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Dear Leader Pelosi, I’m asking you to go before the House of Representatives before the upcoming motion to repeal the Healthcare Law that was passed less than two years ago and challenge any member who votes to repeal the healthcare law to immediately withdraw from the federal plan and go out into the marketplace and buy comparable insurance for themselves and their families out of their own pockets.

Please call for each member of the House who plans on voting for repeal to stand in the well of the House, look into the C-Span cameras, and explain to their “employers”, the people they were sent to Washington to represent and fight for, why they don’t feel they should have the same access to quality healthcare at a reasonable price that members of Congress enjoy.

Finally, please point out the blatant and callous hypocrisy of such a heartless vote while one of their own, Gabrielle Giffords, lays in a Tucson, Arizona hospital receiving the best possible treatment (and rehab care in the future) all because she has great insurance. Thank you.

Charles L. Freeman


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