It’s taken me until now to talk/write about Tuesday’s devastating (for Democrats) election results. Am I disappointed? You bet I am. Am I discouraged? Yes I am. Am I defeated? Hell to the NAW!

Tuesday was the result of three undeniable factors: J.O.B.S., a very real and deeply partisan difference in political philosophy and what direction the country should be heading in and last but not least, the systemic and blatant racism at the heart of the so-called Tea Party movement.

The GOP, as personified by John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, is opposed to the president’s agenda but for the most part, I don’t think it’s personal. Yes, McConnell is an older (68) white Southerner, so many African-Americans think that he harbors racist beliefs that color (pun fully intended) his feelings toward President Obama. Maybe there’s some truth to that; I don’t know. But, I find that to be a convenient rationalization especially when you consider that he’s been married to Elaine Chao, a Korean, since 1993. And frankly, John “Agent Orange” doesn’t seem like a racist to me either. He’s just a wealthy former small business owner, country-club Republican who loves low taxes, golf, unfiltered Camel cigarettes and a few “adult beverages” after work.

While Boehner and McConnell oppose President Obama’s agenda and policies along political lines, the sudden rise of the so-called Tea Party is based solely on the fact that a segment of white Americans are so opposed to an African-American that they will angrily and stupidly vote against their own interests.

Many pundits are saying that this is a repeat of what Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton went through in 1982 and 1994 respectively. While there are some similarities, neither of those men faced a nation and Congress so bitterly and deeply divided, a 24/7 news cycle or the raging  blogosphere. Also, neither Reagan or Clinton were ever subjected to the racist venom directed at this president.

Hall of Fame basketball coach Pat Riley has often said that the best advice his late father Lee ever gave him was on his wedding day. As he prepared to drive off, Lee called his son over to his career and said, “Just remember what I always taught you. Somewhere, someplace, sometime, you’re going to have to plant your feet, make a stand and kick some ass. And when that time comes, you do it.”

My friends, that time has come for the 44th President of the United States of America and I just hope and pray that Barack Hussein Obama realizes that before it’s too late.

God help us if he doesn’t.


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