February 13, 2011

As many of you know, I started the Spring semester last week and unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view), that means fewer posts in general and this week in particular, no NBA Review (will have a big one after next Sunday’s All-Star Game). 


“There are very few moments in our lives where we have the privilege to witness history taking place. This is one of those moments. This is one of those times. The people of Egypt have spoken, their voices have been heard, and Egypt will never be the same.” – President Barack Obama Friday on the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.


GOP At CPAC: We Can Deliver Big Time Change .. AP: You Probably Can’t

(L-R) Haley Barbour, Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, Mitch Daniels, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, John Thune Unseen and possibly lurking in the shadows – Jeb Bush (who insists he’s not running in 2012, Herman Cain (the 2011 version of MC Michael Steele), Eric Cantor (my personal dark horse selection) and two people I remain convinced have no real intention of running, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump.

The Spook Who Sat By The Door 2011                        

Allen West CPAC Speech Closes Conservative Conference

Allen West Cpac Speech

  “You looking at me?”

Congressman Allen “Crazy Eyes” West (R-FL)

Clarence Thomas Keeps 5-Year Supreme Court Silence  

Clarence Thomas Supreme Court

  “Yeah, I’m looking at you. You want to try me?”


This, in my humble opinion, is how a true leader, not some wanna-be “tough-guy”, handles a world crisis Obama’s Egypt strategy: U.S. tried to pressure President Hosni Mubarak without intruding no matter what some Republicans are saying Gingrich blasts Obama’s handling of Egypt crisis, HotAirPundit: Zogby: Only 16% of Republicans Approve of Obama’s Handling of Egypt.

One thing I’ve noticed during the Egyptian crisis, for the most part, Republican criticism of the Obama administration’s handling of the situation has come from those without any real knowledge of the situation and the intelligence reports the President, his advisors and congressional leaders are seeing. In other words, a bunch of people without any “skin in the game” and to me, they and their opinions simply don’t matter.

This is what 2012 is all about – McConnell says Obama agenda is `over’ Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell declared Saturday that President Barack Obama’s legislative agenda is “over,” but said GOP lawmakers are willing to work with the White House to do what they “think is right for America.” – from the White House to Congress to the Statehouses across the country.

Speaking of 2012, Sarah Palin – she can’t risk devaluing her “brand” with a likely primary campaign loss – and Donald Trump – his hair alone disqualifies him – are not going to run for president, no matter what they say or do over the next few weeks. AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.

Only in America could two a**holes like these guys Bill O’Reilly Dismisses Beck’s Egypt Theory: ‘No Evidence’ become rich and famous spouting nonsense on radio and TV.

I must confess: I didn’t think the Lakers had a snowball’s chance in hell of starting this year’s “Grammy Awards Road Trip” 4-0. I had them at 2-2 going into today’s game @ Orlando. Maybe the threat/rumors of trading for Carmelo Anthony was just what they needed to get refocused on things. And, wait until they get Matt Barnes (and to a lesser degree, Theo Ratliff) back after the All-Star break.

Of course the Cavaliers broke their record-tying losing streak (26 games) by beating the Clippers Friday night. Cleveland would have lost to LA Westchester High before losing to the Clippers. That’s just the cold, hard fact a member of Clipper Nation like me has to accept.

I HATE the people who take five f**king minutes to pick two entrees and one side at Panda Express!

Stay classy Robert Gibbs.


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