For the life of me, I don’t understand why anyone, is surprised by anything they heard and saw last night. By now, I would think that everyone with the sense God gave a seedless grape would have been able to predict everything that happened last night.

Anyone who thought President Obama wasn’t going to be thoughtful, respectful, introspective, and inspiring either hasn’t been paying attention these last 6 & 1/2 years since the 2004 Democratic Convention or just doesn’t like him and refuses to acknowledge his obvious character traits and overall goodness.

The “talking heads” on all of the networks, radio talk shows, etc are playing their well-established roles and are simply “staying in their lanes.” This is how they make their money.

A big part of the problem that led to last Saturday’s tragic events is the fact that on both sides of the aisle, people have made up their minds about politicians and the issues and nothing is going to change their minds.

Think about this; is there anything Sarah Palin can do or say that at this point would change your mind about her qualifications for being president? Speaking for myself, I can say without any doubt whatsoever, no she can’t. Well, if I feel that way about her, why should I be surprised about those who stridently oppose President Obama?

People are who they are and once we know their behavioral pattern, to be surprised by anything they say or do is to ignore what we know about them. Would I have liked for Palin to take a different tack in her statement yesterday? Sure I would. But I knew she wouldn’t; she’s not capable of doing so. Should John Boehner have skipped last night’s fundraiser in DC and been there in Tucson to show true bipartianship? Yes he should have been but I’m not surprised he wasn’t and I don’t know why anyone else would be. He is who he is.

For America to change the tone and direction of the political discourse, people have to be truly willing to open their minds and be able to look at the problems we face without adhering to strict labels – Democrats, Republicans, liberal, conservative, etc – and to leaders and positions who have the courage and willingness to do the right thing and not the party or safe thing.

And that goes for each and every one of us too.


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