Dear Mrs Palin:

I’m not one of your supporters by any stretch of the imaginatio­n but, even I don’t think you are directly responsibl­e for what happened in Tucson on Saturday.

However, it would have been somewhat refreshing and a bit uplifting to hear you say something along the lines of, “While I never meant for anyone to think that I advocate the literal taking up of arms to achieve what our side may have failed to do at the ballot box, I now see where some of the things I’ve said in the past and some of the graphics posted on my websites could lead some to think that. I hope everyone on all sides of the political spectrum will join me in pledging to be more thoughtful and discerning in the future about the tone and content of our political discourse.”

Of course, that would require taking responsibility for your words and actions and as we’ve clearly seen since August 29, 2008, that’s just not how you roll. You never make mistakes; the meanies in the “Lamestrea­m Media” and on the left misconstru­e at best and lie about at worst, everything you say, do or mean.

Now that your already fragile presidential hopes have been finally put to rest, please do America a really big favor: take your newly-earned millions and retreat to Lake Wasilla and let intelligent, reasonable and reality-based people handle things from this day forth.

Thank you and God bless.

Charles L. Freeman


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