February 2, 2011


“The challenge that you have coming from the private sector as I did is when someone asks you a question, you answer it… the challenge I had last time was I answered every question, and sometimes, you need to say: you know, let me quickly answer that question and then get on to what’s really important.”- Former (and presumed future) presidential candidate Mitt Romney on ABC’s The View when asked what he learned from his unsuccessful 2008 run.


I almost burst out in laughter watching John Boehner (admin has responded to “tense situation pretty well”…”democratic reforms” for nation are “right direction”) and Mitch McConnell ( – on FOX and NBC respectively – on the Sunday morning news shows publicly support President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton’s approach and response to the crisis in Egypt. It was so apparent that they were doing so through firmly clenched teeth, especially McConnell who said that this was a time for only “one voice” to be heard from on behalf of America. Oh, for a “thought bubble” above his head.

This is the kind of thing – A new Gallup poll shows 88% of Republicans say it is important that Republican leaders consider the Tea Party’s positions and objectives when addressing national problems. Interestingly, slightly more than half of Democrats surveyed, 53%, also believe it’s important for the GOP to consider the Tea Party’s ideas — even though just 11% of Democrats have a favorable view of the Tea Party. Also of interest: 43% of Republicans surveyed in the  poll did not take a position on the Tea Party (52% support it, while 5% oppose it). The poll was conducted Jan. 14-16, 2011 – that could prove problematic for the eventual Republican nominee in that in order to win the nomination, they will be forced to run to the extreme right and then have to pivot back to the center in the general election.

I don’t what’s going to be funnier over the next two years: waiting for Sarah Plain’s convoluted explanation of why she won’t run for the presidency (that will be priceless), watching Mitt Romney trying desperately to be all things to all factions of the GOP – the sane, the insane and the truly demented – Mitt flip-flops on populism, Romneycare, Haley “Boss Hogg Jr” Barbour (if he runs which I seriously doubt) trying to explain away his racist past (“Hey, I like the Nee, excuse me, Black people!), Mike Huckabee walk the line between folksy and outright religious nut, Newt Gingrich explaining why anyone with the moral compass of a $20 street hooker should take him seriously, Tim Pawlenty trying to be taken seriously, Jon Huntsman ultimately failing to convince voters why he, Obama’s first ambassador to China, should be trusted (“I was the white man by the door”) Obama praise could hurt two 2012 GOP candidates, John Thune trying to explain why he can beat Obama (“Mitch McConnell thinks I can and that’s good enough for me”) OR what I think will be more intriguing than anything else – keeping an eye on the uber-ambitious Eric Cantor as John “Weepy” Boehner tries to keep him in check.

Speaking of John Thune, if you’ve been asking yourself, “Self, who the hell is John Thune and why is he considered a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2012?”, here’s a few answers for you. Who’s John Thune — and Why Is He on the GOP Short List for President?”.

Excuse me for being just a tad bit cynical about John McCain suddenly becoming a possible Obama ally Is the Mac Back? as this writer suggests.

Something tells me we’re getting this close to finding out which Bush daughter voted for Obama in ’08. Former first daughter Barbara Bush supports gay marriage

I know Hillary Clinton received a lot of criticism for her lack of style during her eight years as FLOTUS and frankly, much of it was justified. But, what I don’t remember is Laura Bush’s fashion choices being questioned and commented on as much as those of Michelle Obama Michelle Obama Shrugs Off Oscar De La Renta Jab: ‘Women, Wear What You Love’. By the way, De La Renta is a serial Michelle Obama critic; he complained about what she wore to meet Queen Elizabeth in 2009 and candidly admitted on ABC’s The View (he and host Barbara Walters are close friends) that he wanted to dress the First Lady and was disappointed that she hadn’t selected any of his designs. 

This couldn’t have been more awkward and contrived Mark Zuckerberg Joins Jesse Eisenberg On SNL if Sarah Palin had written it herself. 

Why the ongoing journey to redemption for Michael Vick is so difficult Michael Vick: Eagles QB’s Journey from Prison to the Pro Bowl is going to be an ongoing question for a while.


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