehner is a two-faced, deeply (and weirdly) tanned, sleazy snake oil salesman John Boehner, Barack Obama: Boehner needs to speak out and I apologize to the honorable snake oil salesman of the world for lumping him in with their profession. I hope he’ll both read and heed the message in this LA Times editorial in Wednesday’s paper  The politics behind the GOP assault on President Obama but somehow, I doubt it.


Speaking of two-faced public figures, is it just me who’s getting sick and tired of “Winning Kobe” – happy, talkative, expansive, accommodating with the media – and “Losing Kobe” – sarcastic, terse, vulgar and surrounded by security guards – or are there others out there who feel the same way I do?


I don’t know about you but, whenever I read or hear the words, “old Negro spiritual”, I can’t help but wonder, if there are any “new” Negro spirituals.


The Lakers new TV deal with Time Warner cable  Time Warner Cable, Lakers strike 20-year TV deal is going to change the face of local sports programming. The deal, while understandable and great business for both the team and the cable operator, will leave many of their older and less-affluent fans in Los Angeles without the ability to watch their favorite team on television after next season.


I have never been a Dick Vitale fan because of his worshipping Bob Knight and Duke, and this article Sports Commentator Dick Vitale Refers to NBA Players as Inmates’ and his statements quoted in it only strengthen my already intense dislike of him. And when I say “dislike”, know that I really mean pure, unadulterated hatred. Seriously. I’m not joking even a little bit.


After reading news reports and seeing photos from the Music Cares benefit honoring Barbra Streisand and Clive Davis’ annual “Star-O-Rama” party, why do I get the feeling that the actual Grammy Awards show was an inevitable let-down?


I hope former Virginia governor and current DNC chairman Tim Kaine, one of three finalists when then-Senator Barack Obama was choosing a running mate in 2008, decides to run for the Senate seat from that’s been opened up by Jim Webb’s decision to step down after only one term Kaine will not announce intentions this weekend because the president and Democrats need him in the Senate.


I thought it was a very bad idea when I heard that Michael Vick was going to appear on Oprah and a very good idea when I heard he’d cancelled the appearance. I’ve got nothing against Ms Winfrey – actually I do but that’s not important right now – but, at some point, it’s time for Vick to stop talking about the past (except in his appearances on behalf of the SPCA) and now is that time. And if, as it’s been speculated/reported, it took Eagles management and his mentor Tony Dungy, to intervene on his behalf, good for them. I’m sure Vick meant well but sometimes, he needs saving from himself and his good intentions.


Stay classy LA during NBA All-Star Weekend.















Ciara on the 2011 Grammy Awards Red Carpet





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